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Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents (2021 Guide)

Shopping for grandparents can be tricky because they never tell you what they want. They will always give the answer “I don’t need anything, just your company”. Gifting does not have to be hard, take a look at these Christmas gifts for grandparents and you might even hit the right heartstrings with some of these ideas.

Giving gifts is a great way to show appreciation, especially during the holidays. The best gifts to give grandparents are ones that come from the heart and show how much you care.

Top 8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents in 2021

1. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Frame 8 inc high resolution screen

This digital frame features an eight-inch high-resolution screen. It can show pictures and 720p videos in the same slideshow, allowing for the best digital experience. The screen uses a high-resolution LED backlit display to show your pictures and videos in the best light.

The coolest feature of this digital frame is the motion sensing ability. The frame will turn on when you enter the room it is in and turns off when you leave that room. The frame also comes with a remote to be controlled how you want.

The frame also has a clock and calendar function, stereo speakers to play sound from the videos, and a full one-year warranty to cover any damages or malfunctions.

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2. Roomba

Extra powerful Roomba Vacuum

This is a gift that your grandparents will love. A vacuum that does all of the work for them and is very efficient at its job. A Roomba delivers extra powerful suction for great pick-up performance. Roomba can also learn cleaning habits and offers personalized cleaning schedules for maximum efficiency.

The Roomba maps out your floor plan and cleans every part of the floor and won’t stop until it is finished. It cleans floors logically in straight rows, using tracking sensors to navigate through your home.

Featuring multi-service rubber brushes, the Roomba is perfect for pet owners. The rubber brushes adjust to carpets and hard floors. The high-efficiency filter collects 99% of pet dander and allergens.

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3. Personalized Grandkid Names Pillow

Personalized throw pillow

If there is one thing that’s certain, grandparents love throw pillows. This personalized pillow allows for the addition of up to twenty-one names. If less than twenty-one names are entered, the names will repeat to fill in the heart design. You can choose from several different colors, sizes, and fonts for the names.

The pillow is offered in 14 by 14 and 18 by 18, 12 by 22 lumbar, 14 by 14, 18 by 18, and 12 by 22 in velvet. There are also eight colors to choose form for the pillow; burgundy, tan, navy, grey, coral, teal, multicolor, and multicolor pastels.

Different fonts are used throughout the design to make it unique. The fonts used include script, distressed, block, and others. This pillow will make a great decorative addition to your grandparent’s home.

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4. Our Family Recipes Book

Recipe book

Grandmas love recipes, cooking and baking. They always have the best recipes, giving her a place to write down recipes for future generations is a sweet idea that she will love. Knowing that her family appreciates her cooking and baking will light up her smile. This is a very thoughtful gift for her, and a wonderful gift that can be passed down generation to generation.

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5. Dog Playing Cards

Deck of Playing Cards with Dogs

An adorable gift for the grandparents that love card games, this deck of playing cards features pictures of different dog breeds on the front and the back of each card. Huskies, poodles, goldendoodles, corgis, and many more breeds are printed on the individual cards. The deck comes with an acrylic case to hold the cards when they aren’t being used.

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6. Color Changing Photo Mug

Ceramic Mug

The coolest thing about this specific mug is the color changing ability. When you pour hot coffee or hot water into the ceramic mug, the picture printed magically appears on the mug. When the mug is cold again, the picture will fade back to black.

You have the option to choose text only, one photo, one photo and text, two photos, two photos and text, three photos, four photos, or six photos and text. You can also choose different background colors to make this gift even more personal.

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7. Custom Calendar

Wall calendar

Snapfish offers several different types of calendars to customize; wall calendars, desk calendars, wood block desk calendar. You can choose different background patterns, add special dates with pictures, and add graphics to spice up the pages.

With the ability to add special dates to the calendar, it is easier than ever for grandma and grandpa to remember all the special dates for everyone in the family.

The sizes offered in the wall calendar are 8.5 by 11, 11.5 by 14, 12 by 12, and a 9 by 12 stationary wall calendar. The desk calendar is offered only in 10 by 5 and offers the option to purchase with or without a stand.

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8. Play Tickets

Buy ticket in TicketMaster.com

One thing that a grandparent will never turn down is quality time with their family. You can find a play that everyone will enjoy, gift some tickets, and have a nice night out together and make some great memories.

To make a night out of it, you can even take them out to a nice dinner before the theatre. Your grandparents will be the happiest they have been to spend a whole evening with the people who mean the most to them.

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There’s no doubt that grandparents are extremely difficult to pick out gifts for. One thing that never fails is a gift from the heart, a gift that has a lot of thought put into it. Anything personalized specifically for them will make their day.

Anything that will give grandparents the opportunity to show pictures of their family, they will appreciate more than you believe. It means so much to grandparents to have pictures and memories with their families.

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