Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What is It, Why Wear Pink & How to Support

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What is It, Why Wear Pink & How to Support

One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes.

One in eight women in the U.S. will have invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.

Each year, about 40,000 American women die from the disease.

Breast cancer rate of diagnosis in US women

With breast cancer stats like these, it’s no wonder we dedicate an entire month to shine a light on the significance of early detection for the most common cancer affecting women worldwide.

But also to promote prevention and raise money to fund research and treatment options for all.

When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness month is every year, between October 1 and October 31. This awareness event happens worldwide during this time of year.

History of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 as the American Cancer Society’s effort to promote mammography as the most effective way to combat breast cancer.

Presently one of the most recognizable health campaigns in existence, this larger-than-life health movement is now observed worldwide between October 1 and October 31 every year.

October sees an uptick in fundraising walks, runs, and other events that help fuel the goals of breast cancer charities and nonprofit organizations devoted to public education, supporting patients and their families, and funding projects seeking a cure.

History of the Pink Ribbon

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was the first to adopt the color pink as a symbolic color for breast cancer.

They gifted pink ribbons and visors to every breast cancer survivor and participant in their 1991 Komen New York City Race for the Cure.

Interestingly, the Foundation isn’t responsible for the national and international recognition we see the color receive today.

It was actually a joint venture between a women’s magazine and an iconic cosmetic brand that brought pink ribbons into the mainstream.

In 1992, special ribbons were made and distributed at Estée Lauder cosmetic counters in NY to commemorate Self magazine’s second annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue.

Since color plays a tremendously important role in ribbon symbolism; a lot of thought went into choosing the “150 Pink” that colored the 1.5 million+ ribbons handed out that year.

The Power of Pink

The color pink (especially in ribbon form) plays a significant role during Breast Cancer Awareness Month; it no doubt captures the public’s attention to the disease, unlike any other.

In October, everything pink takes over—from pink-tinted bagels at the coffee shop to pastel pink cleats hitting football fields of schools across America.

The color has an undeniably unifying global effect that not only helps spread awareness but also has a way of effectively encouraging more people to support and donate to the cause.

Because of this, breast cancer survival rates continue to rise.

And to date, breast cancer is considered one of the most treatable forms of the disease.

Why We Wear Pink

Pink is a symbol of health, healing, and empowerment within the breast cancer community.

Pink has a soothing, comforting effect on people and is known to encourage a positive, optimistic outlook on life. Just as calming as it is playful, it also conveys female strength.

Pink also suggests:

  • Nurturing
  • Tenderness
  • Compassion
  • Understanding

It’s seen as the color of “universal love of oneself and of others.”

But most importantly, pink is a beacon of hope.

Ways to Support Breast Cancer Charities

We wear pink in October to show solidarity for the cause, but keep in mind that the breast cancer movement is so much more than merely embracing a single color.

Take Giving Assistant for instance; we are a shopping rewards platform that makes it easy for shoppers to both save money and give back to breast cancer-focused nonprofits with special offers from brands that are released on during October.

When you sign up for Giving Assistant you have the option to donate 1% to 100% of the cash back you earn to over 17,000 nonprofit organizations.

We’ve also created a list of breast cancer fundraising ideas to help inspire ways to help more giving for this important event.

Where to Shop to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Want to start shopping but need some suggestions? With 3,000+ Giving Assistant-partnered stores to shop and donate cash back at, that makes sense!

Since Breast Cancer Awareness month is as much about helping the women we love to feel supported and beautiful while battling cancer as it is about research, one idea might be to shop and save at some of our awesome beauty, fashion, or spa brands.


Whether it’s with Radiant Blush, Kiss of Hope lipstick, or a pink tutu, you can show any woman just how beautiful she really is—inside and out simply shopping with Avon.

Shop the Cause October 1 through the 31st at Avon! Fifteen percent of sale prices of Pink Hope fundraising products will go to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services.

Donate Your Cash Back to Breast Cancer Nonprofits

Below are some of the nonprofits that support Breast Cancer that you can make a donation.

1. Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer

Elderly mother and daughter hugging and smiling

Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer is a nonprofit that makes every effort to connect women affected by breast cancer to an individualized support system. Including access to help from those familiar with specific types of treatment, such as, bone marrow or stem cell transplants.

Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer has already connected more than 10,000 women to a “mother volunteer” who has already experienced the breast cancer fight with their daughter.

2. Breast Treatment Task Force

Women doing high fives at a team building event

Breast Treatment Task Force is a New York City-based grassroots organization that assists residents without health insurance to find breast cancer support.

They also educate patients and assist them in finding adequate care through a variety of prevention programs, community referrals, and free mammogram screenings.

3. Keep A Breast

I love boobies breast cancer awareness event

Keep A Breast concentrates on helping young people from around the world reach a healthy level of confidence, physical self-awareness, and knowledge related to proactive prevention against breast cancer.

This breast cancer awareness non-profit is behind the global initiative that brings us the “I love boobies!” campaign, breast cast art exhibitions, and the “Check Yourself!” app.

4. Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Inc.

Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Inc.

Carol M Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund Inc. is an organization that raises funds to support breast cancer research focused on finding a cure for the disease.

Screening Importance

Did you know – 40% of diagnosed breast cancers are self-detected!

Spread the word about the importance of self-exams and mammograms.

Breast cancer self exam survey stats

Motivate family and friends to get checked out; create quirky appointment reminders and then offer to drive them to the doctor’s office and provide moral support.


Hopefully you have a better understanding of Breast Cancer Awareness month and how you can help to support the campaign.

You can also help donate to breast cancer nonprofits all year round by using Giving Assistant with your everyday online shopping.

Download our Giving Assistant button to keep track of the latest online deals and promo codes that’ll help you automatically save money when shopping online and allow you to donate more to your favorite breast cancer non-profits throughout the year.

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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day

How to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an amazing awareness campaign day to be reminded of the struggles have endured in the past and still in the present.

Women have achieved so much in so many fields, but might not have had the recognition they deserve.

This needs to stop and all women need to be supported to be able to feel even more empowered.

When is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day occurs each year on March 8th. This is the day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women and encouraging female empowerment across the globe.


The roots of International Women’s Day dates back to the early 1900s, and the fight for equal rights and gender equality is far from over.


International Women’s Day takes on a different theme every year.

Advancing women’s rights means that mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and best friends enjoy increased access to the same opportunities as their counterparts and for future generations.

For 2018, it was time to #PressforProgress. This wass a call for family, friends, school peers, colleagues and communities to make a stronger effort to unite and embrace a more gender-inclusive attitude towards the way we think, act, and exist.

Ways to Support

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 1

Brands That Support Women

One way to participate in International Women’s Day is to support brands that support female empowerment all year round.

Rebecca Minkoff

Shop and earn cash back at Rebecca Minkoff

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 2

Amplifying the voices of the superwomen responsible for organizing the national Women’s March is just one of the ways Rebecca Minkoff uses her fashion clout to advocate for female empowerment.

With a heavily-involved social media presence, the millennial designer has built an online space bursting with positive energy for women to thrive. She encourages followers (referred to as ‘RM Superwomen’) to be bold and courageous, as well as stay fearless as they accomplish challenging goals.

In addition to providing daily encouragement and sharing the inspirational tales of women leaders and female entrepreneurs, Rebecca Minkoff also contributes to the fight for women’s rights, equality, and diversity through clothing designs and accessories that incorporate the words ‘feminism’ and ‘GRL*PWR.’


Shop and earn cash back at FOREO

In addition to supplying skincare and beauty solutions that create a more radiant appearance, FOREO also encourages us to share snapshots of inspirational women in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Those who upload photos to Instagram of their favorite ladies (and use the hashtag #FOREOForHer) will have a chance to win one of five FOREO gift sets. That’s a lot of pampering for you and the special lady in your life!

You also still have a chance to snag FOREO’s anti-aging Luna 2 facial cleansing brush and Iris illuminating eye massager for less during their 20% Off Facial Cleansing Products sale (until 3/11).

Ann Taylor

Shop and earn cash back at Ann Taylor

You may know Ann Taylor for their classy suits, sharp-looking dresses, shoes, and accessories, but were you aware that their dedication to female fashions also includes supporting causes that strive to enhance the health and livelihood of women?

‘Ann Cares’ is fully engaged in the breast cancer battle, spreading awareness and supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®.

Since 2005, over $38 million has been raised, where their annual contribution is currently funding nearly 20 grants that support groundbreaking research across the world.

The giving continues with HERlead Fellowships, which are given to the next wave of female leaders and fund social impact projects that help young women find their voice within the business world. They also provide mentorship opportunities, leadership training, and skill-building with the assistance of influential role models.

Through the HERproject (with ‘HER’ standing for Health Enables Returns), Ann Taylor touches the lives of women within their international supply chain with programs that oversee in-factory women’s health education and/or financial literacy training in locales such as the Philippines and Indian Himalayas.


Shop and earn cash back at Sephora

In a world where women of color crave a broader representation in the beauty industry, Sephora answers their calls by maintaining a unique beauty presence on the market.

One way that the cosmetics powerhouse celebrates diversity is through marketing campaigns, such as the recent casting of their own employees to model for a more inclusive holiday print ad.

Rihanna’s Fenty line that they carry boasts an overwhelming 40 shades of foundation that accommodates skin colors and undertones of women representing all ethnicities and countries.

Sephora also has programs in place that give back to the community. Sephora’s Classes for Confidence has already empowered tens of thousands of women with specialized beauty training, while the Sephora Accelerate program aims to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

And lastly, whenever you purchase the FEARLESS shade of Sephora Stands lipsticks, the company donates $10 towards the above programs.

Tory Burch

Shop and earn cash back at Tory Burch

Just as empowering as a pair of black and gold ballet flats or a sleek designer dress, Tory Burch is a motivating force for women looking to take a risk and make their grand entrance in the business industry.

As a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship, the Tory Burch Foundation benefits an ever-growing network of diverse women through three distinct programs:

  • The Fellows Program helps female entrepreneurs overcome common obstacles of business ownership during a one-year fellowship and $10,000 grant that advances their business education.
  • A partnership between Bank of America and the Tory Burch Foundation led to the Capital Program, which connects women entrepreneurs in the U.S. to affordable loan options through Community Lenders.
  • The Education Program equips eligible, small business-owning New Yorkers with the tools, resources, and support needed to catapult their enterprises to the next level (with the help of Babson College and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses).

Nonprofits That Support Women

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 3

Celebrating International Women’s Day doesn’t have to be a one-time occurrence.

Every time you shop with any partnered brand through Giving Assistant, you can show your support all year long by contributing to nonprofits that empower females.

Simply select the nonprofit of your choice to donate all or a percentage of the cash back you earn with Giving Assistant.

All of the nonprofit organizations listed below benefit women and have proven to be effective in more ways than one.


How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 4

Tostan is a Senegal-based organization that works directly with rural locals through their Community Empowerment Program. Their human rights-based education agenda has elevated the lives of tens of thousands of women.

For example, Tostan has improved health conditions for females by lowering the overall acceptance level of genital cutting. The organization also fights to lower the incidence of child marriage.

And, with Tostan’s help, 20,000 women and counting have been chosen to assume leadership positions within their communities.

Keep A Breast

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 5

Support the Keep a Breast Foundation, and you’ll donate to a cause that’s on a global mission to empower females with the knowledge of breast health education at an early age. They also provide the kind of support that youths need in order to become their own health advocates.

From healing art projects to prevention programs (such as the Non-Toxic Revolution), Keep a Breast has been spreading awareness and changing lives since 2000.

Freely in Hope

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 6

Your contribution to Freely in Hope helps fund a holistic and educational approach towards healing survivors of sexual violence. This faith-based nonprofit organization empowers women and girls from rural villages and urban slums in Africa with the tools to heal and harness a healthy future.

Donations go towards funding academic scholarships, health care, counseling, and safe shelter for survivors, who also benefit from the art therapy, violence prevention workshops, and training for HIV prevention that the nonprofit provides.

She Should Run

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 7

Despite the name, this isn’t a charity for marathon runners. She Should Run is a non-partisan organization dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge, inspiration, and community support needed to pursue a public leadership role in politics.

Since the 2016 election, this nonprofit has played a role in inspiring over 18,000 women to run for office, and has a goal of encouraging and assisting at least 250,000 women to make their mark in an election by 2030.

Girls Who Code

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 8

Girls Who Code is a national movement responsible for setting up after school clubs and free summer programs with the goal of closing the gender gap in technology.

The tech world is captivating, but many girls miss out on all the excitement because they lack the exposure, encouragement, and support needed to turn a spark of interest into a flame.

Lotus Outreach

How to Celebrate International Women's Day Image 9

Lotus Outreach is a nonprofit devoted to helping at-risk and exploited women in India and Cambodia lead a healthier, safer, and more prosperous life through education and economic empowerment.

Your donation will help support improving the lives of residents by establishing grassroots projects in vulnerable communities. The organization successfully increases the number of females gaining an education, as well as provides safe transportation for schoolgirls.


We hope you feel as excited to celebrate International Women’s Day as we do.

Feel good in knowing you can do everyday online shopping that also supports nonprofits that support mothers and women all around the world in different ways.

To keep up with the best deals and opportunities for saving money on purchases from companies and brands that empower women, don’t forget to download our Giving Assistant Button to receive the latest updates and alerts.