6 Top Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets for your Favorite Chef

6 Top Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets for your Favorite Chef

So you love to cook, but worry about the negative effect your heavy use of kitchen gadgets has on the environment? Spend less time fretting and more time cooking with these 6 guilt-free, eco-friendly kitchen gadgets.


Many household kitchen items aren’t exactly energy efficient or harmonious with Mother Nature. Not the case with these 6. We scoured through the top earth-friendly kitchen appliances to bring you the best of the best. Do we smell cookies baking in the induction-technology oven?

Top 6 Chef and Earth-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

1) FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

foodsaver kitchen gadgets

This foodsaver allows you to vacuum-seal any leftovers or unused food. Its vacuum-sealing technology locks in the freshness and keeps out air, which means the food lasts for much longer in the refrigerator or freezer.

Stop throwing away leftovers after a few days or worrying about freezer-burned meat. Vacuum seal your food and use it when you need it without worrying about it spoiling.

2) LG – 23.8 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless-Steel

bottom freezer kitchen gadgets

This LG refrigerator is highly energy-efficient. It also uses LED lighting, which means the bulbs don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional refrigerators.

And with its smart-cooling technology, you can direct the most airflow and cooling to specific areas of the refrigerator, which means less spoilage and longer-lasting food.

3) Maytag 24″ Jetclean® Plus Built-In Dishwasher w/ Premium Rack Glides – Stainless Steel

dishwasher kitchen gadgets

This dishwasher is Energy Star-compliant, and it features some heavy-duty cleaning power. Instead of rinsing or scrubbing your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher, you can load them straight into the racks.

The extreme cleaning power of this Maytag dishwasher blasts any food residue and particles, leaving your dishes sparkling clean without using additional water or detergent. Best of all, the food dissolves during the cleaning process, so it can’t get stuck inside the hoses or filters.

4) PUR Faucet Mount – Stainless Steel

faucet mount kitchen gadgets

Water straight from the tap can taste metallic and may contain contaminants. Bottled water can provide clean filtered water, but the plastic bottles never disintegrate and pollute landfills.

With this PUR faucet filter, you can get refreshing, ice cold filtered water directly from your kitchen sink. Just install a disposable filter inside the device, connect it to your faucet and enjoy clean water that’s free from mineral deposits and other particles that affect taste and purity.

5) Waste King Food Waste Disposer, L-8000 1 HP, EZ-Mount

waste king kitchen gadgets

Stop wasting money and plastic buying garbage bags for unused or spoiled food. With this garbage disposal from Walmart, you can dispose of your food quickly and without filling up your trash bin with spoiled or leftover food.

This garbage disposal’s stainless steel design means it will hold up to even the toughest jobs and will last for years. It’s also insulated, which means its operation is much quieter than most garbage disposals on the market.

6) Electrolux Wave-Touch 4.2 cu. ft. Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven in Stainless Steel

electrolux kitchen gadgets

This high-tech oven and stove top uses induction technology during cooking, which uses less than half the energy compared to a traditional stove. In addition, the faster and more efficient heating process means your food will cook 30 percent faster.

The oven also has two compartments for cooking different items at different temperatures, as well as self-cleaning features that eliminate the need for harsh cleaning products. Finally, the oven has an automatic shutoff feature if the oven is ever left on for more than 12 hours, giving you peace of mind and energy savings.

List of Kitchen Gadgets + Where to Buy Them

Here’s a quick compilation of our 6 best ec0-friendly kitchen gadgets, complete with where to shop for them!

  • FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System (Find at Amazon, QVC, JCPenny, and Target).
  • LG – 23.8 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – Stainless-Steel (Find at Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowes).
  • Maytag 24″ Jetclean® Plus Built-In Dishwasher w/ Premium Rack Glides – Stainless Steel (Find at Sears, Lowes, and Amazon).
  • PUR Faucet Mount – Stainless Steel (Find at Walmart, Target, and Drugstore.com).
  • Waste King Food Waste Disposer, L-8000 1 HP, EZ-Mount (Find at Amazon, Sears, and Walmart).
  • Electrolux Wave-Touch 4.2 cu. ft. Slide-In Double Oven Induction Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven in Stainless Steel (Find at Amazon, Sears, and Lowes).

Enjoy Cooking with these Top-Notch, Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets!

With these gadgets, you can cook, bake, re-hydrate and clean to your heart’s content without worrying about its effect on the environment. Best of all, these gadgets are built to last and are beautiful in design and appearance, increasing your home’s appeal and value for years to come.

10 Parenting Tips for Health-Conscious New Moms and Dads

10 Parenting Tips for Health-Conscious New Moms and Dads

It sure would be nice if there was a university parents-to-be could attend that offered courses with parenting tips in children’s nutrition and behavior. Yet, even after 4 years of vigorous studying on the matter, parents would almost certainly still be hit with a few surprises along the way!


That said, there are some tried-and-true tips that every parent should know. These 10 healthy parenting tips will make grocery shopping a breeze and ensure your children get all the nutrients they need to grow.

Parenting Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping:

1) Pick items with as few ingredients as possible.

  • If you notice only one or two ingredients on the list, chances are you know it’s natural.
  • Seeing a half-dozen, unrecognizable ingredients increases the chance that it includes preservatives that cause allergies or health problems.
  • Try to find unsweetened, unsalted foods with no additives in them.

2) Learn the alternative names for sugar.

  • This sweetener comes in a variety of forms and derives from a vast number of foods. For instance: fructose comes from corn as well as fruits. Avoid “high fructose corn syrup” that manufacturers transform it into during processing.
  • Other forms of sugar include glucose, sucrose and dextrose. Although not harmful in small amounts, watch out for them.

 Healthy eating - child eating an apple, lots of fresh fruit on t

3) Look for certified “organic” labels.

  • Foods that are officially organic will have been produced using USDA standards for growing natural foods.
  • For meat, look for options that are “grass-fed” and produced “without the use of hormones.”

4) Do not be fooled by “all-natural.”

  • This can mean many things and is often just a sneaky way to market a product. The best way to know what a food has in it is to check out the ingredients. Educate yourself and investigate on your own.
  • Read the nutritional label to find out what vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber the item offers.
  • Always look for “organic” or pesticide/insecticide free items.

Parenting Tips Shop healthy

5) Use foods in their rawest forms when possible.

  • You can use blueberries, strawberries, spinach, carrots, lemons, almonds, flax seeds, wheat and oats in their purest form.
  • In some cases, you might have to do some grinding or pureeing to gain the full benefits.

6) Be careful where you get seafood.

  • Make sure to choose “Wild Caught” when looking for Alaskan Salmon.
  • Stores like Whole Foods, Walmart, or Target should have fresh supplies of fish that are not harvested from contaminated waters.

 parenting tips eat healthy at home

Health- Conscious Parenting Tips for Eating at Home

7) Keep your recipes simple.

  • Finding an assortment of simple, easy healthy recipes you love will make you more likely to stay on task.
  • Quick meals include: baking chicken breasts, preparing fish, or putting a roast with some vegetables in a slow cooker. A fresh salad on the side is always fast, healthy, and delicious.

 chicken dinner healthy parenting tips 

8) Bake instead of fry

  • You can of course enjoy the occasional crispy potato, breaded fish or chicken wing. More regularly, it’s a wise choice to lightly bread and dust them with oil.
  • Place the items in the oven instead of dousing them in partially hydrogenated oil to crisp them.

9) Make wise choices when preparing snacks

  • Try varying your snack time routine by offering dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds or Calbee snapea crisps.
  • Drugstore online has a large selection of unique snacks that are healthier than the standard potato chips or chocolate chip cookies.

  Parenting tips pack healthy snacks

10) Create balance in your child’s meals

  • Make sure you introduce your child to a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins.
  • People develop their lifelong eating habits from a young age, so implementing a balanced diet now will also serve your child  in the future.

Use these parenting tips to ensure your child’s meals are nourishing and chemical-free!

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to take on (just about) anything parenting throws at you. Well, at the very least the grocery shopping and meals are under control!

34 Healthy Living eBooks

34 Healthy Living eBooks

We live in a society where looking good, leading a happy life, and feeling our best is highly valued. Nowadays, one of the best ways to achieve these goals is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which can be accomplished in many different ways. Some choose to make dietary changes that reflect a more organic, natural or nutritious way of cooking and consuming foods. Others may develop habits centered on herbal healing, organic gardening, homesteading, eco-friendly cleaning, and/or natural remedies and health. 

To research and read up on how to make healthy improvements in your life, below you will find a collection of digital downloads and e-books that promote healthy living: 

Natural Health & Beauty

Healthy Lifestyle

1. Healthy Lifestyle: Ultimate Tips for Healthy Living by Jordana Atkins

Highlights tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by focusing on battling everyday stresses, dieting, and positive thinking.

Holistic Beauty

2. Holistic Beauty from the Inside Out: Your Complete Guide to Natural Health, Nutrition, and Skincare by Julie Gabriel

Listing what products to avoid, what foods to eat and natural recipes, this guide concentrates on holistic nutrition, natural skincare, stress-relief, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

 Hands On Healing Recipes

3. Hands-On Healing Remedies by Stephanie L. Tourles

Teaches how to prepare all-natural, effective, safe recipes for skin and beauty that includes how to make herbal balms, salves, oils, and liniments.

Tips for a More Natural Life

4. Tips for a More Natural Life by Penelope Hoyt

As part of Hoyt’s Homemaking Made Easy series, Book 2 highlights tried-and-true tips on how to lead a more holistic, natural life. 

475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes

5. 475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes by Demetria Clark

Provides ways on how to satisfy life-, health-, family-, and household-related needs by using a natural approach.

Healthy Eating & Cooking

Gluten Free Diet for Beginners

6. Gluten Free Diet for Beginners by Michael E. Reese

A clear and concise guide that explores various meals, recipes, and benefits related to a gluten-free diet. Also includes weight loss tips, and how to save money on gluten free products.

Paleo for Beginners

7. Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started with the Paleo Diet by John Chatham

Introduces the Paleo way of eating, which focuses on eating low-carb, high-protein meals that remove all processed foods from a diet. 

Practical Paleo

8. Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle by Diane Sanfilippo

Concentrates on how to approach the Paleo diet, including 30-day meal plans tailored to specific health conditions, such as thyroid issues. 

Paleo Canning Tips and Tricks

9. Paleo Canning Tips and Tricks including 25 Easy and Delicious Recipes by Jenna Davis

Canning techniques and recipes made with natural ingredients and paleo-friendly alternatives that include meat entrees, and jams/jellies made from ripe fruits.

Against the Grain

10. Against the Grain: Delicious Recipes for the Whole Food and Grain-Free Diet by Katie Tietje

A guide highlighting grain-free eating with 30 recipes that includes breads and desserts. 

Treat Yourself

11. Treat Yourself: Healthy, Low-Sugar, Whole Food Dessert Recipes by Katie Tietje

Satisfy a sweet tooth with whole food recipes that incorporate sprouted flour, soaked flour, or almond flour, including several grain-free options.

Real Food Real Frugal

12. Real Food, Real Frugal by Susan Godfrey

Illustrates how to cook and eat “real foods” while on a budget, including an arsenal of over 125 inexpensive, family-friendly recipes that use real food ingredients.

Raw Food

13. Raw Food: The Ultimate Raw Food Diet Guide for Weight Loss by Summer Accardo

Highlights the benefits of following a raw-food diet for losing weight, detoxifying the body, increasing energy levels, and boosting the immune system.

Natural Mothers & Pregnancy

Real Food for Mother and Baby

14. Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck

Focuses on a baby’s nutritional needs, as it falls in line with a ‘real food’ diet, and raising a child on a diet consisting of whole and natural foods.

Organic Smoothies

15. 201 Organic Smoothies and Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy by Nicole Cormier

Provides nutrient-rich, organic recipes for pregnant women.

Natural Pregnancy Book

16. The Natural Pregnancy Book: Your Complete Guide to a Safe, Organic Pregnancy and Childbirth with Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Holistic Choices by Aviva Jill Romm

A handbook on how to experience a safe, organic, eco-friendly, and natural pregnancy.

Natural Home Remedies / Herbal Healing

Natural Remedies No Prescription Needed

17. Natural Remedies: No Prescription Needed by Aubrey Azzaro

A guide on how to heal and prevent health issues with natural cures and remedies. 

Herbal Medicine

18. Herbal Medicine by Christine Adams, M.D.

Highlights 100 key herbs, including all their uses for health and herbal healing.

Herbal Antibiotics for Beginners

19. Herbal Antibiotics for Beginners: Your Path to Natural Healing by Dana Selon

Presents herbal medicines to cure disease, minor ailments, and other health issues, including 50 recipes for making your own herbal antibiotics.

Lemon - 50 Plus Recipes for Skin Care, Hair Care, Home and Laundry Cleaning

20. Lemon: 50 Plus Recipes for Skin Care, Hair Care, Home and Laundry Cleaning along with Lemonade, Vegan, Curd, Cookies, Cakes and Desserts by ADISH Books

A collection of fast, effective, inexpensive, and homemade solutions and recipes centered on the lemon with many uses for health, food, and home. 

Natural Cleaning Methods

Eco Friendly Cleaning

21. Eco-Friendly Cleaning by Amber Brooks

Teaches how to save money and clean a home using all natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients that are safe for children and pets.

Kick Chemicals to the Curb

22. Kick Chemicals To The Curb! How to Make Natural, Healthy Cleaners for Your Home by Claire Bowman

A helpful guide on how to turn everyday ingredients into safe household cleaners.

Naturally Clean Home

23. The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier

Offers 150 easy-to-follow herbal formulas that accommodate a green cleaning lifestyle.


Growing Herbs

24. Growing Herbs for Food and Medicine by Lisa Haynes

Shows how to grow herbs, and tap into their healing properties.

Grow your Own Organic Food

25. Grow your Own Organic Food by Lisa Daniels

Highlights how to set up a garden space, choose what to grow, and how to effectively take care of fruit, vegetable and herb plants.

Year-Round Vegetable Grower

26. The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener by Niki Jabbour

Highlights how to grow food for 365 days out of a year, no matter where the location. 

Organic Vegetable Gardening

27. Organic Vegetable Gardening by Gaia Rodale

In addition to tackling topics such as planning, planting, natural herbicides, watering and compost, this beginner’s guide also comes with a free copy of “The Organic Gardener’s Calendar.”


Homesteading Animals 4-Book Bundle - Rearing Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks and Geese

28. Homesteading Animals 4-Book Bundle: Rearing Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks and Geese by Norman J Stone

A comprehensive introduction to homesteading animals, which focuses on raising four of the most popular animals found on a farmyard or homestead.

Urban Homesteading

29. Urban Homesteading: A Beginner’s Guide to Self Sufficiency and Sustainable Living in Urban Homes by Jennifer Ross

An introduction to homesteading within an urban setting that touches upon topics such as gardening tips, homemade foods, and the basics. 


30. Simplicity: How to Live With Less, Downsize, and Get More Fulfillment From Life by Brian Night

This box set of three best-selling minimalist books highlights stress/anxiety reduction, and how to declutter daily physical and mental obstacles to lead a more fulfilling life. 

All of the above-mentioned e-books are rated 4-5 stars by reviewers, and can be downloaded for free or purchased from Amazon.com for a minimal cost.

Five Fermented Foods You Can (easily) Make at Home to Save Some Dough

Five Fermented Foods You Can (easily) Make at Home to Save Some Dough

Last time I shared with you all of the benefits of lacto-fermentation, from the health benefits to the sustainability factors. This time I thought I’d share with you five of these fermented foods you can make easily at home for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in the store.

Whether you’re paying $3/quart of yogurt or $3.99/pint of kombucha, you can know that the homemade version will save you money and be a more sustainable option.


This is one of the most commonly eaten fermented foods in North America. It can also be loaded with sugar and sometimes not even contain the live cultures that you want in yogurt. So making it at home is a great idea.

You can make it super easily in a crock pot. You can make it almost as easy in a cooler. Or, you can make raw yogurt from raw milk using these cultures and keep all of the goodness of your raw milk intact.


This close cousin to yogurt is even easier to make as it is a mesophilic culture, meaning it does not require a certain temperature range to culture. It also contains more strains of friendly bacteria so it is a great option for fermented dairy if you are looking to diversify your intake of various cultures. You can find the starter needed to make homemade kefir here.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is the old world way of making bread from before commercial yeast was available. You can keep a sourdough starter at home to use as a leaven for your homebaked breads, pancakes, and just about every other baked good you can imagine.

The benefit of sourdough is the long fermentation process, making the flour more nutritious, and the fact that you won’t ever have to buy yeast again. You can find a great book on all things sourdough here and purchase the starter culture for your sourdough here.


I have seen jars smaller than a quart of this ubiquitous fermented cabbage in the grocery store for over seven dollars. You can make it at home for a fraction of that price.

My favorite method of making sauerkraut is the open crock method (which can be done simply with a bowl, a plate, and some heavy objects) as I find it results in the best flavor, texture, and cultures.


This fizzy, fermented beverage is becoming very popular and it can be found in all sorts of health food stores. You can also pay up for $4 a pint-sized bottle for it, which makes it extraordinarily out of reach for most people. The good news is, you can make it at home with organic tea and sugar for what I once calculated as $.16/bottle.

Here is my method for making kombucha. You can also do a second ferment on tightly capped bottles using fruit juices. This makes a great replacement to soda pop.

So whether you simply stick with yogurt or branch out with all of these fermented foods, try making them at home for cheap if you can.”