GlobalMojo Users Generate $1,478 to Empower Youth

Just last Friday, we were busy calculating how much money GlobalMojo users have generated for every nonprofit and cause since January. Over a thousand of you chose to support Free The Children, and we’re very excited to announce that a check for $1,478.06 is on its way to empowering youth everywhere to make a difference.

Free The Children has three ambitious goals: free children from poverty, free children from exploitation, and free children from the idea that they are powerless to change the world. Donations like this one generated through GlobalMojo goes toward projects in which young people help children through education.

Free The Children has many amazing campaigns and projects going on— from building schools to bringing clean water to communities around the world—but it was the organization’s commitment in Sierra Leone that really caught our attention. Free the Children is passionate about helping the communities in Sierra Leone recover from their last civil war, which nearly destroyed the entire region.

It’s been eight years after the war ended, yet the country is still very much neglected by the government. Most children were forced to become soldiers during the war; so many children have little or no formal education. Today, 48% of Sierra Leone’s children aged 5 to 14 are not in school and are working full time so they can help provide income for their families.

In the last few months, Free The Children built both a primary school and junior secondary school in Sierra Leone, and the organization is still working on various projects to improve the living conditions there.

This month, the organization is combating the spread of malaria in the Kono District of Sierra Leone. Free The Children recently distributed 600 mosquito nets to the students at Free The Children schools and hosted a workshop to explain why mosquito nets play such an important role in the community’s health and in protecting people from getting malaria.

In Sierra Leone, malaria is responsible for 40% of all deaths of children under age five. Though it can be prevented by using insect repellant or mosquito bed nets, most people cannot afford to buy either.

By giving 600 mosquito nets to Sierra Leonen children and their families and educating them on malaria prevention, Free The Children is empowering children of Sierra Leone how to make a difference in their communities and to pursue healthy, sustainable lives.

We at GlobalMojo are so excited to see more and more users putting their everyday browsing and online shopping habits to great use to help amazing organizations such as Free The Children. To support Free The Children’s efforts in Sierra Leone or here at home, select Kids Can Free The Children as your cause in your GlobalMojo dashboard.

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