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Best Newborn Baby Gifts (2021 Guide)

Everything changes with the birth of a baby. Newborns bring joy, excitement, and lots of fun with them. But they’re also require a tremendous amount of commitment, time, and money. If you know someone who’s recently had a newborn, then you know someone who’s in need. Fortunately, you can help out by choosing one of these newborn baby gifts.

But how do you find the right gift? Most new parents are inundated with all kinds of presents – cute outfits, bottles, pacifiers, and a handful of other common baby necessities. Unfortunately, so many people go to those easy-to-find go to gifts that many parents lack other, just-as-important items.

This is why you should consider choosing a newborn gift that’s less common, but just as vital. And you’re in luck, because we’ve put together this list of some of the most essential newborn baby gifts that any parent could ask for.

Top 8 Best Newborn Baby Gift Ideas in 2021?

1. Johnson’s Cotton Touch Soft Newborn Gift Set

Skincare essentials that every newborn needs

Newborns have hygiene needs that are different from adults. Their skin and hair tend to be more sensitive. They’re prone to reacting to abrasive material and chemicals. In other words, you can’t just use the same soap for yourself and for a newborn. That’s what makes this gift set such a great find. It includes the skincare essentials that every newborn needs, formulated to be as sensitive as possible. And since it contains full-size and travel-size bottles, it’s convenient whether going out or staying in. This is a great gift choice if you want to help the new parent in your life get started on the right foot.

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2. Baby Healthcare Kit

Tools need to prevent and treat problems like rashes

This is a great gift for any parent who wants to help keep their baby healthy and happy. It includes the tools needed to prevent and treat problems like diaper rash, upset stomachs, fever, and more. This set contains saline spray, a nasal aspirator, gas relief drops, fever and pain reducer, gripe water, and butt paste ointment. And every item is completely safe for newborns. While this gift might not you win any awards for the most exciting gift, it will definitely come in handy over the course of the baby’s first year. And his parent will thank you when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a fussy and uncontrollable baby.

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3. Munchkin Hello Baby Gift Basket

Munchkin's hello baby gift basket

If you aren’t sure what to get for the new parent in your life, you can’t go wrong with Munchkin’s Hello Baby Gift Basket. This includes some of the most essential products that every new parent needs as he begins his parenthood journey, from a snack dispenser to spoons and cups, even a rubber ducky. This truly is the essential gift basket for a new parent.

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4. Baby Chronicles by Dania Lebovics

Hard bathroom floor and kneeler

The first few years of a baby’s life are filled with milestones and major memories. But if you don’t do something to record all of those moments, they’ll quickly pass and be forgotten. One of the best ways to hold on to those important occasions is to record them so you can go back and remember them for years into the future. That’s where the Baby Chronicles comes in. This book allows new parents to begin recording all of the most important moments in their newborn’s life, from before the birth all the way to preschool. Designed to be a keepsake that can be held onto and passed down, this is a great gift choice for the parent of any newborn.

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5. Baby Bath Kneeler

Baby bath kneeler for hard bathroom floor

For parents of young children, bath time can be a real pain. Literally! You either have to kneel on the hard bathroom floor and lean over into the tub to give your baby a bath, try to fit them into the sink one body part at a time, or go through the hassle of pulling out a baby bath tub. With the baby bath kneeler, that’s no longer the case. Simply place it on the floor next to the bath and kneel on its comfortable cushion. This takes the pain out of bath time. And it’s a great choice for any new parent who hasn’t yet learned the hurt that comes with trying to give your newborn a bath. Keep them from ever knowing it by picking up this convenient bath kneeler.

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6. Baby Trend Secure Infant Car Seat

Secure and convenient car seat

One of the first things that every new parent needs is a secure and convenient car seat. In fact, most hospitals won’t even allow you to leave the hospital until you can show them the car seat that the baby will be leaving in. If you want to give a newborn gift that will be appreciated more than you can imagine, this infant car seat is the way to go. It’s stylish, comfortable, and has a removable seat so that the new parent can easily take their sleeping baby inside without waking him up.

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7. Hospital Gift Set

Two piece set that includes a beautiful soft muslin blanket with floral designs

If you know someone who’ll be having a newborn girl in the near future, this gift option may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a two-piece set that includes a beautiful, soft muslin blanket with floral designs along with a matching stretchy headband bow. It’s designed to swaddle a new baby. And it’s perfect for capturing memorable photographs in.

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8. Philips Avent Soothie

Simple pacifier

Anyone who’s spent time around a dissatisfied, upset baby knows how the constant crying can wear on a person. Fortunately, most babies can be soothed by using a simple pacifier which gives them something to chew and suck on. That’s why this may be the simplest – and yet most beneficial – gift of all.

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Having a newborn is a life changing experience filled with mountains of joy and more than a few frustrations. But you can help the new parent in your life navigate through the frustration by choosing one of the above gifts. These gifts will allow them to focus on the more important things that come with being a parent, like being present, making memories, and caring for their new child.

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