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Best Christmas Gifts for Couples (2021 Guide)

Shopping for Christmas gifts for couples can actually be fun. Gifting a present that you know the couple will use and enjoy is a great feeling.

When shopping for a couple, it is super important to keep both people in mind, so you don’t pick a gift that one person will love but the other person will hate. Consider buying a game, something they can use frequently, and something they can do together.

Top 8 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples in 2021

1. Personalized Connect Four

Super popular childhood game connect four

A personalized take on a super popular childhood game, you can gift this to any couple, and they will adore it. Challenge your significant other to a game of connect four using a board that has their names and anniversary cutout in the game play.

To achieve this beautiful board game, the creators will carve the names and dates into high-quality maple wood. You can add text in up to four lines with a maximum of seven characters each. This connect four game can be personalized with names, anniversaries, or a sweet message for the couple to cherish.

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2. Custom House Number Plaque

Custom address plaque

Perfect for the couple who has just moved in together, just bought their first house, or is in the process of building a home. This custom address plaque is available in six colors; black and gold, antique copper, black and silver, bronze and gold, green and gold, and pewter and silver.

The first line of the plaque will read “welcome”. The house number is the second line and can consist up to five numbers. The third line is the street name with the capability to hold seventeen characters.

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3. Yours, Mine, and Ours Decanter Set

Set of  glass decanter

This glass decanter set features a 42-ounce decanter engraved with “ours” and two nine-ounce glasses engraved with “yours” and “mine”. This set is aesthetically pleasing and is a really cute visual idea of the way two people share things with each other. This set is clear and can be filled with any liquid desired by the couple.

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4. Wine of the Month Club

Wine of the Month club

Shopping for a couple wine lovers? Consider gifting a wine club. The Wine of the Month Club gives you the opportunity to shop for a gift membership. You can prepay for three, four six, or twelve months of wine deliveries.

If you choose three months, you have the option of three consecutive monthly deliveries for three months, or every other month delivery for six months. If you choose four months, you can choose four consecutive deliveries for four months, or a delivery every three months for one year. If you choose six months, you can decide to have six consecutive monthly deliveries, or every other month deliveries for a year. If you pick twelve months, the delivery will be once a month for twelve months.

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5. Food Saver

Food saver heat seal precut bags

Cooking for two people is hard. There are always leftovers, there is always meat that you don’t want to use all of and want to keep good for a while. The Food Saver sucks all of the air out of the bag you are placing your food in. This allows for a super tight vacuum seal, allowing foods to stay better longer on your counter, in your refrigerator, and in your freezer.

There are several different kinds of bags that can be bought and used with this appliance. You can find a bag for every type of food and however you plan on storing it.

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6. Giant Jenga

Jenga blocks

A really fun, suspenseful game that the couple can play together or with company when they are entertaining. This game includes fifty-six 2 by 3 pieces, allowing for the tower to stand nineteen rows high, or two and a half feet.

The rules of regular Jenga apply to this larger version. You have to remove a piece and place it on top of the stack, and the person who knocks the tower over loses. Total, this game weighs about twenty-eight pounds, so you have to be careful of where you are standing when the tower starts to get wobbly.

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7. Lovebox

Wooden box with OLED Screen on the top

For the couple who may not get to spend a bunch of time together, there is the Lovebox. It is a wooden box with an OLED screen on the top. You connect your phone to the box with the mobile app, and you can send your loved one a sweet message where you or they may be.

The app is compatible with iPhone and Android, so all you need to do it download the app, connect over Wi-Fi, and start sending messages. This allows couples to know every time their significant other is thinking about them is a super sweet, romantic way.

8. Date Night Bucket List

Printed on sticks made of birch wood

Couples are constantly running out of ideas for dates. Make it easy for them to choose by gifting this date night bucket list. With ideas printed on sticks made of birch wood, the date ideas range from romantic dates such as stargazing, to intellectual and education activities such as a lecture at a museum or local college.

As you complete the date ideas, write the date you completed the activity on the back of the stick with the provided pencil. This is a very thoughtful idea for couples who have the worst time deciding what to do that day.

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Couples are extremely fun to shop for. The best gifts for couples are things that they can do together, such as a game to play. It is also really important to consider the wants and needs of the couple you are shopping for so you know which gift will be the best for you to gift them.

Every couple is different and may not love the gifts on this list, so you can use this as an inspiration guide to help you find the perfect gift.

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