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Best Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend (2021 Guide)

It is a fact that women love gifts, and anything you give her will make her smile. Your girlfriend likes to know that you thought about them when buying the gift or that you are paying attention to what she likes.  When it comes to Christmas gifts, what should you get her? Think thoughtful, sweet, appreciative, pampering.

Here are some great gift ideas that your girlfriend will absolutely adore this holiday season.

Top 8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends in 2021

1. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Deep conditioning hair mask

A girl’s hair is very important to her. She loves to take care of it and treat it well and make it look nice. Believe it or not, there is something you can do to help her with that. A deep conditioning hair mask will help your girlfriend achieve her goal of soft, silky, and shiny hair.

Sephora sells a deep conditioning hair cap system. This will work for any kind of hair, so if your girlfriend has pin-straight hair or tightly coiled curly hair, she will benefit from this treatment. The mask provides extra moisture for dry hair, repairs damage, and protects from future damage.

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2. Barnes and Noble Membership

Barnes and noble membership

For the girl who loves to read, consider a Barnes and Noble membership. With this membership, you will receive 20% off your first purchase, receive member-only coupons, free shipping on every order, 40% off hardcover books in store, 10% off everything in store, a special birthday offer, and early access to special sale prices and events.

The membership is priced at $25 for the whole year. If your girlfriend reads a lot, this gift will pay for itself in no time. Your membership will renew automatically every year, unless you cancel, which makes this a gift that she can use for a very long time.

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3. Ugg Slippers

Slippers for women fom UGG

Slippers are a girl’s best friend, right? Ugg offers some of the softest slippers on the market. They are comfy, stylish, and very warm. There are several styles and colors to choose from so you can pick a pair that your girlfriend will wear every day.

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4. Silk Scrunchie Set

Silk scrunchies

If your girlfriend has long hair, she will love this set of three silk scrunchies. Scrunchies are stylish, but silk scrunchies have the added benefit of eliminating kinks in the hair that regular elastics may cause.

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5. Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the month club

Wine is always appreciated, especially for holidays. The Wine of the Month Club offers the ability to prepay for three to twelve months and you can pick your shipping frequency, two or four bottles, and how many red or white bottles you would like.

If you choose two bottles, you can pick one red and one white, two reds or two whites. If you choose four bottles, you can get two reds and two whites, four reds or four whites.

If you choose three months, you can get a delivery every month for three months, or every other month for six months. If you choose four months, you can get a delivery every month for four months, or every three months for a year. If you choose six months, you can get deliveries every month for six months, or every other month for a year. There is also a twelve-month option for one delivery every month.

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6. Corkcicle Glass

Slip proof silicone grip

What better to go with a wine subscription than a stemless stainless-steel wine glass? Featuring a slip-proof silicone grip on the bottom, this glass stays in the place and does not knock over easily. A clear, sliding, spill resistant lid comes with the glass to prevent wine-related incidents.

Corkcicle offers other cups than the stemless wine glass such as a regular tumbler in 12 ounces and 16 ounces, a canteen in 16 ounces, a coffee mug in 16 ounces, and multiple different colors and designs.

The stainless-steel design of the glasses allows cold beverages to stay cold for up to nine hours and hot drinks to stay hot for three hours.

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7. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Fluffy throw blanket

If your girlfriend is one of the several million girls with an addiction to blankets, you should definitely consider this fluffy throw blanket. This blanket is made in an eco-friendly process, producing without harmful chemicals, toxins, and other irritants that could mess with someone with sensitive skin.

The blanket is 70” by 60” providing tons of comfy, cozy, plush real estate. Perfect for snuggling up on a cold winter day with some hot chocolate, a movie, or a great book.

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8. Custom Star Map

Map of the stars

This is a gift that will definitely make your girlfriend cry happy tears. For this gift, you can enter the time and place of an important event in your relationship; your first kiss, where you first met, your first date, the first time you said, “I love you”, etc.

After you input the time and place, a map of the stars will be immediately calculated. You can customize the background, choosing from nine different colors. You can also pick from three sizes; 12” by 16”, 16” by 20”, and 20” by 30”.

They also offer five frame options; black matte, white, vintage silver, vintage flair, and oak vintage flair. You can pick a frame that will match an already established theme.

There is an option to add text to the poster. They allow up to six lines with a maximum of forty characters so you can add a sweet message that can always be cherished.

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Women love gifts, especially when they are thoughtful and let her know that you were thinking of her. When it comes to Christmas shopping, think of things that are personable, sweet, or can help her feel her best with some pampering.

There are so many gifts out there to choose from. The gifts listed here are just a few options, and if they don’t strike you as something your girlfriend would absolutely love, use them as inspiration to find the perfect gift.

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