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Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers (2021 Guide)

Teachers are amazing, and they definitely deserve some extra recognition during the end of year holidays.

If you want to get a cute little gift for your child’s teacher or a teacher in your family, here is a list of some great options that teachers can actually use.

Top 9 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers in 2021

1. Custom Wood Pen and Pencil Holder

Custom pen and pencil holder

Best for a teacher in your family, this custom pen and pencil holder is a cute and efficient way for a teacher to show off their adorable family. You can add three family pictures to the block, and you can choose their favorite color for picture outlines and the writing.

This is a great way to help a teacher in your family keep their desk clean and tidy, while also adding a personal touch.

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2. Personalized Brass Apple Bell

Personalize bell with two lines of text

This is a great idea for any teacher. You can personalize the bell with two lines of text, allowing for the teacher’s name and the grade they teach. Made of brass, this bell is an awesome way to grab the attention of students when they are being a little noisy or when it is time to come in from recess.

Any teacher will appreciate this gift because they know it is a gift that you put thought into and bought specifically with them in mind.

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3. Gift Card

Gift card from Giftcards.com

While this is a very simple gift, it is one that any teacher will appreciate immensely. Very often, teachers have to purchase supplies with their own money. Providing a gift card from GiftCards.com will help teachers get those supplies they need to enhance your child’s learning experience. It is such a big help to teachers when some of that worry gets lifted off their shoulders.

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4. Custom Name Stationary

Custom notedpad

A custom notepad that can be personalized with the teacher’s name is a simple, but very thoughtful gift. If a note needs to be sent home with a student, the parent will know exactly which teacher it is coming from. This is also a gift that teachers will be able to use on a daily basis, so it will be really useful to them.

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5. Custom Teach from the Heart Notebook

Custom notebook for journal

For personal use, this is a great thing for teachers to use to take down notes, plan their lessons, and manage their daily tasks. This notebook is offered as a journal, an address book, a monthly planner, or a weekly planner.

You can customize the front cover with the teacher’s name. The inside of the front cover can be left blank, you can select a pattern, a name template with a return address space if lost, a favorite quote, or a glance calendar.

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6. Mini Hand Cream

Quick absorbing had cream

Teachers spend a lot of time going from inside to outside, especially if they teach young kids who still have recess. This can cause their hands to get dry. They will really enjoy receiving this quick absorbing hand cream that is made of twenty percent shea butter. Other ingredients include honey, coconut oil, and marshmallow root extract to provide maximum moisture and softness.

There are three scents in addition to the shea butter; lavender, cherry blossom, and rose. The lavender is infused with lavender essential oil, putting off a relaxing scent. The cherry blossom features cherry extract and almond milk. The rose combines the scents of Grasse, Bulgaria, Morocco, and Turkey roses to provide hydration and a light scent.

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7. Personalized Note Cube

Personalized notecube

A cute accessory for a teacher’s desk, this personalized note cube gives easy access for quick note writing and short messages on student work. You can add the teacher’s name to the side of the cube, up to eighteen characters. The name will be surrounded by education-inspired words such as teach, learn, future, etc.

The note cube has 700 note sheets, each with a sticky adhesive strip for sticking to papers or hanging on the wall. This is a practical gift that any teacher will get tons of use out of.

You can also choose to have the note cube delivered in a gift box, a flat gift box that you build and put the cube in, or no gift box at all.

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8. Personalized Clipboard

Personalized notes

Another practical. Gift for teachers that they will deeply appreciate. The front of the clipboard is printed in full color, and the back is white. The front is made of high-gloss laminate and features a metal clip to hold papers in place.

You can add the teacher’s name to the center of the clipboard, up to twenty characters. The name will be surrounded with the word “notes” multiple times in the background and features a cute apple design on the bottom edge.

The clipboard can be ordered already in a gift box, a flat gift box that you build to put the clipboard in, or no gift box at all.

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9. Personalized Pencils

Personalized pencils quicker

Teachers go through pencils quicker than anything else in their classroom. For a teacher to always make sure they get borrowed pencils back, buy some with their name on them. You can choose rainbow, chic, white, or silver pencils. You get to personalize with the teacher’s name, a statement of “world’s best teacher”, and a tiny apple engraved into each pencil.

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If you are thinking about buying a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher or a teacher in your family, it is best and will be most appreciated to gift something that the teacher will get a ton of use out of and can benefit from.

If you want to make sure your child’s teacher feels extra special, gift them something with a little personalization. That lets them know that they were thought of in advance and the gift wasn’t attained last minute. Your teacher’s eyes will light up and she will have a bigger smile that day.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

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