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10 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts He Will Love

Let Dad know he’s one-of-a-kind with one of these homemade Father’s Day gift ideas!

It is time to show Dad just how deeply you love him, and we have the perfect DIY Father’s Day gifts to help you know how to do it.

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad.”

Father’s Day always resurfaces those lovely memories of the magical moments when our dads stole our hearts.

Maybe it was the time your dad was so overflowing with pride at your soccer goal that he literally fell down from all the jumping. Or, maybe it was the time he was equally proud when you sat on the sidelines the entire game, lifting you up in his arms and saying you’re still his little soccer star.

When we think of what dads mean to us, this wise proverb rings true:

These Father’s Day gift ideas are both authentic and genuine. Each of them will show your dad just why he is a very special person.

Timeless and Sentimental DIY Gifts for Dad

10 Homemade Father's Day Gifts for Dad

1. Create a Q&A Sheet About Dad for Kids to Fill In

This adorable gift is the perfect choice for children. Each question allows kids to reflect on why their dad is the very best! The resulting answers are sure to be too cute and cherished for years to come!


  1. Simply type up a sheet of paper with 10 or so questions about Dad. Leave blanks for kids to fill in their answers.
  2. Once the page is printed and filled in, you can paste a picture at the bottom.
  3. Optional: frame the paper.

Some of our favorite questions:

  • “My favorite memory with Dad is _______.”
  • “My dad makes me laugh when _______.”
  • “My favorite thing to do with him is _________.”
  • “He is really good at __________.”
  • “My dad taught me how to _________.”
  • “He always knows how to cheer me up by ________.”
  • “My dad always says _________.”

2. Memory Jar

Who says celebrating memories with Dad is only a once-a-year event?

This unique and sweet DIY gift, made with a mason jar and index cards, is a clever way to appreciate your dad all year round.


  1. All you will need is an empty mason jar and a stack of index cards.
  2. Whenever you have a heartwarming moment or share a hilarious story with your dad, jot it down on one of the index cards and throw it in the jar.
  3. Keep the tradition going from this Father’s Day to the next.
  4. Only open the jar to read the notes after a year has passed.
  5. Reading them together, you will bring every memory back to life again and truly see what a wonderful influence your dad is in your life.

3. Write a Very Short Story

This detailed, authentic gift is ideal for a woman giving to her husband or her own father.

If you want to describe to your husband precisely why you think he is such an outstanding father to your children, there is no better way than through a story.

Similarly, if you wish to remind your own father of a memory of deep significance you shared in your childhood, writing it down is a beautiful gesture.


  1. This story can be as short as 1 page.
  2. If you’re really on a roll, by all means keep going!

Topics to spark your creativity:

  • A wife to her husband: “ The Moment I Knew You Were an Amazing Dad”
  • Woman to her own father: “The Moment I Realized How Very Deeply You Loved Me”

Creative & Crafty Gifts

Homemade Father's Day Gifts - A personalized card!

If you have caught DIY craft fever, then we have exciting news!

Putting together these unique homemade Father’s Day gifts is a blast and their value is sure to last.

4. Coasters Made of Scrabble Letters

Is your dad a dedicated writer, avid reader, or simply a master of the Scrabble board game? If any or all of these apply, these DIY scrabble letter coasters will bring countless smiles to his face.


  • Choose a series of words either four or five letters in length. Suggestions: love, hugs, papa, golf, play, hero, boat, daddy, adore, laugh, best. You can have the words stand alone or create a sentence.
  • Assemble all letters into words and create a square.
  • Use Super Glue to glue each letter to the next. Do this letter by letter, applying a thin layer of the glue to the right side of one square and attaching it to another.
  • Cut a square piece of a cork board to match the size of your scrabble letter square.
  • Use a glue gun to paste the scrabble letters onto the cork board.
  • Let coasters dry for about a day (consider placing under a heavy object, like a book, for extra pressure).

5. Child’s Painted Footprints or Handprints on Wood + Father Quote

Dads will love displaying these precious pieces in their offices or bedrooms. Their little children’s hand and footprints will lock this lovely, fleeting phase of fatherhood in time forever. A touching quote on being a dad adds even more sweetness.


  1. Take a plank of wood and paint it your desired color.
  2. Once the paint is dry, have your kids paint their hands or feet, then place either on the wood to make an imprint.
  3. Sign each child’s name and age at the bottom.
  4. Print out a fatherhood quote and attach via glue gun or nail to the side of the wood.

Our favorite picks for quotes about Dads:

  • “Some Heroes Don’t Have Capes. They’re Called Dads”
  • “Dad, You’re Someone to Look Up to No Matter How Tall We Grow”
  • “Dad: A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love”

6. Scrapbook in a Journal

Scrapbooks are always an excellent way to show your love. Sometimes, pictures themselves don’t tell the whole story. Make a scrapbook even more personal by writing in a few lines next to every picture saying what you remember most on the day it was taken.


  1. Buy a lined journal.
  2. Paste pictures directly into each page and use the lines to write several sentence next to each picture.
  3. Even better, let your dad write in his own sentences, too!

Practical Homemade Gifts

Homemade Father's Day Gifts For Your Dad

7. BBQ Apron

Is your dad or husband a BBQ fanatic? You and/or your kids will have a great time creating this useful gift! Make Dad’s life easier by giving him an apron with easy access to every BBQ tool (and maybe a cold beer for extra credit!).


  1. Sew on leather tool holders to the pocket of an apron.
  2. These can hold spatulas, hot sauce, beer, and tongs.
  3. Place accessories in the apron pocket or attached tool holders.

8. Homemade Coconut & Essential Oil Lotion

Despite their rugged scruffiness, men deserve to be pampered! Dads will love this luxurious, natural, homemade lotion.


  1. Put all ingredients in a glass jar.
  2. Stir ingredients together until they melt into one smooth lotion.


  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoon cocoa butter
  • 2 Essential Oils of your choice (men often like: sandalwood, ginger, sage, and pepper black). Experiment with different blends first to get your desired scent.

Activity-Based Gifts

Homemade Father's Day Gifts Picnic

Are you not so crafty?

Don’t worry these ideas are perfect when looming for a gift that can be free to do plus means you spend quality time with the special man in your life.

9. Pack a Picnic for the Park or Beach

Dads always enjoy a tasty meal and day outdoors! Pack a picnic basket with his favorite foods. Head to the park or beach and play games like frisbee!

10. Plan an Adventure Day

For the very outdoorsy dad, you can plan a day full of exciting adventures! It is the perfect way to create priceless memories and show how well you know him!

  • Present your dad with an agenda of the day or keep each plan a surprise!
  • Daytime Ideas: start the day off with a bike ride to a local breakfast spot. As a midday activity, consider hiking, fishing, sailing, or visiting a museum.
  • Nighttime Ideas: go see a movie together or have a bonfire dinner at the beach.

Happy Father’s Day!

DIY Gift vs Buying One

Choosing do-it-yourself gifts is both very eco-friendly plus frugal.

Here are three reasons they making a homemade gift is a good idea:

  • By making gifts at home, you can significantly cut down on waste.
  • You can even make us of recycled or reused materials.
  • Such thoughtful gifts are much more likely to be saved for years, rather than quickly become waste.

Best DIY Shops

Here is a list of stores who can help with the supplies needed to create the present from the gift ideas above. Use one of the coupon or promo codes we supply to get a saving.