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Best Birthday Gift Baskets (2021 Guide)

When you want to say happy birthday, there are few better ways than to gift someone a basket full of their favorite items.

The best birthday gift baskets combine the excitement of a new gift, have a large assortment of items, and are often specially curated for a specific type of interest or taste. The right gift basket is often many perfect gifts in one!

Let’s take a closer look at the best gift baskets with this quick shopping guide.

The Best Birthday Gift Baskets in 2021

1. Harry & David Tower of Treats

Harry & David Tower of Treats fantastic basket

The Tower of Treats is a fantastic basket from Harry & David that contains pears, chocolate strawberries, chocolate truffles, premium popcorn, and more. You also have the option to add a bottle of wine. You can do all of this in a large tower format (more of each item) or a more traditional gift basket form.

This basket is sure to make a great birthday gift for someone who loves fruits, sweets, and unique delicacies. After all, who doesn’t love birthday chocolate?

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2. Beer from All Over The World

Happy birthday Beer from All Over The World

The name of this happy birthday gift box gives it away – it contains exactly what you think it would, a curated selection of beers from around the globe. “Founders from the USA, Red Stripe from Jamaica, Old Speckled Hen from England, Moosehead from Canada, Kirin from Japan, and Weihenstephaner from Germany.”

There is also a nice selection of snacks like jalapeno cheese, and garlic sausage to eat while enjoying the different brews. For last-minute gift givers, the company does offer one day delivery.

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3. Build Your Own Basket

Fantastic kit chocolate gift basket

This fantastic kit allows you to put together the perfect basket for whoever’s birthday is coming up. Food themes, spa themes, and kids themes help you get started, and with so many items the site claims there could be literally “trillions of different basket combinations.”

Build a chocolate gift basket, a cookie basket, a spa basket, whatever. The process is fun and easy is and is extremely customizable, right down to the fact you have roughly 15 choices for the basket alone!

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4. The Bakery Basket

The Bakery Basket baked goods

Here’s a lovely wicker basket packed to the brim with delicious and quality made baked goods; brownies, cookies, whoopie pies, all of various flavors and styles.

If someone you care about has a birthday coming up, and you know they go crazy for baked goods, this is your basket. This basket is Kosher and certified OK-Dairy

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5. Healthy Gift Basket Classic

Healthy Gift Basket Classic

With this healthy collection, you receive a wooden gift crate packed full of healthy and delicious snacks made to keep those you care about well fueled and feeling good.

Goodies in this happy birthday gift basket include pretzel twists, wheat crackers, and many other gourmet and specially curated treats along with regular favorites like Mountain View Cheese and Blueberry Pomegranate Trail Mix. Get this basket for those health nuts or food conscious individuals when their birthday rolls around.

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6. Blood Orange Mimosa Gift Basket

Blood Orange Mimosa Gift Basket

Sea salt caramels and sparkling tangerine and fresh orange flavors will light up your palette as you enjoy a brunch favorite.

This is a great gift to ensure that someone is starting their birthday off right, with a sweet and fruity Canella Mimosa. Olives, garlic crackers, and dried apricots finish off this fan-favorite gift basket.

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7. Charcoal Spa Basket

Basket contains charcoal shower gel

This basket contains charcoal shower gel, charcoal sheet mask, charcoal body scrub, and a bath bomb and candle. Charcoal has caught on quickly with those who are looking for more natural cleaning products.

Get this basket for the person in your life who loves being pampered, but is always avoiding items that contain a lot of chemicals.

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8. Sun Basket

Sun Basket homepage

Sun Basket offers one of the best ways to stay healthy while eating at home. The baskets from Sun Basket are complete “chef-crafted meals” made with fresh organic produce, and are super convenient to prepare. If you are having a birthday party for someone who is constantly on the move but looking for a way to start eating more healthy, this just maybe your best bet.

Fulfill those birthday wishes for convenient gourmet food with meal sets such as sole with caramelized onions, potatoes, and sun-dried tomato za’atar. Options include Gluten-free and lean-meals, as well as small sampler options. This is also a handy way to put all of the meal prepping on auto-pilot at only $6 a serving of fresh quality food.

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9. Chocolates & Sweets from Harry & David

Box containing chocolates and sweets

Now if you were looking for a gift set for those with a sweet tooth in your life, then a chocolates & sweets themed basket from Harry & David might be the best way to go. These baskets offer a deluxe selection of truffles, cupcakes, Belgian chocolate, gourmet cookies, cake pops, and more. No need for a birthday cake when you get one of these.

The gift baskets and gift tower options come in a wide range of pricing and size options. These sweets also make for good general-purpose gift baskets for mom!

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10. A Fruit Basket From Gift Baskets Overseas

Gift basket contain dried fruits, nuts

Fresh fruit always makes for a great gift. The fruit gift baskets from Gift Baskets Overseas are chock full of delicious goodness and allow you to deliver a quality food gift nearly anywhere in the world.

There are multiple variations of fruit, such as fruit and cheese pairings, as well as nuts and dried fruit selections. A huge favorite is the giant ‘Unbelievable Fruit and Gourmet Gift Set’ and makes for an incredibly impressive gift basket delivery. Go on and order a fruit basket and treat your friends and loved ones to one of nature’s most delicious creations.

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11. Birthday Gift Baskets from GiftBasket.Com

Gift basket for special day

Coming up with good gift ideas for your loved ones on their special day can sometimes be a real challenge. However, if you look around at the options on GiftBaskets.com you will see a ton of options for people of all ages and tastes.

With cookies, toys, and more, you can even build your own birthday basket here and come up with the ultimate combination of quality goods.

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12. Buona Vita Italian Vino & Antipasto Gift Basket

Box of Buona Vita Italian Vino and Antipasto gift basket

The Buona Vita Italian Vino & Antipasto Gift Basket is a unique selection of wines, cheeses, salami, bruschetta, and more that you can get easily delivered for the birthday festivities. These are great gift baskets for men who love finger foods and fine dining. 

The basket is a fantastic treat with some of the most unique aspects of Italian food highlighted along with delicious and high-quality wines. There is also a Perugina dark chocolate bar offered for dessert that rounds the whole package out perfectly. You have never had quality Mediterranean food quite like this.

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13. Kids Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com

Best gift baskets for kids

GourmetGiftBaskets.com has some of the best gift baskets for kids we have seen yet. If you are unable to make it to an event, send one of these in your place and you can make sure you are at least giving them something truly special that day.

The huge selection includes bakery goods, gourmet popcorn, even a New England breakfast basket and family game night version. Almost all of these baskets are food-based, but they provide exceptional value. GourmetGiftBaskets.com also has a good selection of carefully curated sympathy gift baskets.

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14. Napa Valley Collection from Wine Country Gift Baskets

Famous grapevines of Napa

These are some of the finest flavors in the West. The famous grapevines of Napa are presented through this gift basket with selections of Carnero’s pinot noir, Houdini Napa Valley, Saint Helena cabernet, merlot, zinfandel, and chardonnay. Along with these delicious wines, you also receive fine cakes, biscuits, sea salt crackers, truffles, toffees and so much more.

The best gift baskets for women in your life who love wine can be found on winecountrygiftbaskets.com. Spend some time checking the site out and seeing what other great selections you can find.

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15. Grand Baby-Cakes Boy Essentials

Best gift basket for favorite baby

This is our favorite baby gift basket since it makes sure to cover all of your necessary bases all in one go. Disposable diapers, a terry towel, washcloths, and a bunch of other everyday care items all built into a lovely cake shape.

The display and the quality of items is truly superb and is definitely going to make an impression on the big day.

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16. Harry & David Bouquets and Arrangements

Bouquets and floral arrangements

Bouquets and floral arrangements from Harry & David are the very best way to deliver beautiful birthday flowers.

Lily and fall bouquets are best sellers and make up some of the more gorgeous options. The Peach Tulip bouquet also offers unique colors and styles. All flower arrangements have express two-day shipping when being sent as a gift in the United States.

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17. Man Cave Set

Man cave set gift basket for dad

A Man Cave set gift basket for dad is the must-have of the season. This manly set comes with board games, soda, cheese, and other assorted snacks. There are also some summer sausages that pair well with the cheese and crackers.

With this set, you can help the man in your life begin his man cave with activities and refreshments and ensure that when he disappears into his hobbies, he is well supplied.

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18. Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box

Showstopper fruit and gourmet gift box gift basket

This is a classic thank you gift basket now re-engineered to serve a number of purposes. The Showstopper Fruit & Gourmet Gift Box is four pieces of fresh fruit, white and smoked Cheddar cheese, olive oil & herb crackers, Godiva dark chocolate, strawberry preserves, and still more items.

This is a truly packed box with all sorts of quality items to be enjoyed. While this isn’t technically a basket, it comes with so many items, that the switch over to the box is relatively understandable.

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19. Branded Business Gifts

Branded business gifts basket

Finding gifts for your co-workers or boss can often be a challenge. With a Branded Business Gifts basket, you can keep your gift on topic with a large assortment of items all related to the theme of your brand.

The company can actually help you design the perfect basket to fit any brand -making it a great fast solution for giving a client a birthday gift. The basic basket is expected to include branded mugs, pens, and snack items that complement the gift you are sending

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20. Custom Beer Bucket

custom beer bucket offering

This custom beer bucket offering is much the same as the corporate themed branded gift basket (though also not technically a basket, the bucket works here).

You can get a custom message or logo printed along the side of the bucket, which contains a good assortment of beers and snacks, including gourmet popcorn and unique small-batch beers. Each bucket is handmade daily and is delivered in only a couple of days.

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21. Black and White Spa Gift Basket

Black and white spa gift basket

The Black and White Spa Gift Basket is a great gift for the person in your life who loves to relax and be pampered. The basket contains a large number of white tea infused items like scented shower gel, bubble bath, body mist, and many more.

White Tea is rich in many nutrients and minerals and is a favorite ingredient in anti-aging compounds. Treat someone to true relaxation with a spa set sure to please.

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Tips for Buying Birthday Celebration Gift Baskets 

While this is a pretty substantial list of gift baskets, the final decision will ultimately be up to you. The following tips should help you make your final decision.

Figure out your target audience 

While a birthday gift basket can be a fantastic gift, you need to make sure you give the right basket to the right person. When trying to find the perfect basket, the first step is to figure out what the gift receiver may actually want.

A wine basket may be perfect for the wine lover in your life, but perhaps not so much for someone else. Make a list of the things you know they love – their favorite topics, foods, places, etc. Let this list get your imagination going, and begin to see how well some of the baskets match up to this list.

Don’t be afraid to try new things for the perfect birthday gift 

While we just emphasized the importance of getting someone something they love, this may also be a chance to get them to try something new! If you think some items in a basket may be new but fit well with what you know about the persons whose birthdays it is usually likes, you may help them discover a whole bunch of new favorites.

Many baskets are great for offering a ton of samples of quality goods of a certain type. Maybe they are a fruit lover, or a kosher connoisseur, a gift basket may be perfect for introducing them to a whole new set of similar items they can enjoy.

Gift baskets look impressive and are easy to get 

The best gift baskets and birthday gift box options are also a visual display. The presentation value that gift baskets bring often raises its perceived value. Nobody will think that you cheaped out on the gift, that’s for sure.

At the same time, once you get a good idea for a basket, they are very easy to get. All of the sites we listed allow you to easily order the perfect basket, and they all come well displayed and wrapped. This is the easiest way to show up with a truly impressive gift.

The basket itself is also a solid gift, in many cases, the basket will last longer as a centerpiece or utility item long after the internal gifts have been used up. This only further adds to the perceived value.

You can cover multiple bases 

A birthday gift can be difficult even if you know what the receiver loves. Sometimes it can be hard to settle on a single item or to decide between multiple things you think they will truly enjoy. Luckily, with a gift basket, you are often able to create the perfect combination.

There are very few limitations when it comes to what baskets are capable of with a little searching. Many of the baskets we listed here come from sites that have tons of other options. Explore and search for that perfect basket.

Quality versus quantity is a key decision 

Some love to get a ton of small novelty gifts for their birthday, others enjoy fewer items with more thought and intention behind them. Once you decided on a basket company and theme, you may then need to weigh the type of basket and contents. Should you choose lots of small and interesting tidbits or a few very high quality items?

Typically if you are going for snacks and toys, quantity is likely better, but if the basket has more elaborate treats or items like clothes, quality may be the preferred option.

The correct answer may lie somewhere in the middle, but it will ultimately be up to you in the end. 

More Gift Basket Ideas:

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