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Best Gifts for Men (2021 Guide)

If you’re like most people, gift giving can be difficult.

Depending on the situation, finding the best gifts for men can be a real challenge.

Whether you want to thank your father-in-law, a teacher, a boss, a coworker or boyfriend – we know giving a thank you gift to a man you like and respect makes you feel good. So it’s important to find that perfect gift for that guy in your life.

Buying good gifts for a man shouldn’t be a big deal, but buying thank you gifts for mentors or coworkers is much different than buying thank you gifts for a male boss and can get a touch more complicated when shopping for a spouse or romantic interest.

These gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift to express your gratitude to any guy who’s gone above and beyond for you.

Best Gift Ideas for Men in 2021

1. Wood Docking Station

Wood docking station organizer

Thank you gifts for supervisors and coworkers that make life more efficient will be loved. Their organization will improve with this docking station’s space to put headphones, watches, a smart watch charger and even magnet to hold their schedule.

Made with extreme attention to detail, this gorgeous desk organizer has a modern, practical and versatile design that will fit in any man’s home décor, making it perfect for Christmas and birthday gifts too.

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2. Zippo Lighter Windproof

White zippo lighter

Thank you gifts he’ll actually use are the best gifts, which is why this lighter makes a great gift. Made from solid brass, you’ll get free laser engraving (60 characters) to give a custom thank you message, and a gift box for proper presentation.

Minimalist in design and high quality, creatively customize it to turn this lighter into one of the more truly unique gifts for a special man on Valentine’s Day and Christmas as well.

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3. Ceramic Mugs with Insulated Cork

15 oz ceramic mug

This mug is a perfect thank you gift for someone who has everything. These 15 oz. mugs have a cool cork design any man will want to show off. The lid is splash and dust-proof, and the cork keeps tea and coffee hot without burning your hand.

Mugs may seem like boring gift ideas, but one this stylish makes a great thank you gift for school counselors, teachers and anyone else who needs several doses of caffeine to get through the day.

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4. Hourglass Timer

Hourglass of sand

Simple in form and function, the hourglass holds 60 minutes of sand and will fit in any home or office. One of the best thank you gifts for a man that has everything, it gives him a chance to unplug from technology when his eyes and mind need a break. He can enjoy an hour to write, listen to music or just be – without constantly checking his smartphone.

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5. Personalized Photo Coffee Mug

Family picture in coffee mug

Personalized gifts are gift ideas that work well as birthday gifts or for Christmas and Valentine’s day and once you place an image on this mug, it will become a meaningful gift he never gets tired of using.

Made from high-quality materials and with a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, your thank you gift will help him start the day off right.

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6. Custom Wooden Pocket Knife

Stainless steel pocket knife

If you’re looking for thank you gifts for speakers, staff, groomsmen or friends, this pocket knife will surely be a winner. The multi-tool includes a stainless steel corkscrew, bottle opener and Phillips head screw driver.

The perfect gift to make someone feel handy and ready with a gadget for any McGuyver situation, get their name beautifully engraved to make this a thank you gift they’ll enjoy whipping out.

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7. Metal Spiral Hanayama Brain Teaser Puzzle

Unique hanayama puzzle

Hanayama puzzles are unique gifts to express your appreciation while also conveying how well you know the man you’re thanking.

Instead of a gift card, get a man who enjoys mind-bending challenges a chance to hone his dexterity and finesse with this striking metal object. At level 5 it is one of the most challenging, prone to making grown men cry, so be sure they’re up for the task.

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8. Ultimate Shave Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club stater kit

If your husband loves keeping his beard in shape, check out these shaving gift sets. Dollar Shave Club offers customized subscription boxes with tools like razors, skincare, and haircare. He can get this starter kit with a sleek razor, six blades, post-shave cream, and more. He’ll especially love the shave butter for its smooth, translucent finish.

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9. Wood Wall Cabinet

Wooden shelf storage

This wooden shelf is a quaint tool for storing art, cooking, or even garage supplies. Lowe’s carries tons of storage options like this for your home space to take advantage of. He can store his spices, keys, towels, dog leashes, or other essentials in this sturdy wall unit. Plus, the space on top lets him prop up decor like pictures.

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10. Confessions of a Spy Book

Confession of a Spy by Pete Earley

This gift idea is for the history buff husband. Confessions of a Spy is a nonfiction interview collection with Aldrich Ames, a former CIA spy turned KGB agent. The story is as informative as it is fascinating and will keep him turning pages. If he wants to explore other history types, you can find plenty through Barnes & Nobles’ bestselling selections.

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11. Survivalist Starter Kit

Survivalist Journey kit

Does your husband love hiking, camping, or mountain climbing? In any case, this would be one of the best gifts for him. This kit comes with all the tools he’ll need to make a survivalist journey over the weekend. It has a survival manual alongside meal kits, wool blankets, knives, and other sturdy navigational tools.

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12. Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

Ultrawide gaming monitor

This ultrawide gaming monitor boasts vivid colors your gamer husband will love. The screen display adjusts itself to different lighting. Plus, it has custom sound modes both of you can change to fit different game genres, like racing or sports. If you want a gaming projector instead, BenQ’s site also has great options for that.

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13. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 is the ultimate tool for a partner who loves fitness. It has built-in GPS to track his running and heart rate in action. He can connect it to the app to see where he ran geographically and the most challenging routes. The Versa 3 can even handle swimming up to 50 meters.

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14. Black Larson Liberty Loafers

GH Barson's collection

Good-looking, professional, and sophisticated are just a few words that come to mind when we think of loafers. This pair is no exception. It has a pattern behind its face, which feels like adding a tie to a suit.

Not into loafers? Look at GH Barson’s collection of other sneakers, oxfords, and boaters for the fashionable husband.

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15. Electric Guitar Pack with Fender Frontman

Best Gifts for Men (2021 Guide) Image 1

This electric guitar kit is perfect if your husband has been thinking of learning how to play. It’s affordable and has a good tune to get his feet wet. It won’t take long for him to feel like an Aerosmith or other rock star. If he’s more of the country type, you can also look at the Guitar Center’s acoustic collection.

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16. Emporio Armani Steel Watch

Watch black texture face and stailess steel frame

This watch is a combination of sleek and sporty. With a black texture face and stainless steel frame, it will blend into almost any outfit. Watch Station has a lot of options to choose from different brands. You can find other models by Fossil, Michael Kors, and even Puma. And he’ll love the opportunity to mix a practical need with style.

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17. Classic Polo Shirt

Classic polo shirt

The classic Polo shirt is like the sophisticated version of a t-shirt. He’ll love how easy it is to pair with anything. This short-sleeve model comes in more creative colors than an average t-shirt. You can choose between fire engine red, cobalt blue, or green for him. Pair it with a pair of Polo sunglasses to complete the look.

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18. Jean-Michel Basquiat Tuxedo Print

Famous artwork

Art.com makes prints of famous artwork so you can frame them in your home. For example, the above is a 1982 piece by renowned artist Basquiat. You can customize what art you find based on his interests, including anything from space to maps. But for now, we think some husbands will enjoy the cultured, graffiti style of Basquiat’s art.

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19. Car Interior LED Strip Lights

Interior Lights under the car seats

If your husband likes neon colors and upgrading his car, this is a win. He can install these interior lights under the car seats. It switches between colors like blue, green, and purple, putting on a great show at night. If he wants to install it in the trunk, you can purchase extensions at the link above.

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20. AncestryDNA Kit

Ancestry's DNA Kit

Ancestry’s DNA kit covers 1000+ regions of the world. Using his DNA, it will track what regions his genetics resemble the most. Then, it’ll give him a story of how and why his ancestors might have moved from one country to another. Ancestry.com updates its data continuously so that he can appreciate this as a long-term investment.

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21. Stack It 3 Piece Luggage Set

American Tourister jet setting

A jet-setting husband will love this luggage set. He can ‘stack’ two pieces on each other and carry the duffel bag in his free arm. It’s the perfect size for a short trip, whether it’s for business or a quick vacation with you. American Tourister also sells Star Wars luggage tags if he’s interested in the franchise.

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22. K Supreme Single Serve Coffee Maker

Multi stream technology

Both you and your husband can unite with this gift as coffee lovers. This coffee maker lets you choose different brew sizes and temperature settings to make in less than a minute. It comes with multi-stream technology to get more nuanced flavors, too. Pair it with a Keurig blend variety pack to get him started with this useful gift.

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How to Find the Right Thank You Gift For Any Man

There may be a special professor, boss or friend that has impacted your life in a huge way, and you want to let them know how much they mean to you.

Thank you gifts for men can be given at any time, but to make sure you get them an appropriate thank you gift that is sincere, meaningful and useful, follow these tips.

1. Figure out what he likes

What sounds like common sense is not. There is no one thank you gift on the planet that every man is going to appreciate. Think about any interests he has that have popped up in conversation. For example, if they love beer, why not give him a brewing kit or a gift basket filled with growlers? Is he a techie? Try to find a techie gift for him that he will use and appreciate.

Besides that, when expressing thankfulness, try to identify a personal experience with him that can be worked into your gift. If he helped you with your homework or did a great job speaking at an event, give a thoughtful gift that commemorates that time in some way.

2. Avoid hobbies and pastimes they’re great at

When you are choosing a gift, unless you know them very well, try to avoid giving them a gift that is related to a hobby they’ve mastered. One of the mistakes many gift givers make is to buy a gift that they think will be of value, but it isn’t.

Take for instance, a man who golfs. Buying them a cheap set of golf tees probably won’t make the best impression. Instead, find out what particular balls and tees they like and buy those.

Another obstacle in this approach is that they know way more about this topic than you. To show true appreciation for what they’ve done for you, try to encourage them to start or gain mastery of a hobby they’ve always wanted to partake in, but haven’t done yet.

3. Give them an experience to remember

Men enjoy physical gifts, but they also enjoy getting out and about, so don’t forget that experiences make for wonderful thank you gifts.

If they are a daredevil, the best gift may be base jumping or parasailing. If a mentor loves baseball, take them to a game and buy their food. Experience gift packages are fantastic personalized gifts that bond you both even more.

It’s the Thought That Counts

We’ve all heard the saying: It’s the thought that counts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose carefully. In fact, it means take your time and get to know your recipient to find out what his interests are.

By taking the time to think about what someone actually likes, you’ll never doubt if your message of thanks has gotten across to them. Hopefully finding a thank you gift for a male friend or colleague is much easier after looking at these gift ideas.

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