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Best Online Games To Try in 2021 (For All Ages)

In between video calls with coworkers and friends, keeping your fridge stocked, and catching up on your favorite streaming show, it’s nice to take some time to get your game on. 

We’ve reviewed the best online gaming platforms out there so you can get right to adventuring, puzzle-solving, or scoring goals.

Find out which online gaming platforms are worth the hype:

Best Online Games in 2021

Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing Homepage screenshot

Kingdom of Loathing is a massive multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) game where you play…a stick figure! It isn’t winning any awards for graphics, but this clever, deceptively simple game has won over a generation of loyal fans with its humor and heart. Choose your adventurer and set off on a turn-based quest to save King Ralph from the evil Sorceress, and break off into chat rooms or item trading with other players. 

The game also limits how many turns you can take in a day, which can help if you’re trying to limit screen time for you or your kid.

Is Kingdom of Loathing Free?

Yes! The game is funded by merchandise sales and voluntary donations.

Does King of Loathing Work on my Mac / PC?

Yes. Kingdom of Loathing is an internet browser-based game. 

What We Like About Kingdom of Loathing:

  • ✅Free!
  • ✅No download required
  • ✅No console required


Wild Tangent Games homepage screenshot

WildTangent is a gaming website, best known for their original title, the Fate series. They offer over 2,000 titles for rent and purchase in genres like casino, puzzle, role-playing game (RPG), and more. 

Does WildTangent Offer Free Games or Discounts?

WildTangent offers some ad-supported free gameplay. You can also rent or purchase games, and get Unlimited Play with a paid membership for $7.99 per month (cancel anytime).

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Does WildTangent Work on my Mac / PC?

WildTangent works on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch); Windows PC; and Android devices.

What We Like About WildTangent:

  • ✅Available for desktop or mobile app
  • ✅Huge selection of games (over 2,000)
  • ✅Free with ads (pay to remove them)


IMVU Shop page screenshot

IMVU is an avatar-based social network and “metaverse,” a virtual world simulator where you can interact with other players from around the world in real time. The platform boasts over 6 million monthly users who play almost an hour per day on average.

Does IMVU Offer Free Games or Discounts?

Basic gameplay is free in IMVU, but you have the option to buy credits for clothes, accessories, furniture, and other in-game customizations.

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Does IMVU Work on my Mac / PC?

Yes, IMVU works on both Macs and Windows PCs.

What We Like About IMVU:

  • ✅No objective means endless gameplay
  • ✅You can design clothes and accessories for their digital marketplace
  • ✅Easy for casual gamers to get into

PlayStation Store

Playstation store page screenshot

The PlayStation Store has games of every genre for your PlayStation console, and they also offer digital downloads to play on your PC with a PlayStation controller. 

Does PlayStation Store Offer Free Games or Discounts?

You can play online games for your console with a PlayStation Plus subscription or buy and rent individual games.

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Does PlayStation Store Work on my Mac / PC?

Downloadable games from PlayStation Now work only on Windows computers, and players have the option to switch between their Windows PC and their PS4 console.

What We Like About PlayStation Store:

  • ✅Great selection
  • ✅Multiple subscription options
  • ✅PC and console compatibility for some games


Game Stop homepage screenshot

GameStop is a gaming retailer that sells games, consoles, collectibles and apparel. They also sell digital downloads right on their website, so you can game right away. Since they’re more about selling physical copies, GameStop’s site is organized by console (like Xbox One or Nintendo Switch) instead of genre. Digital download options for consoles are available on product pages for individual games.

Does GameStop Store Offer Free Games or Discounts?

GameStop does not offer free titles. Giving Assistant shoppers can earn 3% cash back on any purchase and 6% cash back on pre-owned games, hardware, collectibles, and accessories by shopping through our store page.

Do GameStop Titles Work on my Mac / PC?

GameStop offers some digital downloads for PC games, but none for Mac. Most digital downloads are dedicated for specific gaming consoles. 

What We Like About GameStop:

  • ✅Earn PowerUp Rewards points when you shop digital
  • ✅Easy for casual gamers to get into
  • ✅Comprehensive selection

Big Fish Games

Big Fish homepage screenshot

Big Fish Games has loads of simple, fun games in genres like hidden object, time management, brain teaser, marble popper, and more.

Does Big Fish Games Offer Free Games or Discounts?

You can play many of the platform’s games for free, and paid games can be purchased individually. They also offer the Big Fish Game Club, a $6.99 per month membership that saves you 30% or more off the price of every game you buy, and provides 1 credit per month you can redeem for a standard version game. Giving Assistant shoppers can get 5% standard cash back and a $5 cash back bonus for new customers through our store page

Does Big Fish Games Work on my Mac / PC?

You can download games from Big Fish Games to play on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Or you can play right in your internet browser. 

Why We Like Big Fish Games:

  • ✅Adorable visuals on their original games (like Gummy Drop and Toy Story Drop)
  • ✅Lots of play and pricing options for casual or new gamers


Origin store page screenshot

Origin is a digital platform for buying and playing games operated by Electronic Arts (EA). Gamers can purchase individual games or a subscription from a vast library of downloadable titles, play in offline mode, and connect with friends via text and voice chat or Twitch streaming. 

Does Origin Offer Free Games or Discounts?

Origin is free to download, and offers a selection of free games in their library, like the standard edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Origin also offers occasional sales on varied titles, with prices ranging from $10–$20 per game. A subscription to Origin Access includes early access to some games, a subscription library, and additional discounts on purchases; and costs $4.99/month or $29.99/year for Basic and $14.99/month or $99.99/year for Premier.

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Does Origin Work on my Mac / PC?

Yes, Origin’s software is available for both Mac and PC. Check system requirements here

What We Like About Origin:

  • ✅They have The Sims! Need we say more?
  • ✅In-game overlay lets you stream, chat with friends and browse the web without leaving your game.


Steam store page screenshot

Steam is similar to Origin: a video game store and playing platform with almost 30,000 titles. In fact, while they used to be competing services, Origin and Steam have recently partnered up through a deal between their respective owners, EA and Valve. That means you’ll find some Origin games on Steam, and that Steam and Origin gamers can play together on some titles. 

Does Steam Offer Free Games or Discounts?

You can download Steam for free, but their games vary in price. They offer several free to play games, and certain games require subscription based payments rather than single purchase prices. Steam offers various special offers for games as well. Games vary from as low as $0.99 up to $59.99 for standard prices. 

Does Steam Work on my Mac / PC?

Steam works on Macs, Windows or Linux PCs, and dedicated SteamOS gaming machines. Steam also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android dedicated to chat and other community functions. Be sure to check individual games for compatibility requirements. 

What We Like About Steam:

  • ✅Large selection and early access
  • ✅Social capabilities like streaming, chat, and 
  • ✅Steam Workshop for player modifications to games

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