There are over 5 million children in our country who have been touched by a parent’s cancer. Kesem is the largest national nonprofit providing support to this population. Through its flagship program, Camp Kesem, thousands of these children experience fun, supportive, and totally free life-changing experiences.

While every child experiences a parent’s cancer journey uniquely—regardless of if the parent survives or passes away, or is currently undergoing treatment—there are often common and significant side effects to children including isolation from peers, loss of social interest, negative academic performance, and taking on adult roles.

But then they find Kesem…

A child’s Kesem experience—while grounded in fun and the joy of childhood—helps address all of these consequences. Kesem provides children with by providing them a community of support with children who are just like them and exemplary role models in Kesem’s college student leaders. This experience results in improved self-esteem, enhanced coping skills, increased self-confidence, and stronger emotional intelligence.

A happy group of campers on a hike. Source: Camp Kesem

“Kesem campers are part of our family for life.”

Every summer, Kesem holds over 90 weeks of summer camp in 38 states across the country. The camps are staffed by 3,000+ highly-trained and passionate college student leaders from nearly 90 colleges and universities around the country. These college students volunteer their time year-round to create, manage, and run the camp programs that accommodate children from age 6 to college students and young adults. The camps are 100% free of charge.

Camp Kesem brings together new groups of friends. Source: Camp Kesem

Giving Assistant raises over $17,200 for Camp Kesem.

To date, Camp Kesem has received $17,230.75 from Giving Assistant shoppers, who have chosen to support the organization through their everyday shopping.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with Giving Assistant and their impactful support of children touched by a parent’s cancer.” Kesem CEO, Jane Saccaro says. “The need for Kesem’s services is far-reaching and touches every corner of our country. The donations we receive from Giving Assistant and their shoppers allows us to open new Camp Kesem chapters and support more children who can benefit from our services.”

Contributions like this have helped Camp Kesem serve 6,100+ children during the 2016 camp season. Still, with long waiting lists at several camps, Kesem is making plans to serve 7,000 children in summer 2017.

#GiveKidsKesem & Change a Life from Camp Kesem on Vimeo.

Help expand Camp Kesem’s reach to serve more children.

With your contributions through Giving Assistant, you can help Camp Kesem’s community and impact grow even larger—and help support more children touched by a parent’s cancer.

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