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Cash Back for Students

Sure, college might be the best years of your life – but they’re also in the running for most expensive. What with skyrocketing tuition rates and the fact that you don’t get paid to study, chances are you’re a little strapped for cash. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of student-approved stores where you can earn cash back through Giving Assistant – leaving more money to pay for your degree and all of your crazy adventures.

Barnes & Noble: 6% Cash Back

Take care of all your textbook needs at Barnes & Noble. Whether you’re buying a thousand-page medical textbook, a copy of Ulysses, or a French-English dictionary, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this popular bookstore which caters to the same crowd of lit-lovers as Books-A-Million and Alibris. A few extra tips:

  • If you’ll only need a textbook for a limited amount of time – say, a quarter or a semester – consider renting rather than buying. You’ll save a ton.
  • For $25 a year, you can become a Barnes & Noble member and receive additional deals and free shipping on all orders.
  • Browse the Bargains section of the Barnes & Noble website to find the best prices.

Best Buy: 1.25% Cash Back

Best Buy, similar to Office Depot and Staples, takes care of all of your tech needs. Laptop? Check. Printer? Check. Flat-screen TV? Check. Okay, flat-screen TVs might not be a need – but you can still save big time on one at Best Buy when you purchase through Giving Assistant, and by using these tips:

  • Like Amazon, Best Buy offers special College Student Deals which you can gain access to by signing up for a free account with your .edu email address.
  • Best Buy will match the prices offered by local competitors and top online retailers – check out the full list of approved stores, as well as more details on the program, here.
  • Browse Best Buy’s Open Box deals to find discounted items that have been opened or lightly used.
Cash back for university

Starbucks Store: 7% Cash Back

You’re going to need a lot of caffeine to pull off the all-nighters and lengthy study sessions usually involved with being a student. Our suggestion? Skip the daily $3 latte and invest in the equipment you’ll need to brew your own delicious drinks at home – it’ll work out much cheaper in the long run. Find all the blends, K-Cups, coffee makers you could possibly need at the online Starbucks Store, and save more using Giving Assistant and these tips:

  • Browse the Sale section to find the best prices.
  • Subscribe to save on your online purchases and earn stars that you can use towards in-store purchases.

Princeton Review: 3.5% Cash Back

Thinking about grad school? You’re going to need to prepare – likely with the help of a test prep company like Princeton Review. Study for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and any other abbreviated examination you might need to take to progress to the next stage of your education. A few words of wisdom:

  • Try a free session of online tutoring with a professional here.
  • Take advantages of free in-person practice test sessions offered by Princeton Review.