Cyber Monday w/ GlobalMojo Means Deals AND Doing Good!

Cyber Monday w/ GlobalMojo Means Deals AND Doing Good!

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

For a lot of folks, this time of the year means returning home for a warm, picturesque turkey feast with the fam. For a lot of us who love to shop, Thanksgiving time also means Black Friday, the nearly 50-year old American tradition of retailers heavily discounting items like laptops and TVs. (I clearly remember every Thanksgiving, my family and I would sift through Best Buy, Old Navy, and other newspapers for Black Friday deals after our Thanksgiving dinner).

But THIS year will be different. This year I’m not going to wait in a line with hundreds of people in the cold at the entrance of Best Buy for a Canon S100 (I’m crossing my fingers they’re doing a deal on it online.)

This year I’m going to shop on in my PJs while I sip hot chocolate and let all the good karma come to me as I purchase my Canon S100 with GlobalMojo. This year I’m going to make my purchases make a different by spending my money not on Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday (which is November 28th this year!)

When I shop on Cyber Monday, a percentage of my online purchases will go to my favorite nonprofit (Californians for Justice), thanks to GlobalMojo.

I really encourage any Black Friday shopper to do the same: to not waste time waiting in line and risk getting pushed around by crazy shoppers on Black Friday, but instead: be at home with family, shop from the comfort of your sofa on Cyber Monday, and support your favorite charities and nonprofits with every purchase.

Here’s a list of Cyber Monday deals that aren’t going to be available offline:

LivingSocial is already a pretty awesome place for deals. Add Cyber Monday to the scene, and they’re offering to save you 50% or more on brands like BlueFly, Threadless, and more.

Amazon has already started its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, discounting 20%-90% off everything from electronics to movies to furniture.

Zagg is doing 50% everything on their website on Nov. 28 and 29—so if you picked up the latest iPhone or need some new gear for your iPad, 50% off high-quality stuff at Zagg is sure worth it.

LivingSocial, Amazon, and Zagg – these three retailers, plus thousands of others, are affiliated with GlobalMojo, which means a percentage of your purchase from these retailers will go to the causes you care most about – feeding the homeless, rescuing abused animals, supporting out troops, etc.

When you shop with these retailers online – with GlobalMojo installed – your purchase(s) this year can be a meaningful one.

So skip the lines, the cold, and the craziness this Black Friday, and instead enjoy Cyber Monday shopping with GlobalMojo! You get your deals at home AND support your favorite cause.

13 Startups in 54 Hours

13 Startups in 54 Hours

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week! This week is celebrated globally with entrepreneurial events worldwide, from launches to networking events to meetups. Last weekend – being the GlobalMojo nerd I am – I attended a crazy tech startup event in Allston, MA.

Over the weekend, I helped create and launch a gourmet, meal kit delivery service called ChopChef in a matter of 54 hours. That’s right. We launched a startup in a single weekend from scratch.

My team of four worked at the Harvard Innovation Lab from Friday night to Sunday late afternoon, figuring out everything needed to launch ChopChef – vision, logistics, branding, operations, finances – and developing its full website (not yet public). On Sunday, ChopChef’s founder, Sheena Gogna – a Harvard Business School student – was ready for customers.

This was Startup Weekend Scramble at Harvard Innovation Lab: an intense, 54-hour scramble to launch a viable startup. 125 students from Harvard, MIT, and the Boston community (me from Emerson College in Boston!) all gathered to pitch our ideas, form teams, and launch them by Sunday evening.

13 startups made it to the end, after 54 hours of programming, coding, brainstorming, marketing, and everything in between.

Photo Credit to hinnovates

Monica Stephany Liu, a Harvard undergrad, pitched Townhall140 Friday evening. It’s a Twitter enabled platform that allows an individual to live video chat with the “movers and shakers” in government for 140 seconds.

While an individual chats with the political figure, Twitterers use their 140 characters to join the conversation while they wait in a virtual line to speak with the official.

On Sunday at 5:00 PM, less than 48 hours after Liu pitched the idea, her team of 10 launched its first virtual townhall with Trey Grayson, Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics, about Occupy Harvard. Townhall140 was the winner of Startup Weekend Scramble.

Second place was Continuum Career: a platform that connects students with mentors that can provide the most relevant guidance and advice in terms of career. Third place was BetaDater: a platform called InstaRater that lets individuals receive anonymous date feedback, giving him the information he or she needs to be a better dater.

It’s not required of the students to continue to grow their startups after the event. Whether the students decide to continue growing their new startups or disband and move onto new ideas, the event did its job: to build community among the budding entrepreneurs of the Harvard, MIT, and Boston community, while showcasing the resources available to them at the new Harvard Innovation Lab (which is pretty sweet, by the way).

Photo Credit to BostInnovation

When it comes to Townhall140, it is safe to say we can all be on the look out for Townhall140 Version 2.0, as Liu tweeted yesterday, “Lining up a slew of @Townhall140 live events as we work on our Version 2.0 platform. @JonMumm and #opentok are the best!!! #HilabSWS.”

Lauren Landry, staff writer for BostInnovation’s education section and attendee of the scramble, tweeted “It always amazes me to see what teams can come up with in a matter of 48 hours. #HiLabSWS

What does Startup Weekend Scramble say about the future of startups? It proves that anyone is capable, if they’re willing, to launch something powerful as long as they put their minds and hearts into it (like us over here at GlobalMojo!).

A big shout-out to all the entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend Scramble, and all around the world, and GlobalMojo Founder Brad Crisp, who are all making their dreams happen – whether or not in the matter of hours!

Nonprofit Feature: Stoked

Nonprofit Feature: Stoked

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

It’s no secret, GlobalMojo is a big fan of Football For Good, a campaign created by the DNA Foundation and Adrian Peterson’s All Day Foundation. We thought it would be interesting to see other ways that sports were being used to make different. So, we searched far and wide in our database , and one that stood out was a tiny nonprofit called Stoked.

Stoked Mentoring was founded in 2005 by Steve Larosiliere and Sal Masekela on the belief that the courage and perseverance needed to learn action sports— like snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing—would be an ideal way to teach life skills to underprivileged youth.

Photo Credit to stoked_mentoring of Flickr

“Over 5 years ago, I was a mentor to a youth in foster care,” said Steve. “On a snowboarding trip to Whistler, I thought: wouldn’t it be great if I took him snowboarding with me so he can see the mountains so we can experience the thrill of snowboarding together? I knew then that I should start a snowboard mentoring program.”

Stoked not only has a mentoring program, but two other sports-based programs as well. Their action sports-based mentoring, service learning, and after-school programs all strive to empower youth in their personal development, academic achievement, and positive relationships.

In communities that saw more drugs and pregnancies than mentors, positive role models, and worthwhile after-school activities, Stoked gave its teens an exciting opportunity to enjoy nontraditional sports while helping them succeed, personally and academically.

Photo Credit to stoked_mentoring of Flickr

When I was in high school in East Side San Jose, I wish Stoked served my community—where cops patrolled the campus on golf carts, the smell of marijuana was heavy in the restrooms, and it wasn’t surprising when one of my peers dropped out. With Stoked, the youth of the Rampart District of Los Angeles and ten high schools in New York City are given the opportunity to overcome similar at-risk situations.

To learn more about Stoked, visit If you’re a GlobalMojo user, search and select Stoked Mentoring, Inc. as your cause to generate revenue for this great nonprofit.

By the way, Stoked is hosting its 2011 Stoked Awards in NYC tonight! Join us in congratulating their honorees by tweeting @wearestoked or posting on their Facebook!

The Rise of Social Enterprises

The Rise of Social Enterprises

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

I read an article in Mashable today that started off, “While social good has existed in the offline world for quite a while, through the likes of food drives and charitable causes, for example, online social good has only begun to take off.

You can only imagine how we reacted to this article. Well, duh. Look at us! And our friends—Give To Get Jobs, Crowdrise, Gividend, just to name a few social good startups. But the point is: we believe the future looks bright – very bright, actually – because there’s a growing trend of startups whose mission is to make a difference.

According to JWT’s September report on trends in social good, 83% of American consumers believe “corporations should do more good: 9 in 10 respondents felt that ‘Companies need to do more good, not just less bad.’”

And unsurprisingly, it’s not just corporations that are responding. Sure, corporations have adopted corporate social responsibility. But, the demand for social good companies has reached potential entrepreneurs, too.

2011 Social Enterprise at Harvard

In an article on NPR on social entrepreneurship, an estimated “500 professors are teaching courses on social entrepreneurship worldwide.” NYU, UC Berkeley, Yale, and Harvard – just to name a few – all have programs, courses, and/or organizations solely dedicated to help students start their own social venture.

A Huffington Post article reports, “The Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania has seen an increase in applicants who want a degree in social enterprise.”

And how are the schools reacting? The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University announced that they’ll give $80,000 to a business idea that addresses a social or environmental challenge through a novel, sustainable and well-developed business plan.

In an interview with CEO of Give To Get Jobs, Stacy, we asked her what caused the public to start demanding that companies commit to doing good, and what had fueled the growth of social good startups:

“The Internet has created a globalized culture,” she answered. We used to be able turn a blind eye to the bad things—poverty, famine, homelessness, etc. Now with the Internet, however, it’s harder to turn away, harder to ignore. There’s a heightened awareness that there are many different issues out there.

If this is the case, we can’t imagine the trend slowing down anytime soon. At GlobalMojo all we can say is FULL SPEED AHEAD! There’s too much suffering around the world— we need this trend, we need more social enterprises.

Kudos to You, Slacktivists!

Kudos to You, Slacktivists!

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

If you don’t already know the word, a slacktivist is someone who “takes easy, social actions in support of a cause – signing a petition, liking a Facebook Page or putting a pink ribbon on their avatar.” These folks get stereotyped pretty bad: they don’t really care about the cause enough to make a donation, and their tiny deeds don’t really make a difference.

However, we recently found this article on Mashable about how slacktivists truly are making a difference. Even though they may not be donating $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 to a cause, it doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable to a cause. In fact, slacktvists are three times as likely to solicit donations on behalf of their cause, and more than four times as likely to encourage others to sign a petition or contact political representatives!

Slacktivists may not be spending their day helping out a homeless shelter, but they are sharing causes with friends, bringing awareness to causes through Facebook and Twitter, and they’re making purchases with a conscience.

In this blog post by Affect about capitalism and laziness, it reads “Guess what: We as a society like to buy stuff. Charitable organizations and non-profit-minded businesses know this, which is why they’ve given us MANY opportunities to kill two birds with one stone.”

The author is referring to everyday people buying things that support a cause, like pink tennis balls that supports American Cancer Society, or a water bottle that donates its proceeds to Matt Damon’s foundation.

Photo Credit to

And we at GlobalMojo agree and can vouch for these so-called “lazy” activists! This past August, we sent a check for $1,177.35 to Me to We. That money was generated by the GlobalMojo users (who selected Me to We as their cause), and they simply browsed the Internet and made some online purchases. Nothing out of the way. Nothing extraordinary. Just simple, everyday activities that just happens to do some good.

It just shows that even if people aren’t going out of their way and volunteering a great deal of their time, as long as they care enough to “like” a Facebook to donate money, or sign a petition, or install a passive app like GlobalMojo, we can’t underestimate the power they have to make a huge impact on a cause.

So we say kudos to you, slacktivists! Keep liking Facebook pages, signing petitions, and using GlobalMojo, because the impact you’re making is nevertheless, real.

ATTN NONPROFITS: 3 Ways GlobalMojo Can Help

ATTN NONPROFITS: 3 Ways GlobalMojo Can Help

By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

Each quarter, we mail checks to nonprofits. Last quarter, we sent a $1,177.35 check to Me To We, another check of $1,478.06 to Free the Children, and 48 more checks to other amazing non-profits nationwide. GlobalMojo can not only help your nonprofit generate donations, but it can also increase supporter engagement, identify potential donors, and turn followers and fans into donors. Here’s how:

1. Opens up a new stream of revenue
This benefit is the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. Grant writing, events, and retention donation programs take a lot of time to develope, and the money you receive from these sources isn’t typically guaranteed to hit your bank account quickly. Here’s where GlobalMojo comes in.

Me to We has over 800 supporters using GlobalMojo who helped generate $1,177.35 in a single quarter. As long as this number of supporters/users stays about the same, we can assure that Me to We will get another check for over $1,000 this next quarter. That’s a $4,000 they can depend on every half year – for their events, youth trips, and programs. The best part… the more supporters who use GlobalMojo, the more money that can be generated for Me to We.

2. Keep supporters engaged
Don’t let supporters forget about you once your fundraiser is over. When your supporters install GlobalMojo, they are involved in your cause year-round. Every time they shop online with one of our affiliated retailers (Gap, Barnes & Noble, Cabelas, and thousands more), they’re reminded that their purchases go towards a cause.

(Spoiler alert!) We’re working on a feature that will actually display your organization’s logo to your supporters using GlobalMojo. It’s a little reminder that their purchase will generate money for your nonprofit. Talk about brand awareness!

3. Turn followers and fans into future donors
When non-donors install GlobalMojo and select your nonprofit to support, they’ve just taken a big step towards becoming a potential donor for your organization. This allows your organization to identify supporters who might be looking for ways to get more involved in your organization, but who just haven’t whipped out their checkbooks (yet). Just think of how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers your nonprofit has… it’s one thing to “like” an organization on Facebook, and quite another to write an annual check. GlobalMojo is that step in between.

We often tell supporters that if they cannot donate money, they could nonetheless donate their time, their tweets, their Facebook status to share your nonprofit with their friends. GlobalMojo is another one of those alternative ways for supporters to get involved without donating money… only our way actually generates money for your nonprofit!

If these aren’t compelling reasons enough to share with your supporters, you can reach us on Facebook and Twitter (please do, we get kind of lonely on Twitter sometimes). But really, we developed this awesome — and FREE — app because we understand the struggles of nonprofits, and GlobalMojo will hopefully help generate money for your cause, engage your supporters, and identify future donors.