All of the eco-friendly products that you buy, from organic cotton T-shirts to fair trade coffee, do more than just benefit the environment. These purchases create a ripple effect of “good” that extends well beyond you and your family, and often reaches across the globe.

We’ve reviewed the best and found quite a few brands that are actively pushing the envelope to expand both their environmental and social impact, whether it’s through brilliant eco-conscious campaigns, charitable action, or greener business practices.

Here’s our list of top eco-friendly brands you can feel good buying this year. And for those who really want to help make a difference, please consider charitable shopping which allows you to donate your cash back to environmental nonprofits.

Top 15 Companies That Help the Environment in 2020


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TOMS‘ eco-cred primarily comes from transforming planet-friendly materials (like natural hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester) into stylish everyday shoes, athletic sneakers, and canvas slip-ons. The brand also sells fair-trade coffee and has an eyewear donation program.

TOMS follows a One for One® charitable business model, partnering with nonprofits like Save the Children to give youth in need new shoes for every pair sold (more than 100 million pairs so far!). The company also donates to other causes, from mental health to ending gun violence.

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2. Seventh Generation

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Seventh Generation is the largest eco-friendly cleaning supplies seller in the U.S. It consistently exceeds standard green initiatives to offer the best cleaning solutions for the environment.

The brand impresses with its Free & Clear detergents, all-purpose cleaners, botanical disinfectants, 100% recycled paper towels, and other planet-friendly goods, from natural baby care to 100% organic cotton menstrual care products.

The company also donates to causes (like the Youth Climate Action Fund) and fuels many movements, such as the Global Climate Strike, Zero Waste Challenge, and Trees and Bees.

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3. S’well

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S’well makes it fabulously chic to minimize single-use plastic bottle consumption. Beyond its reusable, insulated, BPA-free, stainless steel water bottles, the brand now sells food containers, barware, and accessories in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and designs.

S’well’s Million Bottle Project aims to divert 100 million single-use plastic bottles from entering landfills and waterways. A partnership with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability creates student advocacy programs at public high schools to achieve this goal. The brand also works with UNICEF to provide clean, safe drinking water to vulnerable communities.

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4. Patagonia

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Patagonia creates high-quality, long-lasting outdoor and sports gear—a favorite of hikers, rock climbers, surfers, outdoor adventurers, and shoppers in search of the best eco-friendly gifts.

In addition to expanding its green corporate philosophy and repair and reuse program, Patagonia is also part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and 1% For The Planet, which means the brand contributes at least one percent of its annual sales to environmental causes.

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5. Peet’s Coffee & Tea

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Peet’s is a California-based coffee brand that roasts 100% of its beans in the first LEED Gold-certified roasting facility in the United States. The company integrates energy-saving practices, water conservation, locally sourced goods, and recycled materials at its facility.

Several of Peet’s coffees hold esteemed certifications: USDA organic, fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance, and bird-friendly. The company also gives back through youth, education, and health-focused initiatives to the farmers and communities where they source coffee.

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6. Love Beauty and Planet

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Love Beauty and Planet uses biodegradable, eco-friendly ingredients to make its beauty and wellness products, like sustainably-sourced coconut milk shampoo and plant-based deodorants.

We also like: The company offers vegan, PETA-certified cruelty-free products (like their new gummy vitamins), and packages liquids in 100% recycled and recyclable bottles. The brand also contributes to a carbon tax fund to help offset its carbon footprint and reduce landfill waste.

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7. Captain Blankenship

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Captain Blankenship is a certified B Corp, which means its production of all-natural skincare and organic hair products meets the highest standards for using business as a force for good.

The brand’s values align with ocean preservation and use wild-harvested and locally-grown ingredients to create plant-based products that do not harm the environment.

The company uses recyclable paperboard or 100% recovered and recycled ocean plastic to package products ranging from sea salt hair spray to organic cream deodorant.

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8. Alter Eco

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Salted caramel truffles and Crisp Mint bars? Yes, please! Alter Eco satisfies a sweet tooth (like no other) with its USDA Certified Organic, sustainably sourced, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates.

The company also leads by example as a carbon-neutral brand that’s part of the newly formed Amazon Alliance, a coalition of eco-conscious businesses that help defend the Amazon rainforests and raise awareness about the devastating effects of deforestation.

Alter Eco uses recyclable and compostable material to package items; it’s the first company to launch compostable stand-up pouches made from renewable, non-GMO, plant-based materials.

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9. West Elm

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West Elm embraces sustainability and forest conservation through its fair trade, eco-friendly collections. Outfit your bedroom, office, or dining room with modern furnishings made with wood from responsibly managed forests certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.

Presently, 100% of their all-cotton bedding and towels are organic and FSC-certified, and 60% of West Elm’s products (with more to come) support at least one of their sustainability initiatives, including certified nontoxic Mid Century nightstands and locally made coffee tables.

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10. Ecover

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Ecover is best known for its eco-friendly, sensitive-skin products, including fragrance-free dish soaps and the world’s first phosphate-free laundry detergent. The Belgium-born brand uses natural-based solvents, 100% natural scents, and plant-based, recyclable packaging to create cleaning products that get the job done without harming the planet.

The brand is a global sensation available in nearly 40 countries with green factories in Belgium and France. It anticipates that their new manufacturing facility in Chicago will become the first LEED Platinum-certified plant in the industry.

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11. Saatva

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Rest assured that a Saatva mattress is a better pick for the planet.

The company’s hybrid innerspring memory foam mattresses are individually handcrafted in the U.S. and feature recycled tempered steel, plant-based foam, and organic cotton outer covers.

Saatva also follows a business model designed to minimize its carbon footprint; it virtually operates as a paperless company; and uses locally sourced materials. And because Saatva cuts out the middlemen, you get premium, luxe-quality comfort at affordable prices.

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12. IKEA

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The most well-known of home furnishing brands worldwide, IKEA, has made significant changes over the years to transform every aspect of its business to reach climate-positive goals. These plans include using only recycled and renewable materials in all of its products by 2030.

To date, over 60% of IKEA’s current product line is from renewable and recyclable materials, including HILJA curtains made from recycled PET bottles, energy-saving RYET LED bulbs and KUNGSBACKA kitchen units made from reclaimed wood and PET bottles.

IKEA’s billion-dollar investments in wind turbines and solar panels now allow the company to produce more renewable energy than all of its business operations and retail stores consume.

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13. Toyota Prius

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The Toyota Prius (boasting the Prius Eco and the brand-new Prime Plug-In Hybrid with added safety and tech features) is one of the greenest cars you can drive. The versatile brand runs cleaner, has fewer emissions, and boasts one of the best fuel economy ratings on the market.

No wonder it’s the most popular hybrid car rental from SIXT.

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14. Reformation

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Reformation is an LA-based eco-friendly clothing brand for women that makes sustainably sourced apparel and accessories within 100% carbon-neutral, green buildings that minimize the company’s waste, water, and energy footprints.

The brand uses renewable fibers and recycled materials (like alpaca wool, recycled cashmere, wood-based Tencel, and reclaimed vintage fabrics) to create gorgeous trend-setting styles, from denim jumpsuits and midi dresses to slim-fitting lace bridal gowns.  

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15. Alternative Apparel

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Alternative Apparel uses soft eco-fabrics, low-impact dyes, water-conserving washes, and recycled materials to make sustainable clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.

The brand’s Alternative Eco® collection continues to expand its arsenal of eco-fabrics, which includes upcycled cotton, 100% organic cotton, and hemp blend jersey. And by 2021, the company pledges to replace all virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester in future fabrics.

We also like: Its global factories provide safe and fair working conditions, use oxo-biodegradable mailer bags, and implement reuse and recycle programs with vendors.

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More Eco-Friendly Gift and Product Ideas

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