whatcommiddleschoolAs many of you have heard, Whatcom Middle School in Bellingham, WA caught on fire on Thursday, November 5th. The 106-year-old school building’s roof collapsed during a fire displacing hundreds of students.  Two of those students happen to be the 11-year-old twin nieces of one of our GlobalMojo team members, Emily Hine. After the fire, the twins called Emily to see if GlobalMojo could help the school, and the answer was, “Of course!” We are happy to help kick off/contribute to the fundraising efforts in the following ways, and invite others to join us in supporting the WMS fire recovery efforts.

Here’s how people can help:

1.  GlobalMojo has set up a custom Internet browser specifically for Whatcom Middle School. Supporters of Whatcom Middle School browser can generate revenue for the school fire recovery efforts simply by downloading the customized browser and by doing what they do online every day—search, shop and make travel arrangements.  When you download and use the Whatcom Middle School browser at http://globalmojo.com/whatcommiddleschool, GlobalMojo will donate 100% of the gross revenue generated from your daily browsing activities to the fire recovery efforts through the end of 2009. After that, we will continue to donate 50% of the gross revenue generated by Whatcom Middle School supporters.

You can download the full browser or add-on for *Firefox and help us support Whatcom Middle School, by visiting this custom link: http://globalmojo.com/whatcommiddleschool .

2.  We are also pleased to kick off the fundraising efforts by making a cash donation of $500. To encourage additional support, GlobalMojo will match another company’s donation of up to $500 to WMS. Donations can be made to the Whatcom Middle School Fund at the Whatcom Community Foundation website: www.whatcomcf.org .

3.  Please spread the word to everyone you know by sharing this blog. If every alumni, parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt who knows a student or teacher impacted by this loss makes a donation and encourages their company to step forward to make a donation, we can help the students and teachers rebuild what they’ve lost in the tragic fire at Whatcom Middle School.

Let’s rally the community to help the students, teachers and recovery efforts of Whatcom Middle School!