Delicious Food Christmas Gifts (2020 Guide)

Delicious Food Christmas Gifts (2020 Guide)

Everybody loves eating food. What’s better than eating food? Eating food that is delicious and gifted to you. Are you considering gifting food, snacks or desserts this Christmas? If so, here are some great food Christmas gifts that are easy, and everyone will love.

Best Food Christmas Gifts in 2020

1. All the Snacks Box

Potato chips by Billy Goat chip co

This box is filled with all of the best snacks you can think of. Each item in this box was carefully selected to impress even the snackiest person you know. Some of the included in this box are the following snacks: potato chips by Billy Goat Chip Co., beer and caramel pretzel nuggets by Roni Sue Chocolates, peanut butter frittle by Newfangled Confections, peanut butter puffs by Puffworks, spicy cheddar coins by Willa’s Shortbread, and several more.

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2. Murray’s Greatest Hits Cheese Collection

best-selling murray's cheeses and snacks

For the cheese lovers, consider this collection of Murray’s best-selling cheeses and snacks. In this collection is a combination of gruyere, manchego, brie, and cheddar cheeses. There are also a bunch of crunchy snacks to go with the cheeses, as well as a sweet and spicy jam. There is a total of 1.5 pounds of cheese in this collection, which can feed up to 10 people (or just one person, no judgement here).

Savings Tip: Check out Murray’s Cheese Shop coupon codes and 2% cash back for the best deal.

3. Chest of Chocolates

Elegant chocolate treats

The perfect combination of chocolates to give to a loved one at Christmas. The chocolate is shipped in a leather-like box with a hinged lid to provide an elegant look. Inside the box you will find a delicious chocolate cake, chocolate truffles, and so many more chocolate treats. This decorative box makes a great memory that will last long after the chocolate is gone.

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4. Caroline’s Cake Bites

Caroline's Cake Bites

These mini cake bites make a great gift for the person on your list with a major sweet tooth. They offer flavors like s’mores, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, pink champagne, and several more. Each box comes with twelve delicious cake bites that are bound to make anyone’s stomach happy. They offer gluten free options as well.

5. Gaston’s Bakery Croissants

Mini cake bites sweet

Parisian-style croissants straight from your freezer, what could be better than that? Flaky and buttery, these croissants just need to be taken out of the freezer to thaw and rise overnight, then bake in the oven for a melt-in-your-mouth treat.

The time for the dough to rise will depend on the temperature of the room. Leave the croissants on a baking sheet on your kitchen counter for between 6 and 8 hours. To get the best results, you will need to brush with an egg wash before baking. The dough will need to cook for about 15 minutes, that’s all it takes to be served delicious bread that takes you straight to Paris.

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6. Molten Chocolate Cake Kit

Parisian style croissants straight from freezer

Everyone loves molten chocolate cake, but there is no denying it is incredibly difficult to make. With the pre-portioned ingredients in this kit, making a molten cake just got way easier. All you need to do is add butter and eggs, then pour into the provided ramekins. This will be the perfect gift for couples who like to enjoy date night at home, someone who likes to surprise their families with delicious desserts, or anybody who just really enjoys chocolate cake.

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7. Season’s Greetings Holiday Gift Basket

Gift basket favorite sweets

Looking for a gift that contains everyone’s favorite sweets? This holiday gift basket is exactly what you are searching for. Gifted in a wooden tray is a mix of classic sweet treats including molasses cookies with ginger, fudge brownie cookies, chocolate shortbread cookies, snickerdoodle blondies, almond cranberry blondies, mint chocolate drizzle brownies, and classic whoopie pies.

This is a great gift when you are looking to keep things simple, but still provide a gift that everyone will enjoy. Gift to the person on your list who enjoys hosting parties or has a massive sweet tooth. The wooden gift tray can be reused over and over again, making it a logical gift, too.

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8. Let It Snow Holiday Popcorn Tin

Abundance of popcorn tins

The best part of the holiday season is the abundance of popcorn tins. The best thing about this gift is the adorable decorative tin the popcorn comes in. You have two options of flavors to choose from; traditional which includes butter, caramel, and cheesy cheddar, or people’s choice which includes caramel, cheesy cheddar, and kettle corn.

After all of the popcorn has been eaten, the decorative tin can be used to store Christmas decorations, candies, or anything else that you can think of. This gift may be simple, but it is a great option for anyone on your list.

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9. 12 Days of Christmas Tower

Tower of twelve boxes

A tower of twelve boxes makes for a festive advent calendar. Each drawer is filled with something sweet and gourmet. The drawers also have cutouts, so it is easy to pull them out to find what special treat that day holds.

Some of the treats included are moose munch popcorn in caramel and chocolate, chocolate-covered cherries, milk chocolate mini mints, a couple different types of truffles, and a few more surprise treats.

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10. Bite-Size Cupcakes

Adorable bite size cupcakes

Another fantastic gift for the person on your list with a massive sweet tooth is these adorable bite-size cupcakes. You can pick your own flavors in 25, 50, or 100 mini cupcakes, and you also have the option of adding a gift box.

When it comes to flavors, they definitely are not lacking. You can pick from classic cupcake flavors, seasonal cupcake flavors, limited edition flavors, vegan cupcakes, and bite-size macarons. You can try every flavor with the mix and match feature, so the options are endless.

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11. Christmas Morning Breakfast Basket

Christmas Morning Breakfast Basket

Make the most of your Christmas morning even more exciting with a gourmet baked goods breakfast basket. Carefully arranged in an adorable woven seagrass tray basket are our freshest morning pastries including muffins, danish, croissants, and tea bread. This Christmas gift even includes a festive ‘Tis the Season gift tag. Make Christmas breakfast planning easier for them with a baked goods selection that is almost as special as the morning itself.

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It’s true that everyone loves food, and they love it even more when they don’t have to pay for it themselves. This list includes some fantastic ideas to make everyone on your list extremely happy.

More Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts That Give Back

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Christmas Candy Gifts (2020 Guide)

Christmas Candy Gifts (2020 Guide)

Who doesn’t love candy? Christmas is a popular time of year to gift candy because candy is a common stocking stuffer and people pleaser. Chocolate, peppermints, baskets, subscriptions, and more are the most popular choices for Christmas candy gifts.

There is a way to make candy gifts interesting, unique, and thoughtful. You can consider candies that are huge, personalized, sour, even candy that has alcohol for those who are old enough.

Check out this fun list of best Christmas candy gifts:

Best Christmas Candy Gift Ideas for 2020

1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Gingerbread House

Dylans Candy Bar Gingerbread House

It’s not the holidays until you have a gingerbread house! Especially one from Dylan’s Candy Bar. They’ve made it easy with this pre-assembled and ready to decorate gingerbread house kit and everything you need to decorate it for Christmas.

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2. Custom M&M’s


M&M’s are another favorite holiday candy. The best part is the ability to customize theses candy-coated chocolates. On the M&M’s website, they offer a design center where you can create your own, specialized candies. Try this personalized Christmas tree where you can even add photos!

You have the ability to choose up to three colors for your design. They also offer pre-loaded clipart that you can add to your design, you can choose two of them. In addition to two clipart designs, you can add up to two personalized messages, two personal pictures, or one picture and one message. They allow a total of four designs.

Savings Tip: Get My M&M’s promo codes and 8% cash back for the best deal.

3. Candy Club Subscription

Candy Club Monthly Subscription

Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! Save $5 off your first box! This candy gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Choose from popular, sweet and tart, chocolate and more! These are all beautifully packaged too.

Savings Tip: Giving Assistant shoppers can get $7 back on their order.

4. Giant Hershey’s Kiss

Twelve ounce hershey kiss

Weighing just under one pound, this twelve-ounce Hershey Kiss is the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life. This gift is a giant piece of solid, creamy milk chocolate. It will be incredibly hard to sit down and eat this whole piece of chocolate in one sitting, making it a gift that can be enjoyed over a period of time, however long it takes to eat.

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5. Peppermint Puffs

Peppermint puffs candies

Peppermint Puffs are basically a necessity at Christmas time. If you’re dealing with a peppermint lover, this will be the best gift you can give them. These candies are a soft and crunchy melt-in-your-mouth peppermint.

Each candy is individually wrapped, making it an ideal candy to be kept in a purse, a car, a backpack, or a briefcase. No matter how your peppermint lover carries their items, these small candies can be put in and will be available to eat at any time.

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6. Peppermint Bark Jellybeans

Jelly belly peppermint bark jellybean mix

There are mixed feeling about jellybeans, but if you know someone who loves them and can’t live without them, consider buying the Jelly Belly Peppermint Bark Jellybean mix. Included in this mix are peppermint, candy cane, chocolate pudding, and hot chocolate jellybeans.

Jellybeans are a lower calorie snack, so they are perfect for the family or friend that is very focused on fitness.

Savings Tip: Get Jelly Belly promo codes and 5% cash back for the best deal.

7. 5 Pound Chocolate Bar

Five pound bar chocolate

If a one-pound Hershey’s Kiss isn’t enough chocolate for the chocolate lover you are planning on gifting, consider this five-pound, ginormous Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. There are around sixty servings of chocolate in one five-pound bar. Even if two servings per day were eaten, it would still take thirty days to finish.

Anyone who loves chocolate will be obsessed with this gift, and they will not be able to wait to dig in. During delivery, this chocolate bar will be kept cold so there is no reason to worry about it melting before it gets delivered.

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8. Peppermint Bark Squares

Peppermint bark squares packs

Another delicious gift for chocolate and peppermint lovers. The peppermint bark squares come in packs of two-pieces, making them the perfect size for stockings. You can hand these out as gifts to coworkers, neighbors, or everyone in your family.

The candy squares feature layers of chocolate and white chocolate, sprinkled with refreshing pieces of peppermint. The creamy chocolate mixed with the crunchy peppermint makes these treats absolutely irresistible.

Savings Tip: Check Ghirardelli promo codes and 8% cash back that you can keep or donate.

9. 5 Pound Gummy Bear

5 pound gummy ber

Everyone loves gummy bears. They are a delicious, small, and easy treat. Do you know anyone who loves gummy bears enough to eat five pounds of them? That is exactly who this is made for.

These massive gummy bears come in the flavors red cherry, pineapple, orange, green apple, grape, cherry cola, bubblegum, blue raspberry, astro (cherry, lemon, and apple), and 3-tone (raspberry, orange, and cherry).

This one, massive, five-pound gummy bear is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears. The entire gummy bear is over 6,000 calories. Luckily, this gummy bear will stay edible for one year after it is opened. There is no need to rush and eat it all at once, unless they absolutely want to because they just love gummy bears that much.

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10. Sour Patch Candy Canes

Christmas Candy Gifts (2020 Guide) Image 1

These festive candy canes offer a great alternative to regular peppermint candy canes. If you have a family member who loves sour candies, this is a great option. There are three sour, fruity flavors in festive red and green colors, as well as the color orange.

You can use these sour and sweet treats to decorate your tree, bake with, create edible crafts, or eat them alone.

Savings Tip: Check out Walmart coupon codes and $10 cash back for the best deal.

11. Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolates

Christmas Candy Gifts (2020 Guide) Image 2

For the adults who are 21 or older, this is a creamy, chocolatey gift that they won’t be able to say no to. These candies are made with rich, sweet Bailey’s Irish Cream centered in chocolate making a delicious truffle.

This gift tube holds seven ounces of individually wrapped chocolate truffles. This equals about twenty pieces per tube. For a nice, cool treat, try putting these in the refrigerator or freezer for a little bit.

Again, this candy contains real alcohol, so it is not suitable for people under 21 years old. You also must be 21 years old to purchase this as a gift.

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12. Hot Chocolate Spoons with Mini Marshmallows

hot cocoa spoons

Transform a warm cup of milk into decadent cocoa with this set of three hot chocolate spoons. Wooden stirrers hold snowflake-shaped mini marshmallows on a base of rich chocolate. Sure to put a smile on any aged kid or adult!

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13. Signature Godiva Chocolate Basket

Godiva Signature Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

Delight chocolate lovers with a gorgeous gift basket filled with all delicious gourmet chocolate gifts, including milk, dark and white chocolates.

Savings Tip: Find Godiva coupons and Giving Assistant shoppers can get 1% cash back to keep or donate.

More Christmas Gift Ideas:

Gifts That Give Back

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Best Grills Under $500 (2020 Review)

Best Grills Under $500 (2020 Review)

Grilled peaches with yogurt and honey. Smokey ribs dripping with flavor. Perfectly golden salmon. Summer favorites are closer than you think! A home-cooked meal on your own grill doesn’t have to cost an arm and a (crab) leg, because we’ve found 9 of the best grills under $500.

We made our picks based on factors like sturdiness, design, and popularity with other grillers. You can rely on these quality, affordable grills to help you make delicious memories next Memorial Day and for years to come.

Let’s fire up the shopping cart. 

9 Best Grills Under $500 in 2020

Weber Spirit II E-210 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II Propane gas grill

This Weber Spirit II Propane Gas Grill ($479) from Home Depot checks every box! Smart and dependable, it boasts 529 sq. in. of total cooking area. Its open cart design makes for easy access so you can get in the cooking flow, grabbing your tongs off the side and moving your apps to the warming rack. And its painted steel construction will hold up to the elements for many nights on the patio. 

You grill for the grill marks, so you could say the real star of the show is under the hood. This grill’s baked-on porcelain grates are considered the best type in terms of maintenance and appealing marks. Even better? The grates are reversible, so you can create thick and thin lines!

And you can earn 4% cash back at The Home Depot to donate to a nonprofit when you shop with Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Compatible with iGrill 3 Thermometer (sold separately)
  • Guaranteed ignition every time
  • Good grease management

Is this grill available for home delivery?

No, this item is currently not available for home delivery.

Is this grill available for home delivery?

Yes, it’s available for store and curbside pickup. And Home Depot will assemble it for you for free! Just select Assembly in cart.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

This Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill ($139.99) from Target is what you picture when you think of camping! The kettle body, in a sharp red, is made of weather-resistant steel. And a chrome-plated wire shelf adds real estate to this mighty cooking companion. Good for both searing and smoking, home chefs love this grill for its easy assembly and reliability. 

There are some disadvantages to grilling with charcoal (we prefer gas since it’s the greener option), one being less temperature control. Char-Broil makes up for this with smart engineering to maximize your fuel, like an adjustable grate that lets you control the direction of the heat and prevent flare ups, so no pyrotechnics while you’re manning the bratwurst!

You might be able to save on your order: find Target promo codes through Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Removable ash bowl for simple cleanup
  • Hinged lid for easy open and close
  • Latch for secure transport

Is this grill available for home delivery?

Yes, this grill is currently available for home delivery.

Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes, you can ship this item to your local Target for store or curbside pickup.

Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Performance 2-Burner Gas Grill ($199.99) is an attractive and sensible choice for smaller spaces. 

It’s gotten praise across the board for being simple to assemble, but it’s sturdy too. It has the durable, porcelain-coated steel we look for in a grill, meaning it’s resilient to weather, rust, grime and time. Take note that the side shelves are fixed, not folding – which is a pro to us because fewer hinges means fewer small, delicate parts.

This grill retails for $159.99 for BEYOND+ members. (Not a member? You can still save at Bed Bath and Beyond by shopping with Giving Assistant.)

Features we like:

  • Electronic ignition system
  • Discreet gas tank storage
  • Removable grease pan

Is this grill available for home delivery?

Yes! You can have this product delivered to your door contact-free.

Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

No, this item is sold online only.

Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Charcoal Kooker

Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Charcoal Kooker

The Char-Griller AKORN Kamado Charcoal Kooker ($435.88) is a stylish and hardworking grill! This model comes from a long tradition in Chinese and Indian cooking. Based on earthenware ovens, its striking egg shape is designed to retain heat and give the chef more control. The dampers (vents) on top and bottom are calibrated for easy temperature control, allowing you to get more out of less charcoal. This creates an ideal environment for grilling and smoking.

Char-Griller swapped out the heavy ceramic of their Kamado Kooker to make a lightweight but powerful version. And the folding metal shelves increase the surface area, so you get more workspace for plating. This will make a seamless addition to your outdoor space. 

Features we like:

  • Locking lid for secure transport
  • Easy dump ash pan
  • Utensil hooks

Is this grill available for home delivery?

Yes, you can get it delivered to your home. And you can add-on Expert help with assembly for $59.

Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

You can have your grill delivered to your nearest Walmart for in-store pickup. Don’t have a Walmart nearby? You can also have it delivered to a FedEX Office location for free pickup.

Check for the best Walmart promo codes before making your purchase to help save even more!

Kenmore 4-Burner plus Side Burner with Stainless Steel Lid Grill

Kenmore 4-Burner Grill

This Kenmore 4-Burner Grill ($325.99) is a top pick for a few reasons. For one, it’s built to last, with a durable stainless steel and powder-coated black finish. It has an open yet discreet cart, so you can easily access the propane tank but don’t notice it when it’s stored. And its dimensions lend well to a big feast, with a total cooking surface of 644 sq. inches. 

It’s natural gas convertible, so you can use the fuel that works for your home setup.

You can earn up to a 3% cash back at Overstock when you shop with Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • Electronic ignition
  • ABS wheels

Is this grill available for home delivery?


Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes, store pickup is available. 

Weber Q 1200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber Q 1200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

You don’t have to sacrifice size to get a steal. But if your entertaining space is smaller, this Weber Q 1200 Liquid Propane Gas Grill ($209) is a fun, quality solution. Set on an outside table top to serve summer eats fresh off the grill. Or use the portable Q Cart (sold separately) to add height and mobility. Making a weekend escape to nature? This grill will tag along! 

This grill also wins points for its porcelain-coated cast iron grates and cast aluminum housing. It operates on a disposable LP cylinder (sold separately), but can work with a 20lb cylinder with adapter hose.

Another perk: you can earn 5% cash back at Ace Hardware when you buy your grill with Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Removable grease pan
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Electronic ignition

Is this grill available for home delivery?


Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes. Free store or curbside pickup, and free assembly on grills and accessories over $399+ for Ace Rewards Members.

Char-Broil Performance Black and Stainless 6-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with 1 Side Burner

Char-Broil Performance 6-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Get a grill that multi-tasks as well as you can, like this Char-Broil Performance 6-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill ($289) from Lowe’s! With six burners and one side burner it has lots of space for feeding the whole family. Grill each course, from onion blossom to steak, and warm up some sauce on the side.

Porcelain-coated cast iron grates preserve flavor and make cleaning easy. The stainless steel burners promote even cooking. And the stainless steel body will outlast any summer showers or winter storms. Plus, you can earn up to a 1.5% donation at Lowe’s when you shop through Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Push-to-start electronic igniter
  • Porcelain-coated grease pan
  • Wheels for easy transport

Is this grill available for home delivery?


Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes, store pickup is available. 

Weber Slate Blue Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Weber Slate Blue Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

This Weber Slate Blue Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill ($439) is a feast for your eyes! Crate & Barrel has combined the classic kettle barbeque with the rolling cart of a traditional grill. The result is a beautiful and functional experiment in culinary design.

Crafted from steel and heavy gauge porcelain enamel, the kettle retains heat and resists rust and wear. The painted metal worktable is equally elegant and strong. Weather-protected charcoal storage sits conveniently under the cart. Best of all? The lid slides off the kettle to sit in its own holder at a 90 degree angle. It’s like having another set of hands at the grill! 

Another bonus: you can earn 0.5% cash back at Crate & Barrel when you shop through Giving Assistant.

Features we like:

  • Touch-N-Go electronic ignition
  • Convenient lid holder
  • One-touch cleanup

Is this grill available for home delivery?


Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes, Crate & Barrel offers free curbside pickup at stores!

Char-Broil Classic 4 Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil Classic 4 Burner Gas Grill

If you’re on the fence about what size to go with, you can’t go wrong with a classic four burner like this Char-Broil Classic 4 Burner Gas Grill ($199.94). Easily feed a family of four, or smoke a turkey or chicken. And multitask with the top rack for sweet summer corn!

The matte black monochrome and simple lines make this grill an easy fit for the yard or patio. Two side shelves have your back with prep. A convective system means you can both grill to perfection or indirectly cook at low temperatures. Convection also means faster cooking, so you can make a last-minute decision to have barbecue for dinner. Yum.

Features we like:

  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Porcelain coated grates
  • Piezo electric igniter

Is this grill available for home delivery?

Yes. Note: Sears also acts as a marketplace, so they may list multiple offers for the same item from third party sellers.

Is this grill available for store or curbside pickup?

Yes, you can get free store pickup from Sears. 

Grilling for Good: Shop to Give this Summer

With the perfect grill for your needs, you’ll be all set for the season. But the good summer feelings don’t end there. You can also help make a difference when you shop from brands like The Home Depot and Target through Giving Assistant. Earn cash back to keep or donate to nonprofits of your choice, including organizations working on COVID-19 relief. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to download the Giving Assistant Button to apply coupons and earn cash back automatically from your browser so you never miss out on savings. These small dollar donations can add up to make a big difference for a cause you believe in.

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Recommended Online Grocery Delivery Services

Recommended Online Grocery Delivery Services

We ranked these 7 online grocery delivery services based on speed, affordability, convenience, and flexibility. It’s what’s important to us as we work to keep our families safe and healthy right now—so we knew those factors would be important to you, too.

Even more importantly, we know everyone wants to do what they can to help out right now. That’s why we also included 3 grocery delivery services that are available on Giving Assistant. With Giving Assistant, the cash back you earn from that grocery purchase and delivery would benefit a nonprofit you love at a time when they need it most.

These 3 grocery delivery services are:

Hungry yet? Then let’s dive in and learn more about the 7 services we’re recommending today.

Special Note: In an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable populations, we’ve also indicated which delivery services below provide “contactless” delivery. We’ve also included grocery stores accepting EBT online.

Best Online Grocery Delivery Services in 2020

1. Thrive Market

thrive market online delivery

If it’s gotta be organic, Thrive’s your brand. This membership-based grocery delivery program boasts over 6,000 organic products that extend from groceries, all the way to beauty and household.

Savings Tips

Why Choose Thrive Market

✅Affordability✅Eco-Friendly✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Customer Service✅Gives Back to Charity ✅Contactless Delivery
  • Shoppers save up 50% on quality organic products in exchange for $9.95 month-to-month (or $120 paid annually) membership fee, in addition to receiving free samples of new products.
  • If after 12 months, if you’ve paid more money in membership fees than you’ve saved via Thrive’s discounts, Thrive will issue you a credit for the difference.
  • If you sign up, pay the membership fee, and within the first 30 days decide to cancel, Thrive will refund your fee.
  • Thrive matches every membership with a free membership given to a student, teacher, veteran, and others who qualify for their Thrive Gives program.
  • Thrive has supported hundreds of thousands of families in crisis with free meals; in 2019, this included furloughed government workers, families affected by natural disasters, and families separated at the U.S., Mexico border.


  • Where They Deliver: The 48 contiguous U.S. states only. (Not Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.) No P.O. boxes.
  • Average Delivery Time: 3-5 business days for most orders. Frozen meat, seafood, and some wines may take longer. Note: As of March 2020, deliveries are delayed by 10+ days due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Type of Delivery: Contactless

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • Membership Costs: $9.95 month-to-month or $120 paid annually.
  • Shipping & Delivery Costs: Free shipping on your first order. $5.95 on orders under $49, free after that.

2. Walmart Grocery

walmart grocery online delivery

Walmart Grocery lets shoppers enjoy the chain’s Everyday Low Prices on their groceries, with pickup available from hundreds of Walmart locations — and delivery service straight to your door. A 100% money back guarantee ensures great value and convenience.

Savings Tips

Why Choose Walmart Grocery

✅Contactless Delivery✅Affordability✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Same-Day Delivery✅Free Delivery (with membership)✅Accepts EBT (Pickup Only)
  • With a $12.95 month-to-month Groceries Unlimited membership fee, individual delivery fees are waived. (Shoppers can also pay $98 annually for membership.) A 15-day free trial of the program is available.
  • You can schedule your delivery and receive your groceries whenever it’s convenient for you.


  • Where They Deliver: Grocery delivery is available in over 200 U.S. metro areas, from over 1,500 Walmart locations. To check if your specific location delivers, start at
  • Average Delivery Time: Same day, or at the time you schedule.
    Type of Delivery: Person-to-person. (Delivery driver hands order to you directly.)

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • Membership Costs: For the Groceries Unlimited plan, fee is $12.98 month-to-month or $98 per year.
  • Shipping & Delivery Costs: Delivery fee is between $7 and $10 on average. Delivery fee is waived with Groceries Unlimited membership.

3. Instacart

instacart online grocery delivery

Get your groceries delivered from any store! Start at, type in your zip code, browse the stores in your area, and go shopping.

Savings Tips

Why Choose Instacart

✅Local Food✅Same-Day Delivery✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Pharmacy Delivery✅No Membership Required✅Contactless Delivery

  • You’re not limited to a specific retailer. Instacart employees go to any store you select, pull products, and deliver them to your door.
  • 1-hour delivery is available in many regions, depending on demand.
  • Instacart Express membership waves all delivery and service fees on orders above $30, and there’s a 14-day free trial.


  • Where They Deliver: Available in most of the U.S. and Canada, but some communities may not have it yet. Find out by entering your zip code here.
  • Average Delivery Time: Depending on demand, as little as 1 hour. Same-Day delivery is almost always available. Note: Be aware that as of 3/30/2020, Instacart may be experiencing serious delays in some parts of the country.
    Type of Delivery: Person-to-person (an Instacart employee will bring your order to your door while you’re home), but at check out, you can request the products be left on your doorstep in the delivery instructions section, making the delivery contactless.

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • Membership in the Instacart Express program is optional, at $149 for the year.
  • Members get free delivery.
  • Free delivery on first order. Afterwards, delivery fees (for non-Instacart Express Shoppers) are around $7.99 for 1-hour delivery and $5.99 for 2+ hour delivery, but may increase during “busy times”.
  • $2 minimum service charge applies. Tipping your Instacart delivery associated is preferred!

4. Boxed

boxed online grocery delivery

Boxed offers you the opportunity to buy in bulk online. With Boxed, you can take advantage of big sizes—and big savings—to ensure you have everything you need.

Savings Tips

Why Choose Boxed

✅Bulk Shopping✅No Membership Fee✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Contactless Delivery
  • Like an online Costco or Sam’s Club, Boxed saves shoppers money by letting them shop for their favorite products in bulk.
  • Boxed offers free delivery on your first purchase and on orders $49+.
  • Massive selection of brands; There’s nothing we couldn’t find.


Where They Deliver: 48 contiguous U.S. states. (Not Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.)

  • Average Delivery Time: 2 business days on average, but may experience delays up to 4+ days as of March 2020 due to supply shortages.
  • Type of Delivery: Contactless (delivered by UPS to your doorstep), unless delivery requires a signature, as in the case of some purchases with alcohol.

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • No membership, unless you choose to join the BoxedUp program for extra rewards
  • Free shipping at $49 per year
  • Free delivery on your first purchase
  • Free delivery after that on orders over $49

5. FreshDirect

freshdirect grocery delivery

Fresh Direct is in the business of delivering fresh, high-quality food directly to your door and in just a few days. The mission of Fresh Direct is to combine quality, convenience, and value; shorten the supply chain; and ensure food has a longer shelf life.

Savings Tips

  • Earn 6% cash back on your first Fresh Direct order when you use Giving Assistant.
  • Save $5 by scheduling deliveries midweek (Tuesday through Thursday).
  • Receive a referral bonus when your friends or family use Fresh Direct.

Why Choose FreshDirect

✅Local Food Options✅Eco-Friendly✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Fast Delivery✅Contactless Delivery✅Accepts EBT in Bronx, NY
  • Fresh Direct has a team of butchers and fishmongers that marinate, chop, and whip up great meals for you.
  • Fresh Direct makes it easy to find nutritional information—calories, ingredients, and allergens—so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Store your shopping list for quick reorder and reserve your favorite delivery time to suit your schedule.


  • Where They Deliver: The Northeastern U.S., including New York City, the Washington D.C. metro area, and some New England states like Connecticut. Go here to search for your specific zip code.
  • Average Delivery Time: 3 days on average. Use this tool to check delivery time estimations in your area, and view available delivery time slots.
    Type of Delivery: Contactless or person-to-person. “Touchless delivery” is available as of March 2020: Delivery personnel will bring your order to your door, but will not enter your residence.

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • You don’t need to be a member to receive delivery, however with a Delivery Pass membership, delivery fees are waived.
  • The membership costs $79 for 6 months or $129 for the year. If you sign up for Tuesday-through-Thursday delivery only (compared to the previous options, which allow for anytime-delivery), the fee is $39 for 6 months.
  • Without a Delivery Pass membership, delivery fees range from $5.99 to $9.99. ($15.99 in the Hamptons, New York.) See what the delivery fee would be for your area here.

6. Shipt

shipt online grocery delivery

Shipt provides same-day shopping delivery via their website or app, at dozens of national retailers like Costco, Petco, Target, and more.

Savings Tips

  • Get $10 cash back on your first order when you use Giving Assistant. 
  • Members with the Shipt app receive exclusive deals in email and within the app. 
  • With your student ID, save $50 on an annual membership. 
  • When Shipt launches in a new city, they offer a promotional grocery credit for annual memberships. Sign up before the launch and get $25 in free groceries.

Why Choose Shipt

✅Fast Delivery✅Gives Back to Charities✅Alcohol Delivery
✅Pharmacy Delivery✅Student Discounts✅Contactless Delivery
  • Get basically anything delivered: Groceries, kitchenware, school supplies, electronics…
  • No surprise fees; To account for their services and keep you from paying extra in delivery and service fees, Shipt increases the price of products by a few cents. The price of your cart is the price you pay.
  • Get up-to-the-minute updates with every order.
  • Depending on demand, get your items delivered within 2 hours.
  • Shipt partners with nonprofits like Feeding America, the Cam Newton Foundation, and local food banks to help fight food insecurity in the U.S.


  • Where They Deliver: Available in nearly 300 major U.S. cities. Check availability in your area here.
  • Average Delivery Time: Same-day.
  • Type of Delivery: Both person-to-person and contactless. Specify your preference at checkout.

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • $14 per month, or $99 per year.
  • No fees on orders $35.
  • $7 delivery fee under that.
  • No minimum order requirements.

7. Peapod 

peapod online grocery delivery

Peapod is associated with Eastern U.S. groceries chains like Stop & Shop and Food Lion, making it easy to get fresh, local food delivered to your door within a day.

Savings Tips

Why Choose Peapod

✅Local Food✅Next-Day Delivery✅Meal Kits
✅Alcohol Delivery✅Organic Food✅Contactless Delivery
  • Shoppers can enjoy fresh meats, seafood, and produce; thousands of natural and organic options; and meal solutions including meal kits and fully prepared dishes.
  • Household and beauty products, pet care, paper goods, and local specialty items are also available.
  • Groceries are packed and shipped at the last possible moment to ensure freshness. 


  • Where They Deliver: Currently, Peapod delivers in 24 metro areas in the following 11 states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Enter your zipcode on their homepage to see if your area is available.
  • Average Delivery Time: Orders placed before 8 P.M. will be delivered the following day. Shoppers can also pick specific delivery dates and times within 2 weeks from order date.
  • Type of Delivery: Person-to-person (delivery driver hands order to you directly) OR  Contactless (left by Peapod driver at your doorstep)

Fees & Shipping Costs

  • No membership required, but a PodPass waives all delivery fees. It’s $119 for 1 year, and $69 for 6 months.
  • For $55, you can get a 6-month PodPass, but delivery dates are restricted to Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.) 
  • For non-PodPass members: $6.95 to $9.95.
  • Larger orders pay less in delivery fees.

What is Contactless Delivery?

Contactless delivery means you won’t have to interact with delivery personnel, and deliveries will be left at your doorstep.

This can be helpful for those looking to stay healthy by practicing social distancing during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, or for anytime when social distancing is necessary for someone’s health. 

In many cases where contactless delivery is available, this also means you don’t have to be home to receive the delivery. (In other words, you can stay on your couch!)

How to Shop to Give To COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Did you know that if you shop brands that offer cash back you can earn free money? Shoppers can use this this money to donate to any nonprofit, including COVID-19 Relief organizations. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for Giving Assistant today  – it’s free!
  2. Select your Nonprofit and choose how much you want to donate
  3. Download our browser extension, so that your future online orders can contribute much-needed funds to nonprofits like the CDC Foundation, American Red Cross, and more.

Giving Assistant Recommendations for Nonprofits Accepting Donations directly aiding COVID-19:

  • CDC Foundation – Prevent and detect COVID-19, fund food and medicine, and deploy medical staffing
  • Project HOPE – Global health and humanitarian relief organization empowering health workers around the world
  • No Kid Hungry – Helping to feed kids during school COVID-19 school closures
  • International Medical Corps – Working in more than 30 countries to provide expertise, equipment, training, and triage, and treatment services
  • American Red Cross – ARC is facing a severe blood shortage because of blood drive cancellations, currently looking for healthy donors

Tip: Be sure to check for your local community organization when searching for your nonprofit to support. Community organizations can have the fastest, most direct impact for fighting hunger and providing supplies for members of your community.

Big Game Day Football Party Ideas (2020 Guide)

Big Game Day Football Party Ideas (2020 Guide)

No matter the outcome of the game, it’s the quality time spent with family and friends that makes a football party an unforgettable experience.

Having touchdown-ready food, snacks, and decorations at your get-together doesn’t hurt either.

Check out some of our favorite big game day party ideas below:

Best Big Game Day Football Party Ideas in 2020

1. Buffet of Football-Themed Foods

A buffet of foods

You can’t help it if your team isn’t on the field, but you do have complete control over your menu.

Be the snack MVP by serving up the tried-and-true big game staples your guests expect with a few fun, super-memorable twists:

  • Helmet-shaped bowls: Serve a spread of chicken wings and sauces in helmet-shaped bowls and football-shaped dishes. Include a mix of hot and mild flavors, like fiery hot, honey BBQ, pineapple teriyaki, and garlic Parmesan.
  • Pizza station: Pair pizza slices with a mix of themed apps: pizza skins, pizza logs, pizza bites, mini calzones, and pizza dip. Don’t forget the garlic bread!
  • Fondue bar: This year, go beyond the everyday chips and dip and add a fondue pot to the table. Introduce guests to new kinds of dips, like chili cheese or sour cream salsa.

2. Football Field Party Table

Football field tablecloth DIY

Score extra points with a tablescape that adds to your overall game day theme, starting with a fun tablecloth that helps set the stage…while making clean-up a breeze!

This football field tablecloth DIY from Kimberly a A Night Owl is the perfect crumb-catcher, and all you need is green felt, white duct tape, and white vinyl. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Cover your table with green felt.
  2. Use white duct tape to create the yard lines of the football field.
  3. Decorate the yard lines with numbers cut from white vinyl (you can use a Cricut machine or hand-trace them from pre-cut numbers).

Your guests will flip over your hand-crafted football field!

3. Instagram-Worthy Snack Stadium

Cardstock snack stadium display

Impress your guests by serving up snacks in a masterfully constructed “snack stadium!” (Now that’s a big game party idea they won’t forget…)

Party City sells a cardstock snack display with eight compartments and open space on the “field,” which holds more goodies. You could also dust off your DIY skills and build your own using items like aluminum loaf pans, cardboard boxes, and plastic party cups.

Once you’ve got your stadium, pack the house! Here are some ideas:

  • Offer a mix of sweet and savory snacks, like pretzels, caramel corn, raw veggies, fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, honey-roasted peanuts, and party mix.
  • Create a colorful “cheering” section for those with a sweet tooth; think Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, and M&Ms.
  • Position ranch dip, hummus, salsa, guacamole, and queso on the “sidelines.”

Have fun tackling this exciting football party project!

4. Personal Seven-Layer Dip Cups

Seven layer dip cups

Seven-layer dip? More like seven layers of heaven. 🤤

Until someone double dips that chip that was literally just in their mouth. Then it’s just seven-layers of germs…

Enter: Individual seven-layer-dip cups. Because your kindergarten teacher was wrong: Sharing isn’t always caring.

Start with transparent plastic cups so you can show off every delicious layer. Fill ’em up with fixings like fresh guacamole, taco meat, queso, and sour cream.

Add crunch with toppings like lettuce, black olives, and green onions. You can even top it off with a tortilla chip. It’s easy to put your own spin on this game day favorite!

5. Party Favor Piñata

Football piñata fab decor

Halftime is the perfect time to take the party up a notch with a football piñata—fab decor and big fun for all ages!

It’s also a great way to keep the interest of guests who aren’t exactly there for the play-by-play. (And it gives little hands a place to direct their mess-making energy.)

Here are some of our favorite ideas for your big game piñata:

  • Mardi Gras-style beads in team colors
  • Miniature candy packs
  • Mini footballs
  • Mini pom poms
  • Keychains (sports-themed is a must!)

Blindfold the guests and let them take turns trying to break free all of the goodies inside.

6. AstroTurf Coasters + Football Mason Jars

Football themed coasters

It’s the little details that help pull together a big game day party, like football-themed coasters.

Jill Fritz from Create.Craft.Love has a 5-minute DIY project that’ll protect your furniture from watermarks and add to your decor.

Jill uses industrial-grade adhesive to attach pre-cut AstroTurf sample squares to 4.5 x 4.5 bathroom tiles. (Hint: You can get these tiles for free at most big home improvement stores!)

Pair your custom game day coasters with football-themed mason jars. It’s easy to get the look of that classic football stitch by applying white paint, vinyl, or electrical tape to your cup.

7. Referee Water Bottles

Bottled water with a referee stripe pattern

Got water? With all that booze and soda, you better. Take care of your guests by keeping plenty of water available—without compromising on your party decor.

How? By dressing all that bottled water up as little referees. (Obviously.)

It’s easy:  

Simply peel off the label from the original bottle. Then, take a piece of paper with a referee stripe pattern, and wrap it around the bottle. (Hint: You can find printable, black-and-white stripe images online, or just DIY your stripes with white paper and black marker) 

It’ll look just like a referee’s uniform!

If you want to be really extra, you can even put a whistle around the bottle’s neck.

You can find the whistles and a handy printable at Oriental Trading.

8. Custom Big Game Bingo

Football themed Bingo

Not everyone’s glued to the TV and anticipating the next snap during a football party…

But you’ve still gotta keep everyone entertained!

One way to engage all guests is to host a game everyone knows well—and that’s bingo.

Hand out custom bingo cards before kick-off. (Pre-made printables are available online for free, or you could always create your own.)   

Add some of the following categories to the empty spaces of the cards:

  • Brands and companies, such as Home Depot, Budweiser, Doritos, and GoDaddy
  • Product and service categories, like beer, candy, airlines, luxury cars, and nonprofits
  • Characters and people, like Clydesdale horses, retired football players, and musicians

Up the ante: Offer a small prize to the first person that gets a bingo!

9. DIY Photobooth

Man and woman in photobooth

All you need to make a professional-looking photobooth is some props and your phone! 

It’s a given that your guests will be taking pics at the party. But with a little creativity you can make the snaps from your house something truly special.

Find pictures you like online, then print and paste them to cardboard or poster board. Just hot glue a dowel or popsicle stick to the back to make a photo-ready prop.

Some ideas for printables:

  • Team logos
  • Your favorite player (look who showed up!)
  • Mascot heads
  • A football (go long!)
  • Pom poms
  • A goal post (your head is the ball!)

10. Mailbox Balloons

Football themed balloons

Set the tone for the party before they even walk in!

Tie a fun display to your mailbox, lamp post, or railing so your guests can find your house from the street. 

Go simple and elegant with balloons in your team colors (and complementary ribbons).

Or get crafty and fill them with confetti!

This DIY really pops if you buy clear balloons, like in this collab between Little Miss Party and Balloon Time. They chose Halloween colors for their confetti, but you can use tissue paper in your team colors.

11. Turn It Up With Wireless Speakers

Sonos Play 5 Speakers

Pump up the volume and bring your game to a whole new level with Sonos Play:5 Wireless Speakers. You’ll feel like you’re there—in the luxury box, of course! 

The Play:5 connects to your WiFi to stream premium audio content. And you don’t have to be a tech genius: it just plugs in to the headphones output of your TV with a 3.5mm cable. (Check first whether your television has this connector, since not every TV does.) Plus, with the Sonos Playbar you can turn your game room into a home theater.

Find the most deals and coupons, plus earn 8% cash back from Sonos.

Shop, Save & Give Back This Football Season

Just as easy as hosting a big game day party, you can turn your online shopping into a generous act by shopping to give.  

With the Giving Assistant browser extension, you’ll earn cash back on your purchases (like football-themed party supplies and team jerseys) that you can share with your favorite nonprofit. All 1.5 million U.S. nonprofits are available to support—even small local ones serving your neighborhood.

Be sure to check out all stores that are currently offering cash back on your next online purchase to help save the most.

Learn more about Giving Assistant here.