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Best Eco-Friendly Shoes (2021 Guide)

Shoes take a lot of material and energy to produce. Many don’t realize that buying and supporting shoes that quickly fall apart and need to be replaced frequently is contributing heavily to the waste occurring on this planet. But did you know that there are durable eco-friendly and vegan shoe options available?

In this article, we will look at both men’s and women’s options for eco-friendly and cruelty-free shoes. You might be surprised how easy it is find eco-friendly footwear brands that are worth considering.

The Best Eco-Friendly Shoes in 2021

1. Native Women’s apollo moc Fabric Low Top Lace Up Walking Shoes

Native brand shoes

Native shoes were founded with the environment in mind. These are stylish fun and comfortable shoes you can expect to wear on nearly any occasion. The Native brand puts together casual style with newer technologies to create something entirely new.

Native shoes are also made with no animal by-products and are recyclable meaning that they aren’t made with rubber or plastic that will clog up a landfill.

These walking shoes are just one style put out and sold by Native shoes.

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2. TOMS Classic Alpargata Canvas Slip-On

Classic Alpargata shoes

TOMS shoes may be one of the most famous shoe companies in the world due to their charitable and non-profit endeavors and production methods. “You buy a pair, they give a pair.“ TOMS shoes helps get shoes to those in need and makes great efforts to work ethical business practices.

The classic Alpargata shoe is inspired by traditional Argentinian shoes and makes for a very comfortable women’s dayshoe.

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3. Veja Women’s Canvas Esplar

Organic ctton farming ESPLAR Running shoes

The ESPLAR running shoes get their name from the Brazilian NGO that has helped to bring support to the area’s organic cotton farming families. The shoe itself is made from vegan leather, organic cotton and sustainable wild rubber from the Amazonian forest.

Threads4Thought provides a wide array of clothes that offer alternatives to the more destructive sourcing and production process methods.

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4. Santos-Dumont Vegan Sneakers from VEJA

Thread4Thought Veja Shoe

Another Threads4Thought Veja shoe but this time a more upscale mens’ variation. The Santos-Dumont vegan sneakers from VEJA are sleek black men’s shoes composed of recycled materials and sustainably grown Amazonian rubber. The insole is removable and made from recyclable polyester.

Between the two Veja shoes you should see the wide variety of styles and purposes for each gender the brand is offering. Look through and find the perfect vegan shoe for your athletic or day-to-day tasks.

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5. Okabashi Flip-Flops

Comfort wear Okabashi flip-flops

Okabashi is one of the few companies that has made a commitment to fair trade and fair wage practices and has kept their production chains in the first world. This has resulted in shoes that are of a much higher quality and a more ethical background.

The flip-flops are great for general comfort wear or as post-workout support and are designed with foot wellness in mind.

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6. Okabashi Flats

Okabashi flats shoe

Okabashi flats are a comfortable day shoe option also put out by the same ethical company. It is worth noting here that Okabashi works to use only sustainable products and often donates portions of their profits to various charities.

Okabashi flats are a great way to look good, feel good, and know you gave money to a good company.

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7. Oxford Lace up Women’s Vegan Shoes

Vegan shes from Fourever Funky Brand shoes

These vegan shoes are made to give you the stylish look of leather shoes with a cruelty-free production cycle. Comfortable, beautiful and fun, this is a great answer for those wanting to move away from animal products but still dress the way they want.

These Fourever Funky brand shoes are also very well made to be durable and long-lasting, meaning that you won’t need to be buying replacements often – an eco-friendly boon as much as any other.

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Questions About Buying Eco-Friendly Shoes

Can I find a good eco-friendly running shoe?

Yes, while running shoes need to be tougher and more robust due to the nature of their usage, there are plenty of quality options for someone looking to keep it all-natural and earth friendly.

Companies like TOMS have shoes in all sorts of styles that make sure you can get around in any fashion without harming the planet.

What about Allbirds and Rothy’s?

Both of these brands, Rothy and Allbirds, have made a commitment to being both stylish and sustainable.

Rothy comes from a San Francisco based startup and produces its shoes from recycled plastic water bottles, and some other recycled materials. Rothy shoes are widely considered comfortable, stylish and all around cool. Plus, you get to help reduce ocean plastic.

Allbirds is another San Francisco based shoe startup that created sustainable shoes from eucalyptus fibers, organic cotton, sugar cane, and other natural materials. This is natural shoemaking for the needs of the future.

Both high-quality footwear brands now have a number of styles giving you a whole new way to wear sustainable products and can be seen regularly in the Fashion District of New York and elsewhere. Both brands are also ethical shoe companies that aim to reduce the environmental impact of fashionable footwear.

Make Your Shoes a Force for Good

Making sure the many pairs of shoes waiting for you in the future are based around cruelty-free vegan, and sustainable shoe supply chains can do untold good in the world. Sustainable materials, a carbon-neutral production cycle, and an ethical hiring process – these are all important considerations to buying a new pair of environmentally friendly shoes.

The shoes themselves being made from earth-friendly materials and by morally minded shoe brands is also a major plus.

Shoes are something that we put a lot of capital and investment into over the course of a lifetime. Make sure your money is working towards something good.  We need to have shoes, so let us all make the best of it.

Consider these other Eco-Friendly Gift and Product Ideas:

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