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Best Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas (2021 Guide)

When it’s that time of year, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right gift for every situation.

You may need one for the office, a few for friends and a couple more for family. No matter what you’re looking for, it doesn’t take as much time as you think.

Take a deep breath and start scrolling through our list of gift ideas. These inexpensive, funny and useful items will be a hit at any family Christmas party, or Yankee Swap or white elephant gift exchange at the office!

Top 7 Best Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas in 2021

1. Moka Espresso Maker

Coffee and moka espresso maker

Really good family Christmas gift exchange ideas show the recipient of your gift that you know them pretty well. If there’s a coffee lover in your family, help them get a taste of authentic espresso every morning without living in Italy.

Available in three colors, it makes three cups of coffee in just minutes for a satisfaction that fancy coffee makers just don’t provide.

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2. Scratch Off World & USA Maps

World map for travelers

One of the best Christmas gift exchange ideas for big families that travel, this set of maps have beautiful gold material that can be scratched off to indicate a country or state has been traveled to.

The set includes stickers to highlight memories, a guitar pick for scratching off the film and state flags. The scratch material is high quality which keeps accidental uncovering of areas nothing to worry about.

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3. Ultra Compact Portable Battery

Cellphone and powerbank

Available in four colors, this powerful battery can recharge an iPhone 8 two times and provide full replacement charge for a Samsung Galaxy!

It works with a wide range of devices, detecting the ideal energy output and delivering it fast.

Extremely compact, it can fit in a pocket, purse or backpack, and the design is so sleek, they will feel like a super spy while charging their phone.

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4. Selfie Light Ring

Selfie ring light

Clip this right on to a smartphone (or any other device) and get professional lighting fit for a model.

It has three light settings to let them set the scene and is especially useful in low light areas.

You definitely have a friend that loves taking selfies or pics of the awesome food they encounter. This LED ring light is one of the most useful $15 Christmas gift exchange ideas you’ll find for them.

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5. Hedgehog Dryer Balls

Different kind of fabrics towel

Funny Christmas gift exchange ideas can be useful too. Take these dryer balls, for example. Sure they are super cute and hilarious, but they also help with the household chores.

Throw these in the dryer with clothes and watch how much fluffier they become. The soft spikes massage fabrics, naturally fluffing and softening them.

You get 2 hedgehog dryer balls in every set and they work on all fabrics.

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6. Mirror Cube

Cube changes shape

Hours of fun, this cube changes shape as it is turned, looking a mess. Once it’s solved, almost like magic, it returns back to its cube shape. No one will get tired of playing with this fun gift.

As one of the more challenging and fun Christmas gift exchange ideas, it’s an added bonus that it looks like it belongs in a contemporary art museum instead of sitting on a table.

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7. Sequin Pillowcase

Custom sequin pillow with baby print

Christmas gift exchange ideas funny and unexpected have to be some of the best, and this sequin pillowcase is definitely high on the list of things no one would ever think they’d own.

The sequins are reversible, one side of them may be blue and the other side may be silver. This means there are a lot of fun messages that can be written or pictures to draw. Sitting on the couch will be even more fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exchanging gifts is ridiculously fun, but not always easy. Some people are absolutely incredible at gift giving.

You know the ones, they are considerate and observant, always buying the perfect gift the recipient would never know they needed for themselves.

Good for them. For everyone else, these tips should help a lot.

How to Give the Best Christmas Exchange Gift

1. Give an Experience

Let’s say someone loves Harry Potter. They have the complete box set and all the books, even the special edition books that come in the treasure chest. Why not take them to a Harry Potter themed pop-up shop or play, giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical world they love.

2. Make a List

Write down every interest, conversation, personality trait, piece of clothing and color associated with them. Spend at least two minutes building this list up – nothing is too small or too big.

You’re going to come up with a least one cool gift idea and whatever you get will be thoughtful. It will also be much appreciated.

3. Look into the Past

Did someone graduate recently? Maybe an elegant frame to display their diploma would do the trick. If someone recently got a new cat or dog, an item for their new pet would be delightful. Think about what has just happened in the life of the giftee and you’ll find some good Christmas gift ideas.

4. Ask Yourself (or Someone Close to Them) What Do They Need

Nope, stop right there. No one has everything. The point of this technique is to think bigger. If they are super successful, they are probably also busy. So they need more time, possibly. A planner can help them run things more efficiently, or a trip to the spa can help them have some alone time.

5. Time for Some Light Stalking

If all else fails, stalking is completely appropriate as long as it’s not really stalking. Do they have a favorite lunch spot they always go to on lunch? Get them a gift card! If they have a Facebook, searching through their history for clues is completely acceptable if you want to get it right.

6. Make Them Laugh

Be dramatic and extra with their gift. Do they like cheese? Give them a portable cheese melter and bags and pounds of cheese. Do they like to read? Give them all the books in your house. Make sure you wrap it all very nicely, too.


Other Christmas Party Gift Ideas You Might Find Interesting:

There are so many Christmas gift exchange ideas for families, friends, coworkers and neighbors during this time of year.

Don’t get weighed down by the options. By spending just a little time thinking about who they are, when you come across the perfect idea, you’ll know.