Your job just wouldn’t be the same without those few coworkers who really understand the importance of teamwork. They’ve probably bailed you out of a tight spot in a meeting, submitted a request for you at the last minute or took the time to help you with a tough project.

When a coworker has completely wowed you with their helpfulness, or you just want to say “thanks” – it only makes sense that you want to let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done, and there isn’t a better way to express that than with a great thank-you gift.

This list of gift ideas will help you find inexpensive thank you gifts for coworkers that are thoughtful, useful and even a little quirky.

7 Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers in 2020

1. Knight Pen Holder

Knight pen holder
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Acknowledge a coworker’s greatness with this decorative desktop pen holder which features a kneeling knight with outstretched hands, ready to hold their most powerful weapon. The perfect gift to let a colleague know their help has not gone unnoticed, this desk accessory is a wonderful thank you gift for a boss as well.

Available in blue and red, this fun gift will give their cubicle some added flair and keep their favorite pen or pencil nearby.

2. DIY Terrarium Kit

Unique terrarium kit
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Plants are the kind of thank you gifts for bosses and cubicle mates that simply can’t go wrong. While this one doesn’t include the plant itself, the kit has everything else they need to make a unique terrarium. Along with the glass vessel and lid, it comes with soil, moss and hydro-stones.

Colorful and playful, it livens up any environment, making it a great appreciation gift for teacher coworkers especially.

3. Reed Diffuser Oil Gift Set

Scented sticks and apothecary glass
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Offset the extra hours your collaborator spent helping you with the thoughtful gift of an oil diffuser. The scented sticks come in over 20 scents and the apothecary glass, decorative cap and beautifully packaged gift box make the whole experience feel super luxurious.

When they’re furious scribbling meeting notes in their notepad, a whiff of this relaxing diffuser will help them stay calm and focused.

4. Thank You Wine Tumbler

Wine Tumbler with thank you message
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Emblazoned on this tumbler are the words “thank you for being awesome” – thank you gifts for coworkers that explain exactly how you feel are a definite big win.

A fun gift that perfectly appreciates and inspires, the tumbler comes in 5 vibrant colors, is vacuum insulated and BPA free. A wonderful thank you gift for Christmas and any other holiday, they’ll think of you ever time they kick back to have a drink.

5. Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Travel mug Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
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With a modern, unisex design, convenient handle and vintage aesthetic that adds the right amount of camp, this 16 oz. cup will be their favorite new travel mug. It keeps drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold up to 10, more than enough time to get them through their crazy commute.

One of the best gifts to say thank you while making their days more enjoyable, this is one they’ll value.

6. Foster Monitor Organizer

Monitor with poster organizer
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Thank you gifts for a teacher, and similarly always-on-the-go colleagues, that acknowledge just how busy they are make for thoughtful gifts.

Make it easier for them to keep track of meeting memos, reminders and other important info with this memo board that attaches directly to the left or right of their computer. The clip holder can even hold their smartphone so they never miss another message or email again.

7. Tea Scented Erasers

Scented erasers
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Give the gift of lightly scented erasers as thank you gifts for coworkers who never fail to fix a mistake and appreciate the relaxing aromatherapy of tea.

Packaged in tea cartons, they can enjoy light smells of jasmine, green tea, chamomile, black tea and peppermint as they correct math computations or simply correct a spelling error on their to-do list. Either way they’ll love this fun gift.

Coworker Thank You Gift Guide: The Dos and Don’ts

You may not know if it’s okay to give a thank you gift to someone you work with, even if you really want to.

If you do decide to go ahead and give your boss, assistant or colleague a gift, make sure it is an appropriate coworker gift by keeping in mind the tips below.

The Dos:

1. Make a list

Getting a thank you gift for someone at work is a personal gesture, so don’t feel pressured to buy a gift for anyone to whom you cannot offer sincere appreciation.

Write the names down of the people who you’d like to thank and check it at least three times to make sure you haven’t overlooked anyone.

2. Thoughtfully select a gift

Saying thank you, even if it just the words, should be done with appreciation and respect.

Don’t express thanks with a gift you found last minute at the gas station or downstairs gift shop. If they love tea, don’t buy a gift card to a coffee shop and if they use public transportation to commute, a gift basket is better off delivered to their home instead of brought to work.

The Don’ts

1. Give gifts in front of everyone

Imagine if everyone but you got a gift; don’t make anyone feel that way. Thank you gifts for coworkers disguised as holiday gifts are a great way to get your message across without making anyone uncomfortable.

You can always have a gift delivered to their home or give it to them before or after work, too.

2. Get too personal

Yes, your coworker saved your butt with their amazing presentation skills, but be careful of crossing the line with your thank you. It’s easy to think of coworkers as friends, but this can lead to gifts that are too intimate or imply something you may not have meant.

Avoid gifting flowers, perfume, and products that make their question their hygiene or appearance unless you’re certain they already love the product.