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Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide)

Teenagers are close to impossible to shop for. They seem to change their minds frequently and popular products are hard to keep track of . Technology is an important part of a teen’s day, but it is also important that they get enough time away from electronics as well.

This list includes electronic related gifts and non-electronic, interactive gifts. These are the type of Christmas gifts for teens that will show them you care.

Top 8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens in 2021

1. Cable Bites

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 1

Phone chargers are flimsy and always breaking from being bent too much. These cables bites are an adorable way to protect chargers from breaking. Urban Outfitters offers seven different animal cable bites.

The animal shapes they sell are panda, dog, gray shark, pig, polar bear, chameleon, and bunny. The charger feeds through coming out of the mouth and making it look like the animal is biting the phone when plugged in.

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2. Air Pods

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 2

Teens love music, and teens love Airpods. Period.

Air Pods are Bluetooth headphones that sync with an iPhone. With these small devices, teens can listen to music without being attached to their phone the entire time.

Air Pods feature Active Noise Cancellation, meaning they continue to adapt to the shape of your ear to perfectly filter the music, blocking out any unnecessary noise that may be going on around them.

You can switch between Noise Cancellation mode and Transparency mode, which allows your teen to be able to hear what is going on around them. This is an important feature because it can keep your teen safe in an uncomfortable situation. They can hear what is being said while it appears they aren’t listening.

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3. Nintendo Switch

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 3

The Nintendo Switch is a super unique gaming system. It not only allows for single player and multiplayer use at home on the TV, the device can also be taken on the go. To play on the TV, the Nintendo Switch sits on a dock and the image is displayed on screen. When taking the device on the go, remove it from the dock and the system transitions to handheld mode, allowing gameplay to continue exactly where it was left.

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4. Codenames

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 4

Codenames is a social board game with challenging and interesting rules. This game requires at least four players and takes about fifteen minutes per game.

To play, the players will split into two teams, each one appointing a “spy master” who will give one word clues that can relate to multiple words on the board. The other players on their team will try to guess the words while avoiding the words of the other team.

Twenty-five Codename cards, each with one word, are placed on a 5×5 grid in a completely random order. A certain number of these cards represent red agents, some represent blue agents, one is an assassin, and the rest are innocent. Each clue can only contain one word and a number. The game is over when all of one team’s agents have been found.

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5. Indoor S’mores Maker

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 5

S’mores are usually a summer or fall treat because they are made over a fire. But what if your teen is obsessed with s’mores year-round? This indoor s’more maker is electric powered, so it is safe to use inside.

Included in this kit are the stainless-steel electric range, removable grill plate, cord to plug in to an outlet, plastic tray with compartments to hold marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, and four marshmallow roasting skewers. The only thing not included is the food!

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6. KanJam Illuminate Game

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 6

A physical game to be played at night, KanJam Illuminate comes with an LED disc, two goal posts, and two LED light pods. Using the light pods, you light up the goals, so they are easily visible.

This is a four-player game, consisting of two teams of two. With the goals set fifty feet apart, the two teams take turns throwing the disc and trying to get in the goal. The first team to twenty-one points wins. There are detailed point breakdowns included in the directions for the game.

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7. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 7

As stated before, teens love music. A waterproof speaker allows them to listen to music in the shower or in the pool with their phone a safe distance away from the water. It is small and portable, featuring a small strap to hang the speaker anywhere.

The Bluetooth allows for your teen to accept calls completely hands-free through the speaker. If they are in the pool, this is great because they can answer the phone without having to get out, meaning you won’t need to worry if they are safe.

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8. Game of Phones

Best Christmas Gifts for Teens (2021 Guide) Image 8

This is an exciting game that allows teens to incorporate their phones. Each round, one player will pick up a game card and will get to be the judge. The other players then have sixty seconds to respond to that card with the funniest thing they can find on their phone.

There are over one hundred unique game cards, and you are absolutely allowed to use the internet to look up the best response. Some of the cards may want to see your funniest selfie, your weirdest close up, or the best text you have received from a family member.

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While teens are definitely difficult to shop for, there are still so many great gifts out there for them. Do you want to interact with your teen more? Buy a board game they will find funny. Want your teen to spend more time outside? Buy them an awesome glow-in-the-dark frisbee disc game.

You can make sure you find the best gift for your teen that provides a healthy balance between electronic and non-electronic activities. Technology is great, but we don’t want our teens to be glued to it at all times. Gift something that the whole family will enjoy, especially your teen.

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