Style is no longer defined purely by shape, color, and texture. Today, style is sustainability.

And as consumer interest has increased in cruelty-free and environmentally friendly vegan purses, more businesses have risen to the occasion. Some traditional manufacturers have recognized this untapped market and developed offerings to meet it. But often, the best vegan purse brands are those that were founded by environmentally conscious individuals who were tired of searching for a handbag that had been ethically sourced and produced. So, they decided to do it themselves.

These are the brands that we are going to look at today. They are brands that are committed to creating high quality, vegan purses, made sustainably and with the planet’s health in mind.

So, if you were looking for a fashionable purse that is ethically made, look no further than the following.

The Best Cruelty Free Hand Bags in 2020


Gray woman handbag from Pinkstix

Pinkstix is dedicated to helping women feel more confident in their own skin by providing a wide variety of handbags that are made sustainably and responsibly.

Since they have PETA’s seal of approval, they use PU vegan leather to create all of their bags, giving every item as soft, flexible touch that simulates real leather to a T. It doesn’t crack in cold weather and is just as durable as cow’s leather. And because it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, it’s incredibly low maintenance.

But Pinkstix isn’t just passionate about the ethical treatment of animals. They’ve also implemented workplace standards that ensure fair wages, fair treatment, and a safe working environment for everyone involved in building their handbags.

Whether you’re looking for a cross body handbag, a shoulder bag, or a 2-in-1 backpack, Pinkstix has affordable, sustainable options available for you.

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2. grünBAG

Red backpacks from grünBAG

grünBAG is a Denmark-based fashion company that specializes in backpacks, shoulder bags, sports bags, and more. Their commitment to sustainability has led them to develop innovative ways to recycle, reusing industrial material bound for the landfill. They have a wide assortment of bags that are truly unique and made from incredibly durable materials, designed to withstand the most severe treatment you can dish out. This makes these bags perfect for the adventurous, conscientious, modern woman.

With this said, their one-of-a-kind origins do make them stand out. And because of this, they’re looking be slightly polarizing. However, if you’re interested in sustainability, durability, and a unique look, there are simply no better options than grünBAG.

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Gray Italian bag from Miomojo

Miomojo is an Italian bag company with a simple vision: “to create a kinder, more sustainable world.” They seek that kinder world by creating innovative, cruelty-free bags and other products. This means that they’re committed to ingredients other than fur, wool, silk, feathers, and leather. Instead, they offer products made with vegan leather, recycled material, and all-natural fibers.

And their commitment to kindness goes beyond the materials that make up their bags. They give back 10% of every online purchase to animal welfare causes around the world. They partner with large, global charities as well as local initiatives, including Animals Asia Foundation, Mercy for Animals, Goats of Anarchy, and Barn Sanctuary.

And they aren’t stopping in their pursuit of environmental friendliness. Because of climate change concerns, they have a goal of completely phasing out plastic-based leather by 2022.

So, if you’re looking for fashionable, Italian designed handbags that are as environmentally conscious as you are, look no further than Miomojo.

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Woman handbag from Samara fashion

Samara is a handbag company that’s committed to designing and producing luxury, minimalist, vegan fashion. They make it clear upfront that “no living thing is harmed in the process.” It’s a vow they take seriously as they design their wallets, handbags, and totes.

It’s the reason they purchase all of their materials from sustainable, cruelty-free sources. They use two kinds of leather materials to create all of their bags. In some products, they use PU vegan leather that eco-friendly and just as durable and smooth as real leather. In other products, they use plant-based leather, made from discarded apple skins. By using this waste byproduct of the juicing industry, they ensure maximum sustainability.

These are some of the most simple, elegant, and highest quality handbags on the market today – and that’s without considering their commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Woman wearing Angela Roi black purse

Angela Roi is committed to offering the highest standards in style without compromising their ethics. This is why they create all of their accessories with sustainable, vegan materials. They design every bad with timeless elegance in mind while incorporating the most modern standards of environmental friendliness. This makes for a powerful combination – especially for today’s conscientious consumers.

And their commitment to sustainability goes beyond the materials in their bags. They provide every employee with a fair wage and a great working environment. And they’ve made their stance against sweatshops and child labor known to everyone.

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Cruelty Free Fashion is In

Living the vegan lifestyle involves more than forgoing animal byproducts in your food. For those who are committed to treating all creatures ethically and humanely, refusing to use leather (or other animal-based materials) is an absolute.

Fortunately, as more people have recognized the cruelty involved in the leather industry and refused to participate, more businesses have taken a stand. And, even better, many new vegan purse brands have arisen due to the need for high-quality, vegan purses and bags. This has given vegan and environmentally minded people more options than ever before.

Years ago, leather was the number one material used for handbags and purses. ‘Genuine Leather’ was a badge of honor and prestige. This is no longer the case. With the advent of greater environmental awareness and more knowledge of the suffering of animals in industrial farms, more and more consumers are forgoing leather and choosing sustainable, vegan alternatives.

Above, we’ve taken a look at five wonderful businesses that are committed to sustainability in the good of the earth as well as all of her inhabitants. But dozens of other companies could be added to this list. So, as you search for your next handbag, keep these businesses (and the practices that make them what they are) in mind. By doing so, you’ll feel better about your consumer choices, knowing that you are contributing to the larger health of our world.