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Best Christmas Candy Gifts (2021 Guide)

Who doesn’t love candy? Christmas is a popular time of year to gift candy because candy is a common stocking stuffer and people pleaser. Chocolate, peppermints, baskets, subscriptions, and more are the most popular choices for Christmas candy gifts.

There is a way to make candy gifts interesting, unique, and thoughtful. You can consider candies that are huge, personalized, sour, even candy that has alcohol for those who are old enough.

Check out this fun list of best Christmas candy gifts:

Top 13 Best Christmas Candy Gift Ideas for 2021

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Gingerbread House

Dylans Candy Bar Gingerbread House

It’s not the holidays until you have a gingerbread house! Especially one from Dylan’s Candy Bar. They’ve made it easy with this pre-assembled and ready to decorate gingerbread house kit and everything you need to decorate it for Christmas.

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2. Custom M&M’s


M&M’s are another favorite holiday candy. The best part is the ability to customize theses candy-coated chocolates. On the M&M’s website, they offer a design center where you can create your own, specialized candies. Try this personalized Christmas tree where you can even add photos!

You have the ability to choose up to three colors for your design. They also offer pre-loaded clipart that you can add to your design, you can choose two of them. In addition to two clipart designs, you can add up to two personalized messages, two personal pictures, or one picture and one message. They allow a total of four designs.

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3. Candy Club Subscription

Candy Club Monthly Subscription

Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! Save $5 off your first box! This candy gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Choose from popular, sweet and tart, chocolate and more! These are all beautifully packaged too.

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4. Giant Hershey’s Kiss

Twelve ounce hershey kiss

Weighing just under one pound, this twelve-ounce Hershey Kiss is the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life. This gift is a giant piece of solid, creamy milk chocolate. It will be incredibly hard to sit down and eat this whole piece of chocolate in one sitting, making it a gift that can be enjoyed over a period of time, however long it takes to eat.

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5. Peppermint Puffs

Peppermint puffs candies

Peppermint Puffs are basically a necessity at Christmas time. If you’re dealing with a peppermint lover, this will be the best gift you can give them. These candies are a soft and crunchy melt-in-your-mouth peppermint.

Each candy is individually wrapped, making it an ideal candy to be kept in a purse, a car, a backpack, or a briefcase. No matter how your peppermint lover carries their items, these small candies can be put in and will be available to eat at any time.

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6. Peppermint Bark Jellybeans

Jelly belly peppermint bark jellybean mix

There are mixed feeling about jellybeans, but if you know someone who loves them and can’t live without them, consider buying the Jelly Belly Peppermint Bark Jellybean mix. Included in this mix are peppermint, candy cane, chocolate pudding, and hot chocolate jellybeans.

Jellybeans are a lower calorie snack, so they are perfect for the family or friend that is very focused on fitness.

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7. 5 Pound Chocolate Bar

Five pound bar chocolate

If a one-pound Hershey’s Kiss isn’t enough chocolate for the chocolate lover you are planning on gifting, consider this five-pound, ginormous Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. There are around sixty servings of chocolate in one five-pound bar. Even if two servings per day were eaten, it would still take thirty days to finish.

Anyone who loves chocolate will be obsessed with this gift, and they will not be able to wait to dig in. During delivery, this chocolate bar will be kept cold so there is no reason to worry about it melting before it gets delivered.

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8. Peppermint Bark Squares

Peppermint bark squares packs

Another delicious gift for chocolate and peppermint lovers. The peppermint bark squares come in packs of two-pieces, making them the perfect size for stockings. You can hand these out as gifts to coworkers, neighbors, or everyone in your family.

The candy squares feature layers of chocolate and white chocolate, sprinkled with refreshing pieces of peppermint. The creamy chocolate mixed with the crunchy peppermint makes these treats absolutely irresistible.

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9. 5 Pound Gummy Bear

5 pound gummy ber

Everyone loves gummy bears. They are a delicious, small, and easy treat. Do you know anyone who loves gummy bears enough to eat five pounds of them? That is exactly who this is made for.

These massive gummy bears come in the flavors red cherry, pineapple, orange, green apple, grape, cherry cola, bubblegum, blue raspberry, astro (cherry, lemon, and apple), and 3-tone (raspberry, orange, and cherry).

This one, massive, five-pound gummy bear is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears. The entire gummy bear is over 6,000 calories. Luckily, this gummy bear will stay edible for one year after it is opened. There is no need to rush and eat it all at once, unless they absolutely want to because they just love gummy bears that much.

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10. Sour Patch Candy Canes

Best Christmas Candy Gifts (2021 Guide) Image 1

These festive candy canes offer a great alternative to regular peppermint candy canes. If you have a family member who loves sour candies, this is a great option. There are three sour, fruity flavors in festive red and green colors, as well as the color orange.

You can use these sour and sweet treats to decorate your tree, bake with, create edible crafts, or eat them alone.

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11. Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolates

Best Christmas Candy Gifts (2021 Guide) Image 2

For the adults who are 21 or older, this is a creamy, chocolatey gift that they won’t be able to say no to. These candies are made with rich, sweet Bailey’s Irish Cream centered in chocolate making a delicious truffle.

This gift tube holds seven ounces of individually wrapped chocolate truffles. This equals about twenty pieces per tube. For a nice, cool treat, try putting these in the refrigerator or freezer for a little bit.

Again, this candy contains real alcohol, so it is not suitable for people under 21 years old. You also must be 21 years old to purchase this as a gift.

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12. Hot Chocolate Spoons with Mini Marshmallows

hot cocoa spoons

Transform a warm cup of milk into decadent cocoa with this set of three hot chocolate spoons. Wooden stirrers hold snowflake-shaped mini marshmallows on a base of rich chocolate. Sure to put a smile on any aged kid or adult!

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13. Signature Godiva Chocolate Basket

Godiva Signature Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

Delight chocolate lovers with a gorgeous gift basket filled with all delicious gourmet chocolate gifts, including milk, dark and white chocolates.

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