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Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys (2021 Guide)

Teenage boys can be intimidating to shop for because you can’t read their minds (thankfully), and following their wish lists will take some of the fun out of getting them great birthday gifts.

Difficulty in deciphering which pair of headphones teen boys are into or if video games are still as popular as they were when you were a kid can lead to being overwhelmed and stressed out.

Let’s avoid that altogether by taking a look at cool gifts they would actually want.

The birthday gifts for teen boys on the list below will save you from those awful looks of disappointment and may even get you a hug.

Top 7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Teen Boys in 2021

1. Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Gorgeous floating bluetooth speaker

A great gift idea that mixes sleek and sophisticated design with tech, this Bluetooth speaker will look gorgeous in any room or dorm.

The globe in the middle looks as if it’s floating in midair and spins when playing music. Attach a smartphone to hear the amazing audio and keep the party going all night long. When it’s time to go to a new room, the speaker detaches from its base for ultimate portability.

2. Skyview Pro WiFi Drone with Camera

Wifi Drone with camera

Drones are some of the hottest tech gadgets on the market so it makes sense that a few teenage boys would consider it a great gift. With the Skyview Pro, after downloading the accompanying app to his smartphone, he will be in the pilot’s seat, able to stay in the air for 20 minutes on one full charge.

The drone features a headless mode that allows the drone to fly in any direction and he can record everything on the drone’s HD camera.

3. Stereo Gaming Headset

Pair of gaming headphones

Video games are still a thing and if the birthday boy is a gamer, he will love this pair of headphones. Multi-platform compatibility means they can be used with the PlayStation, Xbox One, iPhone, Nintendo and much more.

They isolate ambient noise sounds, have clear sound and strong bass. The microphone is spectacular ensuring warnings always reach teammates in time. Designed with great comfort and breathability, they come in blue, orange and red.

4. Shocking Game

Electric shocking game

He may not want board games, but he will have fun with this game at his birthday party.

Up to 4 people can play, each grabbing a handle. When the game gives the signal, the last person to trigger the button on their handle receives an electric shock. There are three modes, low, medium and high and teen boys and girls will have hours of fun seeing how much they can take.

5. Wobble Balance Board

Wobble balance board

Teen athletes can enhance their coordination and improve their posture and core strength with this cool gift. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere he needs to go and is great at the gym, at home or at a friend’s house.

An especially perfect gift for teens who worry about not being able to condition when the season is over, he will love tilting, rocking and performing circular and stretch drills.

6. Jack Black Turbo Body Scrubbing Soap

Deep cleaning men's soap

After a day on their skateboard or running around outside, this deep cleaning men’s soap will clear all the dirty away. Infused with ginkgo biloba, lava rock and blue lotus, it energizes, scrubs and exfoliates, leaving skin moisturized thanks to shea butter.

Jack Black is one of the most trusted luxury men’s skincare companies today, with a focus on making organic products that help men maintain their body’s health and wellness, a fine birthday gift for a growing teen boy.

7. Data Charger Braided Leather Wrist Bracelet

Fashionable leather bracelet

One of the best gifts for the fashionable teen boy, this leather bracelet looks good, charges their iPhone and transmits data.

A truly practical and durable gift, its quality leather makes it very comfortable to wear and the design is tight and secure, so he will never have to worry about the bracelet falling off. Simple, fun and very James Bond, it’s a great gift idea a teen would love.

Dos & Don’ts: Your Guide to Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys

When it comes to buying teenage guys gifts they’ll enjoy, adults like to kick up a fuss about how teens are too demanding or too retro or how they are just too hard to please in general.

The truth is it’s hard to see little kids become big kids. A teen who was once happy to play with toy cars now wants a Nintendo Switch and needs airpods with matching case. Turning a blind eye to a kid growing up, doesn’t stop him from growing.

Once you accept that a teen’s priorities and preferences have changed, you can find him an awesome birthday gift.


  • Get age-appropriate gifts. No more no less. That means that you have to let go of those Star Wars t-shirts and stuffed toys, without overcompensating by getting him something far too mature
  • Get him a gift that he can use every day. Think of a long-lasting gift that will be just as useful in two years as it will be over the next month. An example of this is a personalized water bottle.
  • No matter how much it costs, get him a birthday gift he will genuinely love. If you know he wants a new skateboard, go ahead and get it. Sometimes it may have great emotional value and cost nothing; just make sure it’s personal.
  • Learn about his hobbies and interests, and try to get a birthday gift that is related. Teen boys are probably more creative in ways you don’t know; find out what that creativity is and start the research or give a gift card to the appropriate store.


  • Buy gifts that reflect your ideal of what’s “interesting” or “cool”. There is a great chance that a teenage boy thinks very differently about what is cool or interesting.
  • Think of him a kid. He is now thinking of himself as a grown, independent man, more and more. You’ll have to accept and respect that.
  • Buy birthday gifts that are expensive because they are expensive. Teenagers, like everyone else, love expensive gifts but if it’s not connected to his interests, lifestyle or values, it won’t be appreciated how you’d like it to be.
  • Buy presents with thoughts of future use because teens live in the present and aren’t thinking long-term just yet. Buying something that they can wear in a few years may be seen as completely useless right now.


It is easy to please when you put a little thought into the birthday gifts for teen boys that they’ll love. What at first seemed like a challenge, will be fun because they are at the heart of your decision making.

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