Whether you’re planning a wedding, bridal or baby shower, birthday party or beyond, decor, food and favors are quintessential parts to the planning process.

One great (and affordable!) way to multi task in all these departments? Use candy for displays and giveaways, to bring cute decor touches–and a sweet treat for guests.

We asked Candy Warehouse to help share with us their recommended candy display ideas to help make a party stand out.

Here are a few events to bring sweetness to your planning with candy from Candy Warehouse:


White candy buffet display

When you’re planning your big day, you’re faced with a million choices–what date? Time of day? Size of wedding? And perhaps, the part with the most questions: what to do for the reception? Bring in sweetness to commemorate the next steps of your life with a few of these ideas.

Candy Buffet

A candy buffet in wedding white or your wedding colors can make a beautiful statement–while also providing crowd-pleasing tastes for your guests. When choosing your display containers, make sure to get a variety of shapes and heights for the best look. And don’t forget scoops and other serving utensils!

Party Favors

Candy makes a great wedding favor. Favors like jordan almonds or m&ms in a complementary color, decadent white chocolate almond bark, or foiled milk chocolate hearts provide a sweet send off. Keep kids happy (or even all guests!) with a fun giveaway like ring pops.


Bridal and Baby Showers

Throwing a bridal shower or baby shower? When putting together all the right touches on your soiree for the bride- or mother-to-be, think about a candy buffet as an easy statement decor, plus sweet treats as favors.

Candy Buffet

Pastel is the classic way to go, but feel free to also take inspiration from your honoree’s favorite colors when selecting your palette. Set your table with a complementary linen, and layer on the goodies from there. Look for a difference in flavors and textures from your candy. Add to your theme by draping jewel candy rings or sour baby pacifier lollipops on the table, and consider adding confetti or some gauzy fabric as accents.

Party Favors

A small bouquet of heart shaped lollipops or candy baby feet lollipops fit the theme perfectly. Or, keep the celebration going with a chocolatey toast to your honoree with tiny foiled chocolate liquor bottles.



Birthdays of all ages deserve celebration, and candy makes a great addition to a special day. From princess or superhero parties to elegant soirees, the options for birthday party theming are endless. Whether it’s for an adult’s milestone celebration or a child’s dream bash, don’t forget sweets!

Candy Buffet

This is a great place to help theme your celebration. For a child’s party, rainbow colors can be a big hit–don’t forget to stock up on items like bright gourmet ball lollipops. For an adult’s party, consider a sleek, monochromatic display. Or, embrace a decade theme. Whether it’s totally ‘80’s, groovy ‘70s, swinging ‘60s, or beyond, look for theme candy like Astro Pop lollipops or Necco Wafers to add to your display jars.

Party Favors

Throwing a superhero themed party? Give away pez dispensers for a party favor kids will love. If you’re going for a decade theme for adults, a classic nostalgia gift box set like this one from the ‘70s will give you an assortment of decade-specific treats to give out that will set the scene for your blast from the past.



Candy is really a great way to pump up the fun for a party without breaking the bank.

Giving Assistant has coupon codes and discounts for the Candy Warehouse that help make it an even more affordable option. Great displays, cute giveaways, and savings–how sweet is that?