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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts (2021 Guide)

When we give a gift to someone, it is typically to show our appreciation for them or to celebrate some accomplishments. Giving someone eco-friendly gifts helps them mark an essential event and ensures that your friends can live their lives in a more environmentally sound way.

Your family, friends and the planet will thank you for the care you take in selecting a sustainable gift.

In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the more fun and amusing, eco-friendly gifts. We will also cover a bit about how you should go about thinking and looking for environmentally friendly gifts now and for years to come.

The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts in 2021

1. Under the Canopy Organic Cotton Towel Collection

Cotton towels from naturally grown organic cotton

These towels are sourced from naturally grown organic cotton that is both better for the earth and the skin it touches. Totally machine washable, these towels are OEKO-TEX® made in certified dyes to ensure they maintain colors while not containing any harmful chemicals.

Under the Canopy cotton is also grown pesticide and GMO-free with GOTS certified cotton, GMO and pesticide-free. These are fantastic gifts for those moving onto a new home or going away to college as very often people have to make do with only a very few low quality and chemical-laden towels in such cases.

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2. Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

Delicious dark chocolate bar in extra dark

For that special someone, make sure you treat them as well as you treat the planet. This delicious dark chocolate bar is organic, 80% Cacao, vegan, and soy-free.

When you need to show you are sweet on someone and still care about the world’s ecosystem and economic structure, you can’t do better than an organic Fairly Traded Panama Dark Chocolate Bar.

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3. Picnic Plus Eco Wine and Cheese Basket

Romantic wine and cheese set with a twist

Just as it sounds, this is a romantic wine and cheese set with an eco-friendly twist. All of the products involved are made with sustainability in mind. This set has eco-friendly bamboo accessories and AZO-free willow construction. The kit also includes goblets, cutting board and a spreading knife.

This gift is a nice way to spend time with someone and avoid many of the wasteful plastics found in other gift types. There is never a bad reason to spend time in nature with those you care about.

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4. Purelis Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath bombs natural ingredient infused soap bombs

These bath bombs replace the need for a plastic bottle container and offer a fun and relaxing way to enhance your clean up routines. This sustainable gift set has a number of natural ingredient infused soap bombs that turn bath time into an exercise in serenity.

These avoid using many of the harmful and harsh ingredients found in other soaps.

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5. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Sweet Memories Keepsake Photo Box

Sweet Memories keepsake photo box

This is a dermatologist tested, natural product made from beeswax and other ingredients made to be sensitive enough for a baby’s skin. It also includes buttermilk soap, and diaper rash ointment. This is an excellent eco-friendly gift for families with a small child who are concerned with what chemicals they come into contact with.

The product packaging itself also doubles as a type of photo frame, reducing the amount of packaging waste included.

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6. Nourish Organic Moisturizing Shea Butter

Nourish Organic rejuvenating argan butter

A simple moisturizing cream but one that is made from quality organic ingredients, Nourish Organic is one of those all-natural companies that has certification from nearly every agency. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, fragrant-less, and certified clean.

1% of Nourish profits also happen to go directly to key environmental initiatives making every gift you buy from Nourish serve two purposes. This is also a fair trade company that works to empower farmers and their local communities.

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7. Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set

Premium Nature essential oils 6 piece set

While a bit of a cliché amongst give giving in the all-natural world, it isn’t without good reason. Those that enjoy using essential oils, really enjoy using them. This gift set is a great way to cover all of your bases in a natural essential oil set.

These oils can be used in a number of ways, namely in a diffuser for aromatherapy purposes. These oils can also be diluted and used for a vast array of purposes.

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Eco-Friendly Gifts Buying Gift Guide

Don’t look for the perfect gift

There is no such thing as perfection. The best way to start thinking of a gift for someone is to think about what their typical day is like and what products may improve upon it, or what they may need more of.

If someone is an avid painter, it may be good to offer them some nice natural paints or buy them online classes from a professional.

Sometimes the best gifts are simply gift certificates or knowledge the recipient can decide how to best make use of – and education is all-natural and carbon-free.

Avoid needless plastic waste

Eco-friendly gift giving includes trying to avoid anything that requires single-use plastic or has an excessive amount of plastic wrapping or plastic bags. It’s sad, but so many products rely on an abundance of plastic in their packaging. Even the simplest stocking stuffer can come in pounds of harmful plastic and ties. Just by avoiding excessive plastic waste you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Try and get gifts that come in material made for composting like bamboo toothbrushes, or that can be reused time and again like metal straws.

Reusable food wraps and reusable water bottles are also great at helping others reduce their own plastic waste and make for good, environmentally friendly gift ideas. Wrapping up the gift in a nice reusable bag is a good idea, too.

A Gift for Them, and the Planet

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to quality sustainable gifts. Stainless steel bento boxes, natural cotton totes, reusable water bottles, and more! Whether you want vegan, zero waste, or BPA-free items, there are gifts out there that can match your needs. Eco-friendly products are also available for each and every holiday season.

Take the time to look and I guarantee there you will find something that is both a kind gesture to your friend and the planet.

More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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