10 Eco-Friendly Gadgets for Every Tech Lover and Tree Hugger

10 Eco-Friendly Gadgets for Every Tech Lover and Tree Hugger

Tech Lovers and Tree Huggers: 10 Must-Have Eco-Friendly Gadgets 

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good gadget. Yet, with such a vast, ever-growing selection of new products to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we are bringing you our Top 10 favorite additions to the market, each designed with a healthy dose of eco-friendliness.

It’s just another way to make your life easier and give back to the environment. What can we say, we like to multi-task.

28oz Water Bottle Basily

Eco-Friendly Gadget #1: Basily 28oz Infuser Water Bottle – Create Your Own Beverage

Bad News: Disposable plastic water bottles take thousands of years to dissolve and contribute to huge landfills throughout the world.

The Fix: It is always an excellent idea to stay fully hydrated – may it be at work or at play. Still, that’s no excuse to overflow our trash cans with discarded bottles. Instead, we can choose reusable water bottles. You’ll stay just as refreshed, with less plastic mess.

Our favorite: Infuser Water Bottle from Amazon. This bottle allows you to add slices of fresh fruit inside it for a drink both sweet and vitamin packed.


Bambo Asus labptop

Eco-Friendly Gadget #2: Biodegradable Laptop by Asus

The Bad News: Laptops are made with plastic and other heavy metals that use large amounts of natural resources to manufacture. They are also very difficult to breakdown.

The Fix: Eco-friendly adjustments to laptops have made a much appreciated appearance! The idea is to reduce the use of metal and replace it will natural materials.

Our Favorite: Asus released the U2E Bamboo-series of laptops to provide consumers with a laptop made of renewable sources.


Eco-Friendly Gadget #3: NOOK HD 9” Tablet 32GB Memory

The Bad News: While diving into a good book is always an excellent way to spend an afternoon, we know that those captivating pages are made from our friends the trees. Not to mention, stashing several heavy books in your bag can really weigh you down!

The Fix: E-readers significantly cut back on paper waste and provide a convenient way to have hundreds of books on hand everywhere you go.

Our Favorite: Sleek and sturdy, the NOOK HD 9” Tablet from Walmart is an e-reader made to last.

High Efficiency Washer from LG

Eco-Friendly Gadget #4: LG High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer

The Bad News: Washing machines are one of the greatest conveniences of the modern age, but many are wasteful and use enormous amounts of water and electricity to wash a single load of clothes.

The Fix: There is now a better, faster way to get through Laundry Day. High-efficiency washers cut down on the amount of water used and wash time. You conserve water and lower your power bills.

Our Favorite: The LG High-Efficiency Washer from Best Busy helps protect the environment, while still ensuring your clothes are bright and clean.

Apple TV

Eco-Friendly Gadget #5: Apple TV 

The Bad News: Cluttering your home with plastic CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray cases and disks is both wasteful and a hassle to organize!

The Fix: You can switch all your favorite media from hard copies to digital streaming.

Our Favorite: The sleek Apple TV device from Target hooks up to your HDTV and allows you to stream movies, music and television shows directly to your television. You can even store your purchased library or rent media on-demand.


Eco-Friendly Gadget #6: LG 60LA7400 60-Inch HDTV

The Bad News: For years, big-screen televisions were notorious for sucking up electricity and putting out huge amounts of heat directly into people’s homes.

The Fix: Thankfully, LCD and plasma technology has made televisions lighter, thinner, and less power-hungry.

Our Favorite: LG has taken that one step further with this 60-inch model available at Amazon. It is one of the most energy-efficient on the market.

eco-friendly water clock from bedol

Eco-Friendly Gadget #7: Bedol Water Clock

The Bad News: Alarm clocks are big energy wasters.

The Fix: Creative companies are coming up with alternatives to battery-operated alarm clocks, such as water alarm clocks.

Our Favorite: With the Bedol Water Clock at Bed, Bath and Beyond, your morning shower won’t be the only water waking you up in the morning. This alarm clock is powered by water and will last up to six months before the water needs to be replaced.


Eco-Friendly Gadget #8: Sol’e Solar Powered MP3 Player

The Bad News: MP3 players use batteries that degrade and can be harmful to the environment over time.

The Fix:  People are wising up about the negative environmental effects of our tech gadget use, so innovative companies have found ways to get power from natural sources, like the sun!

Our Favorite: The Sol’e Solar Powered MP3 Player, available at Overstock.com, is the perfect music player for hikes, bicycle rides or just hanging out by the pool.

iEcko Speakers


Eco-Friendly Gadget #9: i-Ecko Eco-Friendly Speakers

The Bad News: Materials used to create your speakers are often toxic to the earth and build up in our landfills.

The Fix: You can now choose speakers made from recycled materials and natural fibers. Pair your eco-friendly speakers with your solar powered MP3 player, and you’ll be grooving your way toward a better world.

Our Favorite: i-Ecko Eco-Friendly Speakers available at Amazon. These maintain a great sound and are made from natural and recycled materials.

bambo ipad case

Eco-Friendly Gadget #10: Grovermade Bamboo iPad Case

The Bad News: iPad cases are commonly made with unsustainable materials.

The Fix: It is all too easy to bump and scratch up your iPad, so proper protection goes a long way. Now you can find durable, long-lasting cases made from natural alternatives, such as Bamboo.

Our Favorite: This eye-catching and beautiful Bamboo iPad Case from Grovemade will protect your tablet and the environment.


Get Your Tech On!

So, now you are clad in bamboo, you wake up to water alarms, and you jam out to sun-powered tunes. Enjoy these eco-friendly gadgets and send a little love to our Earth.


Our 4 Top Tips to Green Grilling this Summer

Our 4 Top Tips to Green Grilling this Summer

We have all the green grilling tips and nutrition tricks to make your favorite summer meal an eco-friendly, healthy one! 


Biting into a refreshingly sweet, juicy watermelon slice. The savory, messy experience of eating ribs off the bone. Buttery corn on the cob displayed on red-and-white checkered tablecloths. You heard us: it’s Barbecue Season!

Has the seductive scent of barbecued meals reached the yards of your neighborhood yet? We know we’ve been hit with the BBQ bug. Whether it’s for a party overflowing with burgers and beers, or a family tradition of summertime meals, people across the country are setting up their grills.

We are more than ready to let the good times roll, but we care about practicing eco-friendly and natural grilling to protect our planet and health. We refuse to kiss our favorite BBQ traditions goodbye, so we dove into research. Here, we’ve condensed everything you need to know about green grilling and threw in some expert health advice from a nutritionist. Fire Up the Barbie!

Eco-friendly Grilled Vegetables

Eco-friendly Grilled Vegetables

Grilling Blues

We know, grilling doesn’t sound like the worst of our carbon footprint troubles, right? There are enough planes, trains, and automobiles out there to fill a lifetime’s worth of environmental concern! Well, just hear us out.

According to the Environmental Resource Center, “60 million Americans will fire up the grill during summer holidays.” When you consider the astounding extent of grilling in our country, it’s no wonder the Air Quality Research Center of UC Davis concluded in a study that backyard grilling is one of the most toxic sources of air pollution.

Frying Away Your Health

We hate to say it, but the problems don’t stop there. When you barbecue your food, the high heat increases the production of modified proteins and fats, called Advanced Glycation End Products (or AGEs). According to Clinical Professor of Medicine, Dr. Joel Kahn, consuming a high content of AGEs can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Wait, Come Back! Please stop trying to sell your grill on Craigslist. There’s no need to give up hope! You are not destined to a lifetime of boring yard parties, serving only coleslaw and fruit salad. There are loads of easy, effective ways to protect the environment by greening your grill. Add some healthy tricks to reduce harmful toxins in your food, and your diet will stay as clean as your grill is green! Read on, and we promise you can keep that party going.

green grilling

eco friendly ways to green your summer grilling

4 Eco-Friendly Tips to Green Your Grill

  •  Lose the Petroleum Based Lighter Fluids and Self-Lighting Coals
    • They release harmful petrochemicals into the air. Switch to these safer alternatives:
      • Charcoal Chimney (we like: Drop Bottom Charcoal Chimney at Williams-Sonoma).
      • Electric Charcoal Starter (we like: Master Forge 550-Watt Electric Charcoal Starter at Lowe’s).
  • Choose a Gas Grill
    • They produce less pollutants and waste, burn cleaner, and are more energy efficient.
    • Take it up a notch with a grill that uses natural gas, by far the cleanest fossil fuel (we like: Weber Grill 2-Burner Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill at Home Depot).
  • If You Must Use Charcoal – Select a Natural, Lump Kind
    • This fuel is greener, because it is made from hardwood materials with no chemical additives, and it creates less ash (we like: Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal at Sears).
  • Clean Your Grill Regularly and Naturally
    • When excess pieces of food and grease clog up your grill, it produces more smoke.
    • Toss the petroleum based cleaner and replace it with a natural, nontoxic version (we like: Goo Gone All Natural Grill Cleaner at Walmart).


A Nutritionist’s Top 3 Ways to Keep Grilling Healthy

Now that you’re no longer hurting the environment, let’s make sure you’re not hurting your diet. Follow these tips by Clinical Nutritionist, M.S., Alex Swanson, to make your barbecue season as healthy as it is happy!

  1. Homemade marinades can reduce the risk of HCAs (heterocyclic amines – toxic compounds created when meat is cooked on high heat) by 90%!
  2. To cut down on those nasty AGEs, add antioxidant-rich fruits, lemon juice, herbs, and spices to your meat.
  3. Avoid commercial tomato and sugar-based barbecue sauces – these can double or triple chemical formation.

See, it’s simple: healthy planet, healthy body.


We Smell Hamburgers

Who knows, we may just be imagining it from all this barbecue talk. Regardless, we’ve got to run … grilled hot dogs and corn bread are asking for us!