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Best Unique Baby Gifts (2021 Guide)

Finding the perfect baby gift can be a little overwhelming. But finding the best unique baby gifts can be so rewarding. After all, you want your baby gift to be something that both baby and parent will appreciate. You want it to last longer than the weekend. And you definitely don’t want to give it to them only for them to look at it, look at you, and say, “Oh, that’s nice… we have another just like it that someone else has given us.”

That’s why you should think outside the box and search for a truly unique gift, a gift that there’s very little chance anyone else would stumble upon – or purchase. Fortunately for you, we’ve made your search a simple affair by putting together this list of the top six most unique baby gifts. So, browse through these options and discover something that’s bound to be one-of-a-kind.

The Best Unique Baby Gifts in 2021

1. Elephant Hooded Towel

Towel that designed look like an elephant

Towels are one of those things that are essential for all of us. We all need to take baths, no matter how old or young we are. And yet, they aren’t one of the first things people think of when it comes to buying a baby gift. This is why they can make a really great unique gift for a newborn or one-year-old. At that age, parents are still looking for items that are practical, since they’ve likely been bombarded with plastic toys and too-cute onesies. So, a soft, absorbent hooded towel that’s got personality can be a breath of fresh air.

And though this link is connected to a towel that’s designed to look like an elephant, you can find hundreds of other options out there. So, no matter who the child is or what his parents are interested in, there’s a unique hooded towel out there waiting for them.

2. Plush Animal Chair

Animal shaped plush chairs

Stuffed animals are great. They’re cute, cuddly, and they can stand in for a pillow in a pinch. But babies are often inundated with stuffed animals during the first few years of their lives. At some point, when a parent sees another stuffed animal, they just want to yell, “No!”

That’s what makes these animal-shaped plush chairs so great. They still give off that stuffed animal vibe, but they’re much more practical than their smaller counterparts. And since they’re large enough for a toddler to sit in, the child you’re buying for will be able to enjoy this unique gift as they grow older.

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3. A Pillow Pet

Animal shaped pillow

Pillow pets are a great option for anyone who wants a gift that’s fun – but practical. They’re also perfect for babies because a parent can use them as something soft to lay their sleeping child’s head on. And as the child grows, the pillow pet can become less of a pillow and more of a stuffed friend. This makes them ideal for growing with a baby, and that’s the hallmark of a good baby gift. Perhaps the best thing about pillow pets is the wide variety of options they come on. You can find both licensed characters as well as more generic animals and more. This makes a pillow pet a great choice when looking for a unique baby gift.

4. Quantum Computing for Babies Board Book

Quantum Computing for babies

Everyone wants to get their baby started out in life on the right foot. And part of that involves reading to them from a very early age. There are dozens upon dozens of board books and other infant books you could choose for a baby boy or girl. But if you want to go the utterly unique route, you should consider picking up a STEM-oriented one like ‘Quantum Computing for Babies.’ This is a great example of a gift that’s practical – and highly unique. And if you’re not sure about the quantum computing subject, there’s a whole host of other ‘Baby University’ board books that offer fun, cute looks at deep subjects.

5. Fisher-Price Taco Tuesday Set

Unique baby tacos set

Rattles and teethers are a dime a dozen. So, it might surprise you that we’ve included this set (a teether, a rattle, and a set of clackers) on a list of the most unique baby gifts. But once you see them, you’ll quickly understand. After all, you don’t see a rattle shaped like an avocado, a teether shaped like a taco, or clackers shaped like a lemon and lime every day. Any parent who loves taco Tuesday won’t be able to get enough of these classic toys with a fun, modern spin. And if tacos don’t grab you, consider looking for other baby toys that are packaged in attention-grabbing, unique ways.

6. Bark & Sand Naturalist Teething Necklace

Stylish necklace for teether

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with lots of gnawing, chewing, and teething. Anyone who’s had a child know that one of the first thing a baby will do after spotting something new is put it in his mouth. And there’s a good reason for that: growing new teeth is painful and chewing offers a little bit of relief. That’s what makes this stylish necklace such a unique and practical gift. It will provide a baby with something constant to chew on that’s safe and convenient. This is one of the few gifts that the baby will appreciate more than his parents.

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