By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

For a lot of folks, this time of the year means returning home for a warm, picturesque turkey feast with the fam. For a lot of us who love to shop, Thanksgiving time also means Black Friday, the nearly 50-year old American tradition of retailers heavily discounting items like laptops and TVs. (I clearly remember every Thanksgiving, my family and I would sift through Best Buy, Old Navy, and other newspapers for Black Friday deals after our Thanksgiving dinner).

But THIS year will be different. This year I’m not going to wait in a line with hundreds of people in the cold at the entrance of Best Buy for a Canon S100 (I’m crossing my fingers they’re doing a deal on it online.)

This year I’m going to shop on in my PJs while I sip hot chocolate and let all the good karma come to me as I purchase my Canon S100 with GlobalMojo. This year I’m going to make my purchases make a different by spending my money not on Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday (which is November 28th this year!)

When I shop on Cyber Monday, a percentage of my online purchases will go to my favorite nonprofit (Californians for Justice), thanks to GlobalMojo.

I really encourage any Black Friday shopper to do the same: to not waste time waiting in line and risk getting pushed around by crazy shoppers on Black Friday, but instead: be at home with family, shop from the comfort of your sofa on Cyber Monday, and support your favorite charities and nonprofits with every purchase.

Here’s a list of Cyber Monday deals that aren’t going to be available offline:

LivingSocial is already a pretty awesome place for deals. Add Cyber Monday to the scene, and they’re offering to save you 50% or more on brands like BlueFly, Threadless, and more.

Amazon has already started its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, discounting 20%-90% off everything from electronics to movies to furniture.

Zagg is doing 50% everything on their website on Nov. 28 and 29—so if you picked up the latest iPhone or need some new gear for your iPad, 50% off high-quality stuff at Zagg is sure worth it.

LivingSocial, Amazon, and Zagg – these three retailers, plus thousands of others, are affiliated with GlobalMojo, which means a percentage of your purchase from these retailers will go to the causes you care most about – feeding the homeless, rescuing abused animals, supporting out troops, etc.

When you shop with these retailers online – with GlobalMojo installed – your purchase(s) this year can be a meaningful one.

So skip the lines, the cold, and the craziness this Black Friday, and instead enjoy Cyber Monday shopping with GlobalMojo! You get your deals at home AND support your favorite cause.