Hot Designer Apparel & Beauty Products On a Budget [Gilt]

Hot Designer Apparel & Beauty Products On a Budget [Gilt]

There’s just something magical that happens when you score high quality brands for less. You know that feeling…that giddy rush you get when prices are slashed in half or you’ve stumbled upon an once-in-a-lifetime flash sale. Don’t you want to experience that whenever you want? When the hunt is on for designer goods at bargain prices, there are a lot of sites vying for your attention. But, only a few deliver a constant rotation of fresh deals and discounts from the most sought-after brands. Gilt is a one-stop shop for today’s leading labels in apparel and beauty, providing instant access to the latest fashion trends and beyond that you can still enjoy while on a budget! From Giving Assistant’s cash back to Gilt promo codes, you’re bound to save more than you think. Here’s a few ways to make the most of Gilt’s site!

Put Your Best Face Forward with Gilt Beauty

Lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow…oh my! Gilt not only outfits your cosmetic collection with bold colors and makeup from the likes of MAC, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox, but also offers discounted skincare, haircare, bath & body goodies, and beauty tools. Score Essi Nail Polish Duos for under $10. Enjoy deep discounts on Sisley luxe creams and cosmetics. If you miss out on an exclusive deal this time around, don’t worry…there’s always another new beauty arrival to take its place.


Get Ahead of Holiday Shopping with Discounted Fragrance Gift Sets

Score best-selling fragrances for less when shopping Gilt. For instance, you can save nearly 50% off popular brands, like Prada, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Versace. Special finds, such as the Anna Sui Secret Wish Ferris Wheel Gift Set, comes in eye-catching holiday gift set packaging. The Ferris wheel tin that holds the perfumed spray, body lotion and shower gel is such a deal, you’ll want to get a couple, including one for yourself. And, when you stock up on discounted gift sets for family and friend everything ships for free in the U.S. when you spend over $99. (And don’t forget to search for Gilt coupons when shopping gift sets!)

Build a Wardrobe for Less with Gilt Women

With new arrivals at every turn, Gilt provides endless opportunities for a woman to enhance her wardrobe. One moment you’re getting a designer, off-the-shoulder top for under $10, while the next minute is spent saving up to 80% off shoes, handbags, and Halston Heritage fit-and-flare dresses. Also, keep an eye out for Gilt Exclusives when you want to save (and splurge). You can’t find these fashion standouts anywhere else, and they include the likes of bridal apparel and footwear line from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.


Cut to the Chase and View Clearance from the Get-Go

If you’re designer-shopping on a budget (and don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing a site), just head straight to the most inexpensive finds – ‘Clearance.’ Sort your choices by ‘price – low to high.’

In many cases, you’ll come across an assortment of money-saving accessories, like the suede baseball cap, recycled metal bracelet, pom pom statement necklace, beaded chokers, and extra-long scarves on Gilt – that’s all priced under $15. And, do you know just how much the right pair of earrings can pull together an entire look? Small additions to an outfit can really make a difference!  So, don’t overlook the ultimate value in Clearance jewelry – that’s where you’ll find all the unique pieces, designs and colors that can completely elevate a specific outfit that needs a lil’ something extra.

Make a Wise Investment and Bank on the Basics

Every wardrobe benefits from having a strong foundation that can be built upon. A solid pair of blue jeans is a must-have. Choose plain T-shirts in black or white, and have a few tank tops on hand in neutral colors. Khaki or black dress pants aren’t just for interviews. A white, button-down shirt goes a long way, and an A-line skirt or long dress presents many possibilities.

And whether you’re saving up to 70% off True Religion denim or finding your favorite brands at The Denim Shop, Gilt constantly adds new designer bargains every day…like the following items that definitely add value to any closet:

  • A solid-colored blazer or cardigan.
  • Reversible belt in black and brown.
  • Statement necklace color in black or tan.
  • Purse in a neutral tone.
  • A couple pairs of neutral-toned heels.

Basic pieces never get stale, and can be worn for many years…even when current trends change. That’s what we call a smart investment!

Start Them Early with Gilt Kids

Gilt lets you go on a designer shopping spree for the kiddies, too!

How does saving up to 80% on the labels that send your kids to school in style sound? Prepare your baby for a fashion-forward future (and the comfiest) with organic onesies that surround your lil’ one in softness. Or, you can treat your kid(s) to a well-rounded wardrobe with European-chic styles for less or ultra-luxe, designer separates for boys and girls.


Shop Neutral Colors for Fashion-Forward, Mix-and-Match Outfits

One of the best ways to save money and make your dollars really count is with neutral tones – think black, white, cream, and gray. These are some of the most versatile colors you can buy. They basically go with anything! Have multiple kids? Invest in unisex threads that offer cool colors and prints that you can easily mix and match.

Buy Now and Style-Save for the Future

Sometimes, you score a deal on designer styles for kids simply because they have a limited amount of inventory left that they need to sell. This means you could wind up buying a size 5 (that’s too big now), but will be a perfect fit next year. Don’t be afraid to snag the deal! Save it for a rainy day. And…speaking of April showers…Gilt has you (and your child) covered with downright adorable rain gear – from a Paddington raincoat for just $7 to Kidorable raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas.

Don’t Be Shy, Join the Club and Get Exclusive Insider Savings

Become a member or email subscriber of a company or brand, and you get to take advantage of the exclusive perks that come with being part of the ‘cool’ crowd of smart, savvy online shoppers. For instance, sign up with Gilt and they will give you the heads up on upcoming designer sales, as well as treat you to an extra 10% off your first order.

Do you know what other group you need to join? That would be the one that has millions of people saving money, supporting charities, and discovering the latest deals and discounts before everyone else. And…all you have to do to start is download our Giving Assistant Button.

Your Everyday Skin Care Routine for that Natural Glow [Avon]

Your Everyday Skin Care Routine for that Natural Glow [Avon]

No matter how busy, rushed or exhausted you might be, you can always find a moment to take care of the largest organ in the body. Your skin works overtime to protect against infection, aging and injury. It’s in a constant state of growth, and eventually, all of this hard work can take a toll on the appearance of your face. That’s right, take advantage of an Avon coupon code because your skin deserves a lil’ extra TLC! You don’t want fine lines, crow’s feet, dry skin, and dullness taking over, do you? To enjoy healthy, natural, glowing skin, you’ll need to step up your skin care routine from the inside-out.

1. Drink a Glass (or Two) of Water First Thing in the Morning

Rise and shine…and before you do anything else…reach for a glass of water (preferably cold) to jumpstart your day and fuel your skin with Mother Nature’s rejuvenating elixir of life. Water plays an essential role in preparing your skin to radiate a healthy, natural glow. Level up on your daily H20 intake to increase the flow of oxygen and flush toxins, which also helps fight redness and dull skin. And, let’s have fun with it! Use a water bottle that makes you want to carry it with pride. There are plenty of trend-setting options around that’ll motivate you to re-hydrate throughout the day.

2. Give Your Eyes the V.I.P. Treatment

How can your skin glow when you’re looking tired in the face? Dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes give off a dull appearance. Your eyes should be bright, youthful, and full of radiance. That’s why you need a solid eye cream to hydrate, tighten and breathe some life into the fragile skin around your eyes! And, in case you didn’t know…not all eye skin is created equal. It’s one reason why Avon’s  Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System is such a best-seller; it delivers the power of tag-team skin care that addresses the distinct needs of your eyes. In one, single container, you get an eyelid and brow bone gel that fights sag, as well as an under eye cream that you can also apply to the upper cheekbone.

Until April 30, you can snag Avon’s Eye Lift Pro for the lowest price we’ve seen in a long while – it will be on sale for $14.99 – and that’s nearly 50% off its original price tag! And if you place in Avon coupons or an Avon promo code on top of Giving Assistant’s cash back, that price will drop even more! #Winning!  

3. Eat Your Way to a Natural Glow

Diet plays an important role in your overall health, and your skin is no stranger to the benefits of eating certain items. The next time you order lunch, cook dinner or snack in front of the TV, you might want to consider the following foods for healthy, glowing skin:

  • Tomato-based products, like sauces and juice, not only fight against acne, but also protect against skin-damaging (and -aging) UV rays.
  • Green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, help combat aging skin, redness, puffiness, and blotchiness.
  • Grapefruit is packed with vitamin C, which helps stimulate collagen production and reverse skin damage linked to the sun. Eat it for smoother skin.
  • Blueberries offer the most antioxidants per serving than any other fruit, and for you, this means smoother, younger-looking skin.
  • Walnuts deliver a hefty dose of omega-3 fatty acids that helps promote smoother skin.

4. Get Up, Get Out and Get Moving

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of your cross-trainers calling your name! Regular exercise has a way of rejuvenating the body…thanks to you working up a sweat. And, the increased circulation and release of toxins is a positive for your face. Lace up, layer up, hit the pavement, and enjoy a steady trot around an outdoor track or the neighborhood. It’s time to download a new workout, or turn your living room into a dance floor. When you start to feel those little beads of sweat form, you know you’ve entered the ‘glowing skin’ zone.

One thing to remember is that after exercise, your pores open up to eliminate trapped oil and dirt. But, if you leave sweat and grime on your skin, you’re left with a dulling effect. Don’t wait too long to wash off your hard work, or you’ll wind up undoing it all with clogged pores again.

But, what if I’m out and about (like at a gym)? Use something like Anew Clean Facial Cleansing Wipes to gently remove dirt and oils, as well as refresh the skin. Glow mission accomplished!

5. Recharge Your Glowing Skin at Night

Don’t ignore the importance of getting enough hours of sleep under your belt! Late nights definitely have a negative effect on skin health and beauty. Inflammatory cells often develop, destroying the collagen and hyaluronic acid responsible for giving skin its glow. A lack of sleep sends your hydration levels out of whack, which can cause dark circles, dry skin, and eye puffiness. So, if you want glowing skin, make sure you get to bed at a decent hour! And, preparation is key! One of the biggest no-no’s in skin care is hitting the hay without washing your face. You’re running the risk of cringe-worthy breakouts, blocked pores…and if you make this one of your bad habits – the oh-so-dreaded presence of fine lines. Yikes! Our suggestion is to invest in a solid toner to remove traces of makeup, skin debris and oil. Avon’s Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner is the perfect nightcap for your daily skin care routine. It leaves skin feeling conditioned and free of excess oil. And, while you sleep, it soothes and repairs the skin’s surface.

Need something to go along with that glowing skin? Pair of sunglasses? Or perhaps, a new water bottle? If you haven’t downloaded our Giving Assistant Button yet, you just have to…so that you don’t miss a sale, deal or discount for items on your ‘better-you’ shopping list.

5 Simple Steps to Refresh Your Space This Spring

5 Simple Steps to Refresh Your Space This Spring

Let’s welcome the season that’s marked with new beginnings and fresh starts with open arms! If you’re like most people, the sun shining, flowers in bloom and colors exploding everywhere has you more pumped than ever to energize, organize and refresh your home. But, where do you start? You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a couple of simple changes can make. So, let’s put some of that restless, spring fever energy to good use and liven up your personal spaces with the following steps.

1. Declutter and Refresh

One of the first things to do when refreshing your space this spring is to eliminate the items that make a room feel heavy. You need to get rid of all the junk that’s just been hanging around all winter. You know…those unnecessary things collecting dust on your shelves or the pile of magazines taking over your desk. Recycle old newspapers and give old books a new home. Revamp your pantry by removing expired canned goods. Get rid of the four phone chargers in your drawer that you don’t use anymore. After a successful decluttering mission, freshen everything up with the help of cleaning supplies and tools from Jet that allow you to affordably clean rugs, remove stains, polish wood furniture, shampoo carpets, brighten windows, and free furnishings from their dust prison. Also, don’t forget that your outdoor space is still apart of your home! Repot your plants, set up a bistro table, and bring out a toss blanket for a more cozy feel. 

2. Let there be Light!

Come out of that winter cocoon and take advantage of warmer, sunnier days by opening the blinds and pulling back the curtains to let more light in. Aside from the dose of Vitamin D you get from natural sunlight, you also save on your electric bill and enjoy an instant mood lift from basking in brighter surroundings. Take down heavy, winter-friendly curtains and infuse a room with lightweight window treatments. For example, white- or cream-colored sheers from Macy’s offer just the right amount of sunshine and privacy while softening indoor spaces. Also, to compliment the airy feel — be sure to invest in a few light or pastel furniture and kitchen appliances. 

3. Rejuvenate with a Pillow Swap

You don’t have to do a complete overhaul of a room to get it ready for spring. Simple home décor swaps can really transform a space. For example, it doesn’t cost much to switch up throw pillows to add just the right amount of springtime color to a room. Exchange darker-hued pillows for softer, pastel shades, such as pale pink, lemon yellow, and seafoam blue. Tap into the energy of spring with floral pillows – a sweet way to add lively pops of color…especially to neutral and outdoor spaces. Choose trendy and themed accent pillows (like lemon slices or pineapples) for a fun patio furniture fix. And, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Decorative pillows from West Elm include bold geometric patterns, warmer seasonal hues and vibrant Sari silk pillow covers that serve as inviting conversation pieces.

4. Go Green with Indoor Plants

Give your home a healthy boost with fresh flowers and potted plants…and watch your environment flourish with visual enhancements that not only invigorate a room, but are also good for your overall wellbeing and mind. Indoor greenery is natural mood boosters and also releases oxygen, which helps you breathe easier. There’s many ways to add more green to your spaces. Lowe’s sells an array of trendsetting planters already outfitted with indoor air plants, succulents and cactus for your home. Greenery comes in all shapes and sizes, from windowsill herb gardens to ornamental trees in terracotta pots. But, if you’re looking for some of the most attention-grabbing, air-purifying plants to refresh a room, be on the lookout for some of these: orchids, spider plants, epiphytic bromeliads, English ivy, peace lilies, chrysanthemums, and bamboo.

5. Time to Host Outside

Hosting dinner parties and get togethers outside is something you’ve probably always wanted to do. And what’s keeping you from doing it? Probably because you haven’t shown your backyard any love in quite awhile! Invest in outdoor furniture that’s comfortable yet stylish and Gilt has a great, affordable selection! (So no more excuses!) Pair your new outdoor seating with a Gilt’s spring candles or striking lanterns if you’re really looking into elevating the ambiance during the evening. 

Once you’re done rejuvenating your home, how about a little spring shopping for a new wardrobe? When you download our Giving Assistant Button, we’ll point you in the right direction to the latest deals, discounts and savings on your favorite brands and stores.

7 Affordable & Fun Easter Basket Ideas For All Ages!

7 Affordable & Fun Easter Basket Ideas For All Ages!

Got jelly beans on the brain but running low in the creativity department? Whether you need grown-up Easter basket ideas or a clever way to sweeten your kid’s day, we’re here to help. Since the holiday is right around the corner, it’s definitely time to get hoppin’ on some of the following ways to craft affordable, fun gift baskets for Easter.

1.  Easter eggs too pretty to eat

With jelly beans and sour bunny jellies that add delicious color to any child’s Easter basket, See’s Candies also offers a collection of sophisticated chocolate eggs almost too pretty to devour. Let’s start with the 9 ½-ounce Rocky Road Egg. This standout is hand-decorated with a bouquet of candy roses, and filled with milk chocolate, honey marshmallow and walnuts. The Mayfair Egg is a tasty combo of chocolate, pecans and cherries. The chocolate confetti-coated Bordeaux™ Egg is a brown sugar lover’s dream. They even have the perfect keepsake for the occasion…the sweetest-looking candy dish with a bunny-topped cover.    

2. So fresh, so clean

Not all Easter baskets are made with the stomach in mind. Sometimes, they’re packed with everyday essentials. Use this special occasion to pamper the fella in your life with upgraded and new products for the face and body. Macy’s is stocked with affordable basket fillers that include Burt’s Bees natural skin care (like body wash, lotion, and aftershave), Kiehl’s shave lotion, moisturizing lip balm, personal trimmers, and grooming kits. Add in deodorant, razor blades, nail clippers, face soap, hair care, and a fresh toothbrush to cap off this fully functional Easter basket.

3. Gift a (delicious) experience 

Start a family tradition with the kids by cooking in the kitchen for Easter! Sweet treats are practically a must for this holiday, so why not try your hand at making your own Easter egg bread? This pull-apart, braided baked good includes dyed eggs, sprinkles, and a sugary glaze. It’s the perfect holiday project that’s made even more special with the help of a Craftsy Bread Baking Kit. With it, your little one gets a recipe booklet, an online baking class, and kid-friendly baking tools and supplies, such as a small apron and dough scraper. The entire kit is packaged in a decorative linen bread bag, which makes it easier to situate in an Easter gift basket.

4. Treasures for your treasure

Some teenagers tell themselves they’ve outgrown the tradition of getting an Easter basket, but deep down inside, they’re just as happy as a toddler to get a stash of chocolate candy and other springtime goodies. When arranging a basket for the tween in your life, fun jewelry items tend to go a long way. Find beautiful, trendy jewelry under $50 from Kendra Scott— from emerald glass to blush pearls to gold necklaces you’ll definitely find the perfect piece for her. Kendra Scott nail lacquer is also another affordable option, which comes in shades of rose quartz, blush pearl, turquoise, pale green, peach, yellow and pink.

5. Easter to everyday 

Don’t waste money on a wicker basket that’s destined for the trash bin. Instead, choose a more meaningful container for your sweetie’s Easter loot. Etsy is home to plenty of creative artisans ready to personalize a cooler, tackle/tool box, jewelry case or leather toiletry bag with the initials, name or nickname of the special man (or woman) in your life. Just think of the surprise that a laser-engraved, wooden keepsake or storage box stocked with candy bars, nuts, or other Easter goodies.

6. A spa in a basket

Who says you can’t trade Cadbury Crème Eggs for golden eggs that deliver rejuvenating ‘me-time’ moments? This year, treat someone special to an Easter basket filled with small gifts that pamper and beautify. Slip in a scented, aromatherapy candle that relaxes the mind. Soften the skin with bubble bath, body washes, colorful bath bombs, and spa gels made with essential oils. And, to add a touch of Easter bunny flair, add an all-day moisturizing Tony Moly Silky Smooth Balm Egg Pore Primer from Lord & Taylor. Not only does this trendy Korean skincare product come in the shape of a golden egg, but it also smells like tart lemons. 

7. Hoppy new mama

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about real bunny rabbits! Flowery dresses trimmed with ruffles, pastel-colored bowties, and lamb onesies are just a few adorable items that make a springtime gift basket for new mothers shine. But sometimes, you need just the right centerpiece that screams ‘Happy Easter.’ Available in a range of sizes, Minted sells a series of baby animal art prints, including a rosy-cheeked grey bunny, which would make a delightful focal point for a “New Mom” Easter basket.

And remember, Easter isn’t the only time of the year for treating loved ones and friends to a basket full of thoughtful goodies. Download our Giving Assistant Button, and we’ll let you know when your favorite brands and stores are offering the latest deals on the products you love to gift all year-round.

9 Budget Tips For Your Last Minute Getaway Plans

9 Budget Tips For Your Last Minute Getaway Plans

Feel like you need a break from the daily grind? Sometimes, the call for fresh air and the outdoors is so strong that there’s just no time to waste. As a rule of thumb, those who set their travel plans in advance are typically rewarded with saving a lot of money. Yet, nowadays, you’ll find many savvy, adventure seekers constantly enjoying last-minute getaways that don’t cost an arm and a leg. To see how it’s done, check out some of the following travel tips and tricks!

1. Earn extra pay while you’re away.

Did you know you can put your house, apartment, or any residence that you own to good use when you’re out of town? The extra cash that comes from being an AirBnb host can help soften the blow of any last-minute travel expenses. Guests can make a reservation to “rent” your place while you’re away. The fees you set are charged before their arrival, and after an official check-in, you’re paid within 24 hours. That’s easy money earned for your latest outdoor adventure!

2. Pack light and carry it yourself.

With a little muscle and some superstar packing skills, you can save over $50 on a round-trip flight just by saying ‘no’ to the convenience of checked baggage. Most airlines don’t charge travelers to board a plane with one carry-on and one personal item (like a purse, laptop cross body from eBags, or briefcase). This might mean to downsize your travel wardrobe by packing two pairs of jeans instead of five! A bonus carry-on trick that helps you bring more items: roll clothes and stack them in your bag instead of folding them.

3. Hunt before you eat!

Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or exploring the concrete jungle in New York City, there’s no question you’ll work up a hearty appetite! Make it a habit to hunt for coupons for at least five minutes before deciding on the next restaurant. Voucher sites and apps, like Groupon, provide endless opportunities for travelers to refuel with mega discounted food and drink offers. Fill up on sushi, enjoy half-price Taco Tuesday, explore the new Italian restaurant in town, or unwind at a local bar or winery for a steal. Quick coupon hunting is perfect for last-minute travel and you can use these digital and printable vouchers on the same day of purchase.

4. Weigh out the hostel perks versus hotel perks.

If you’re trying to travel on the cheap, booking a hostel room is probably the first thing that pops into mind. Yet, before committing to a hostel room, be sure to compare other potential expenses that’s complimentary at most hotels. Will the hostel you’re eyeing charge you for WiFi, towels, sheets, lockers, and bike rentals? Will there be complimentary breakfast or airport transportation that most hotels offer? Do you actually have a credit card that you’ll receive miles or points if you book a specific hotel brand? After learning the perks and doing the math, you might find that booking a comfortable room at the Marriott is actually just as affordable and way more convenient. 

5. Pack snacks to avoid impulse purchases.

We’ve all been there before, when our stomach starts to rumble and that tiny $6 packet of peanuts on the rack doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. It’s easy to fall victim to vending machine splurges, roadside convenience store markups, and overpriced gift shop snacks at airports and hotels. Unfortunately, fives dollars here and three dollars there can quickly add up and start to actualy chip away from your travel budget. To avoid temptation, bring along your own snacks and refreshments for your trip so that it’s ready-to-go when your impulses are triggered. Be sure you have the right carry on luggage and outfits with pockets from Hudson’s Bay for easy access to snacks at the airport or on the plane.  Homemade trail mixes, fruit, and granola bars go a long way and are particularly handy for long car trips, layovers and travel delays. 

6. Don’t overlook flights with long layovers.

Purchasing tickets with longer travel times can save you a lot of mula, yet that does mean more layovers! Of course, you’d rather step off of a plane and be at your intended destination. Yet, in most cases, airline tickets offering the convenience and speed of a nonstop flight usually cost a whole lot more. But don’t fret, long layovers can come with its own perks. During a layover, see if you have time to hop on a shuttle or train to the nearest outdoor attractions to enjoy a bit of bonus sightseeing. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes for this type of day trip, like a pair of Toms, while making the most out of your getaway plans.

7. Take the scenic route.

When we think of travel we tend to think of passports and airports. Yet, instead of flying, you can energize a travel budget by taking the scenic route and driving for a spur-of-the-moment outdoor getaway.  Solo or with a couple friends, hit the road in an Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your next adventure. And save even more money by selecting just the right ride to rent. Pass on gas-guzzling trucks and specialty cars. Instead, opt for a fuel efficient vehicle, like a Nissan Altima, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Aveo, or Toyota Prius.

 8. Become an early riser or night owl

As you prepare to explore outdoor pursuits off the beaten path, one of the most inexpensive ways to travel is by purchasing a one-way bus, train, or airline ticket. With a little flexibility, you can organize a pretty affordable excursion by juggling the cheapest options offered on any given day. Keep in mind that traveling early-morning or in the middle of the night tends to cost a lot less. There are also additional discounts if you’re a student, senior, in the military, or a AAA member. Remember to have something on hand, like this Gearbest travel pillow, to make sure your trip is comfortable as can be!

9. Schedule in a fresh-air workout.

During a last-minute getaway, sticking to a workout plan can be a real challenge. But, you don’t have to waste money on daily passes at a local gym (which can really add up), especially when Ace Fitness has an online library thick with total-body exercises you can complete outdoors. And, if you’re still looking for the guidance and company of others, allow their network to connect you with instructors and programs for individual or group workouts in between. 

Every little bit helps when you’re trying to save money for travel. If you haven’t already, download our Giving Assistant Button, and we’ll make it even easier for you to stay on budget for your next getaway.


Top 10 Hot-Off-The-Runway Trends You Should Try In 2018

Top 10 Hot-Off-The-Runway Trends You Should Try In 2018

Every year, fashion shows in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and London give us clues to the clothing styles and designers we should anticipate and pay attention to. As a fashionista on the prowl for the latest looks that impress, it’s important to keep up with the trends that turn celebrity heads, cause a commotion, and set a precedent for what you should be wearing this year. When you’re ready to upgrade your wardrobe, here’s a heads up on the runway trends you should explore in 2018!

1. Stand Out in Lace or Sheer Sleeves

Expect lace and sheer sleeves to flourish in 2018 as a year-round option – worn on its own, or paired with fur vests in colder weather. Warmer months call for styles that are lightweight, like lace dresses or tucking in a sheer top into a pair of shorts. Don’t want to commit to sleeves, but love the sheer look? Find plenty of lace styles at GILT

2. Make Them Blush

One of the street styles to make its mark on this year’s fashion forecast is the oh-so-bashful color: blush. Whether you want to go for a casual everyday look or need a power suit for the office, blush or pale pink is a great color to choose versus the usual black, grey, or navy.  From blazers to high heels, Lord & Taylor is well-stocked with many pink-tone styles that should definitely make its way into your closet this year. 

3. Embrace the Dark Side (of Denim)

From classic-style jeans to mid-rise shorts, dark wash denim will be a favorite look in 2018. Runway trends also suggest that two pieces of denim are better than one, so if you pair a jean jacket with a coordinating skirt – you’re good to go. Kate Spade not only offers darker shades of denim jackets, shirt dresses and skirts, but also has a line of embellished denim accessories (handbags, wallets, and iPhone cases).

4. Frame Your Face with Micro Bangs

Wispy, blunt, short and/or choppy, micro bangs are cut a couple inches above the eyebrows, and create a retro-chic look that channels the confidence of pin-up sweetheart, Bettie Page. This modern take on the bang opens up the face more, and lets you make an edgy statement that still oozes with femininity. A celebrity pro tip for achieving a fringe that lies flat is applying mousse at the base. Kerastase has a range of luxe products packed with Moroccan Argan Oil and Samoan Coconut Oil to help revitalize your beautiful locks through out the week, like “Bain Micellaire”  or “Soin Fondamental”. Tres chic. 

5. Make a Strong Statement with Footwear

This year, trends in footwear will focus on shoes that speak for themselves. From eye-catching metallics to extra-shiny patent styles, look for an abundance of ‘statement’ sneakers and boots. There’s even a continuance of last year’s sock sneaker trend because their comfort level and creativity cannot be denied. Platform shoes will take on bolder prints and shapes. And, a fierce pair of stilettos still does the trick in making a statement that’s loud and clear. Stuart Wietzman is a red carpet favorite that comes in suede, leather, woven fabric, silk satin, and snakeskin.

6. Choose a Paler Shade of Pantone’s Color of the Year

You can take a cue from Pantone and embrace the official color of 2018 (ultraviolet), but runway trends suggest that for this year – the softer shade of lavender will make quite the impression. You’ll see this pastel hue in pantsuits, dresses, and oversize knits. And, don’t forget that lavender and other pink and purple tones, like the ones offered in Shu Uemera pressed eye shadows, can help achieve fun retro look that keeps all eyes on you.

7. Be Loud & Proud with Bold Print

Bold print year after year is always put into a box that only a certain personality can get away with wearing it. Yet, this year we dare you to try on a few patterns, and even mismatch your prints! you might be surprised on how well it compliments you and actually boosts your confidence. It can be intimidating for some, but don’t count it out of your wardrobe this year just yet. To lock in a more everyday look, Trina Turk designs colorful suits, flirty sleeveless tops, beach-ready shirt dresses with loud and proud bold prints everyone can get on board with.

8. Go Full-On Checks and Plaid

Men, it’s time to step away from boring solids and get ready to dive head first into a pool of lively shades of checkered and plaid jackets, fleecewear, and button-up, collar shirts from brands such as Rag & Bone, Polo Ralph Lauren, HUGO, and Obey. Checks and plaids will rule menswear in 2018. Expect suits, especially wool ones, to rely on geometric prints and plaid patterns. Add plaid to formalwear with pocket squares, ties or a cashmere tartan scarf from East Dane. You’ll also see vintage checks playing a prominent role in this year’s men’s trousers, jackets and caps.

9. Explore the Fringe Benefits of Fashion

Fringe is a fashion trend that’s made endless comebacks, and this year, there’s more to love. In 2018, you’ll definitely encounter plenty of dramatic looks and intensely glam interpretations of fringe inspired by the latest runway looks. Not one to rock fringe on your main garments or dresses? How about adding this style into your accessories like earrings, handbags, or a pair of eye-catching Saks 5th Avenue stilettos. Va va voom!


10. Feel Super in a Wedding Day Cape

One of the trends that’s made a lasting impression is the cape. Nearly every designer unveiled at least one wedding dress featuring a full-length cape or striking capelet. It doesn’t matter if it’s long, mid or mini…the look gives off serious queen vibes. BHLDN is more than happy to make your fairy tale dreams come true with a lineup that includes sheer capes containing pearl embellishments; bohemian-like embroidered capes; and lace-adorned, floor-length tulle capes. Whether this is for your wedding day over a simple white dress or for a night out in town over a plain tank top with a pair of jeans and heels—this look demands attention. 

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