March is B Corp Month: How to Celebrate the Positive Impact of ‘B Corps’

March is B Corp Month: How to Celebrate the Positive Impact of ‘B Corps’

We’re in good company!

Certified B Corporations (or B Corps for short) are businesses passionately committed to delving into the far-reaching effects that their decision-making and actions could impact the rest of the world.

What Is a B Corp?

B Corps operate with the intention of bettering the planet and spearheading social good initiatives, among other things.

B Corp Requirements

Companies must satisfy the high standards of a rigorous certification process. To date, only 2,778 companies across 150 industries in 60 countries have the B Corp stamp of approval and are officially recognized as part of a serious, global group of business-driven do-gooders.

Each B Corp applicant is given an overall ‘impact score’ based upon an assessment of the following:

  • Day-to-day business practices
  • Positive effect on the environment
  • Level of transparency to their customer base and community
  • Future goals
  • Treatment of workers and consumers

Companies that achieve a score of 80 or higher (out of a possible 200 points) become B Corp Certified, a distinction that elevates the credibility of a company’s commitment towards being an advocate for positive change in the world.

Giving Assistant is a B Corp that belongs to this diverse group of businesses and companies that hold the Certified B Corp designation, which is no easy feat to achieve.

Best B Corp Examples

Giving Assistant works alongside many Certified B Corps, helping brands and consumers achieve social and environmental good through beneficial business interactions and shopping experiences.

In celebration of the positive impact that B Corps achieve worldwide, we’d like to highlight the following certified businesses:



The outdoor gear brand that successfully built a reputation upon a foundation of sustainability was the first company in California to pursue B certification (in 2012).

Outside of their eco-conscious clothing for climbers, trail runners, snowboarders, and other nature-loving sports enthusiasts, Patagonia also strives to make business moves that motivate others to do good, minimize unnecessary harm to the planet, and put a dent in the environmental crisis.

Doing Good Highlights

  • Joining forces with the 1% for the Planet network and contributing 1% of total annual sales to charitable organizations related to sustainability and conservation.
  • Selling a record-breaking $10 million in merchandise on Black Friday 2016, and then donating all sales revenue to grassroots environmental groups and charities.
  • Constantly pushing the envelope to offer more Fair Trade Certified styles than any other clothing company, including the first Fair Trade Certified wetsuits in the world.
  • Lastly, Patagonia currently boasts an extraordinary, overall B Impact Score of 151.5 out of 200.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

As one of the largest companies in women’s fashion to achieve B Corp certification, Eileen Fisher maintains a thriving business that provides ladies with simplified, timeless fashion. Beyond the organic linen blazers and tencel slip dresses, the company supports many initiatives that tackle climate change, human rights, fair pay, and gender inequality.

Doing Good Highlights

  • The company’s headquarters, stores, factories, and New Jersey distribution center embrace ‘green’ initiatives; the L.A. jeans factory cuts water use by 62% for their Utility Blue and Indigo washes.
  • The ‘Renew’ take-back program illustrates a commitment to minimizing waste – reselling gently used clothes that customers return in exchange for shopping rewards.
  • The ‘Waste No More’ initiative resuscitates ‘damaged beyond repair’ pieces, transforming them into one-of-a-kind works of art and custom-felt creations.
  • The company also awards life-changing grants and training opportunities that help advance women-owned businesses and encourage future female leaders to blossom.



A commitment to community is one of the driving forces behind TOMS’ growing impact around the world. The TOMS One for One® concept, which initially gave away shoes for every pair sold, now extends into the eyewear, handbag, and coffee bean markets. In shining a light on global poverty and visual impairment, purchasing the following TOMS goods make a significant difference in the world – one person at a time.

Doing Good Highlights

  • Eyewear purchases have helped restore sight to over 400,000 people, providing prescription glasses, medical treatment, or sight-saving surgery to those in need.
  • Buying java beans from TOMS Roasting Co. leads to clean water delivery to communities in need and farmers earning fair wages.
  • A TOMS Bag Collection purchase equips birth attendants in developing countries with birth kits and the training necessary to provide safe and healthy birth experiences.
  • TOMS also continues to increase access to education, healthcare, jobs, and economic stability for millions of people in over 70 countries touched by the company’s efforts.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

A favorite in the United States and Canada, Seventh Generation is a pioneer in green household cleaning and personal care products. As their name implies, business decisions are based upon the anticipated long-term effects their actions could have on the next seven generations.

Doing Good Highlights

  • In partnership with Sierra Club, Seventh Generation fueled a grassroots climate change campaign that recently celebrated the 100th city making a pledge to embrace 100% renewable electricity by 2035.
  • Products free of synthetic fragrances or dyes. Scents originate from authentic, plant-based ingredients (botanical extracts and essential oils) – all of which are renewable.
  • A reputation for keeping in mind the local and global impact of a product, in regards to its manufacturing, purchase, use, and disposal. For instance, items ship in recyclable packaging, made from recycled materials.
  • The company continuously seeks new and improved ways to enhance their already impressive lineup of sustainable goods and planet-conscious practices, which is why the company is highlighted as a global leader on B Corp’s 2018 Best for the World Honorees List.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerrys

In between serving scoops of Cherry Garcia and churning out limited edition ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry’s uses their global platform to promote worldwide, positive social change. With a focus on eliminating economic injustices within communities on a local, national and international level, Ben & Jerry’s also makes a huge global impact in the following ways.

Doing Good Highlights

  • Early investments to reduce the company’s drain on the environment continue to pay off, including a carbon offsets program launched at their Vermont manufacturing facilities in 2012.
  • The company sources five Fairtrade Certified ingredients (sugar, cocoa, bananas, vanilla and coffee) and as a result, has paid over $3 million dollars in social premiums to small-scale farmers and farming co-ops across the globe.
  • The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation awards nearly $2 million annually to eligible recipients of grants that support grassroots activism and organizations that fight against social and environmental injustices in their own backyards.
  • Ben & Jerry’s also embraces a business model that works towards having corporate endeavors mutually benefit everyone connected to the company, from family farmers to factory employees.



As one of the most recent additions to the B Corp family, Athleta’s mission includes support and motivation for a community of active women and girls striving to reach their highest potential.

Doing Good Highlights

  • Diverts 70% of waste from store packaging from landfills, with a 2020 goal to reach 80%.
  • Incorporates sustainable fibers and recycled materials in 46% of the fabrics used to make Athleta apparel, with a 2020 goal of reaching 80%.
  • Promotes female empowerment and enhanced quality of life through the Athleta Ambassadors and ‘Power of She’ campaign, P.A.C.E. program, Fair Trade U.S.A., and hosting thousands of annual, free fitness and wellness events.
  • In addition to producing premium performance apparel, the brand also harnesses the power of advanced technology to help maximize physical activity, strengthen community-wide bonds of sisterhood, and make informed business decisions for the good of all.

What You Can Do To Support B Corps During the Month of March—And Beyond

Shopping at any of the above Certified B Corp companies and brands not only helps these businesses make a difference in the world, but also provides added opportunities that allow you to directly participate.

Download our Giving Assistant Button to find promos that’ll help you earn cash back savings you can donate to the charitable causes near and dear to your heart.

2018 Impact Report: Celebrating $5 Million in Cash Back Donations!

2018 Impact Report: Celebrating $5 Million in Cash Back Donations!

At Giving Assistant, we work to transform everyday shopping into charitable giving.

Along with our shoppers, we’re driven to help fund the missions of incredible nonprofits across the country.

Since 2014, we have continued to grow our community.

Today, in our 2018 Impact Report, we’re excited to share a big milestone we reached together!

2018 Giving Assistant Impact Report over $5 million raised for Nonprofits

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Best Cash Back Browser Extension 2019 – The Giving Assistant Button

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(PDF source)

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2017 Impact Report: Celebrating $4.2 Million Raised

2017 Impact Report: Celebrating $4.2 Million Raised

We’re on track, more than ever, to transform everyday shopping into charitable giving, which has been Giving Assistant’s top mission since 2014! You helped us accomplish amazing milestones in 2017 and we’re excited to share them with you through our Impact Report. These numbers are proof that real change can happen for real-life causes that impact thousands of lives through consistent, automatic donations from Giving Assistant’s shoppers and the power of community.

The Giving Assistant Team is so excited to conquer our 2018 goals and to see what we can accomplish this year alongside our shoppers and partnered nonprofits! Here are a few examples of how our shoppers’ donations have helped nonprofits create a direct impact.

Hope for Haiti
$10 helps treat 10 patients with Malaria.

Yellow Feather Fund
$10 a month helps cover the cost of developing free apps,
online games, and download activity sheets for children of all ages.

She Should Run
$25 supports a new woman in their Ask a Women to Run program.

Childrens Music Fund
$50 covers one session of music therapy.

Norcal Boxer Rescue
$25 can provide vaccines or one night of boarding for one dog.

To help make a difference today, log into your account settings and search for one of the nonprofits mentioned above or any nonprofit that is registered as a 501(c)(3). From 1% to 100%, you can decide the amount of your cash back earnings you’d like to donate to your selected charitable organization. For reference, check out the image below. 

Are you a nonprofit and haven’t signed up with Giving Assistant yet? Check out how you can raise recurring donations for your cause.