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Best Birthday Gifts for Grandpa (2021 Guide)

Grandkids are used to the challenge of finding gifts for grandpa. After all, countless years of Christmas, birthday and Father’s Day gifts have resulted in pretty much the same coffee mug, picture frame or funny t-shirt.

Grandpa has everything, so what exactly is a good birthday gift for him? Unique birthday gifts for grandpa are closer than you think. From practical gifts that make his life a little easier to some cool gadgets, there’s something here for every kind of grandfather.

Explore this list of cool gifts for Grandpa because he is probably the coolest guy you know.

Top 8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpas in 2021

1. Flaviar Gift Set (for the Bourban, Scotch or Whiskey lover)

Flaviar whiskey subscription gift

Create an unforgettable gift for your Grandpa especially if he appreciates tasting spirits. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rye, vodka and more. Flaviar’s themed Tasting Boxes come with a carefully-selected array of drinks that showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for your Grandpa to try even more.

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2. Slim RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

Overbuilt wallet card compartment

An overbuilt wallet, this is the last one he will ever need. The card compartment holds up to 12 cards without stretching and has an outside notch for easy access to whichever card he needs at the moment.

With this great gift, he won’t need to worry about theft as the aluminum surrounding the wallet keeps his info protected from the most powerful RFID chip readers. To top it off, the wallet has a money clip. He won’t be able to resist this gift idea.

3. Men’s Hardsole Slipper

Cozy slippers

Timeless moccasins are the cozy shoe he needs to have and should have more than one pair if he already owns them. Available in 6 colors, these slippers are designed to stretch to the contours of his feet and walking pattern, meaning they will get more comfortable as he wears them.

Constructed to keep feet warm on the chilliest of days, they look good too. No matter where he goes and what he wears, these will add some style.

4. Timex Indiglo Weekender Watch

Stylish watch

Timex is the maker of fine, stylish watch pieces. This one, in particular, stands out for its gorgeous plaid band, which is reversible, that gramps will love. It is just the dash of style he may want in a birthday gift and will think of his grandkids every time he checks the time.

It features a stainless-steel back, hand analog display and an Indiglo night light. It is also water resistant for added durability.

5. Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer with Bluetooth Speaker

Mini cooler or warmer with bluetooth speaker

Thoughtful gifts of tech may not be the first birthday gift idea you reach for, but gadgets make great birthday gifts.

This mini cooler/warmer has a removable shelf, self-locking latch and carry handle, making it highly portable. He can take it out camping with friends, grandkids or his own children and stream his favorite sports podcast using the Bluetooth connectivity. He can keep things chill or flip the switch and to warm things up and it holds temperature steady even when unplugged.

6. 7-Piece Golf Club Style BBQ Grill Set

Golf style grilling tool

A unique gift that combines golf and grilling, there’s a grandpa out there who has been waiting for this gift his entire life. The high-quality stainless steel is strong enough to handle anything and the rubber handles are heat resistant and elongated to make grilling safer and more comfortable. Stored in a golf storage bag, his tools will be safe, and clearly look fantastic.

This is a conversation starter and a keepsake of sorts – it will always put a smile on his face.

7. YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Mug

Standard cute coffee mug

Not your standard cute coffee mug, YETI means business. For the grandpa that takes his coffee very seriously, whether he is heading to work or out on the camping groups, this cup will become his must-have companion.

Over-engineered and tough, the mug has duracoat color that repels scratches, peeling and fading and is double insulated to keep drinks hot or cold until the very last sip.

8. Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

Magnifier projector screen

Your grandfather may love his smartphone but watching anything on it can be a pain. The visual fatigue and discomfort don’t have to be a part of the experience anymore with this magnifier. It works similarly to a projector screen, doubling the size of the picture so he can enjoy his phone to the fullest.

It is lightweight and portable and doesn’t require a battery to operate. Incredibly versatile, this birthday gift will be a winner.

Birthday Gifts for Grandpa Buying Guide

The number one rule that grandkids should know when buying gifts for their grandpa is to never assume anything! Loved ones are great at thinking they know that a family member wants, but let’s pretend that you don’t.

With so many suggestions that gramps wants a funny t-shirt or a cute bottle cap map, maybe it’s time to think about things a little differently. That’s why this gift guide is here.

Ask what he wants

This may be a crazy notion, but you can always ask your grandfather what he’d like for his birthday and then get him exactly that. If this is a bit too straightforward for your tastes, you can ask your parents what he likes or what he misses that he can no longer do.

Parents often know much more than you about their own parents so communication is key here. They may know the gadgets he has had his eye on or a keepsake he is too embarrassed to admit he has always loved.

Quality time is an awesome gift

There is nothing like spending time with your grandpa, but it can be harder and harder as life becomes more complicated. Make things simple by putting some time on the calendar and taking him fishing, to the movies or out to eat.

Money doesn’t even have to be involved for the perfect gift. You can make a dinner date at his home to come cook for him or grill on the patio. He loves you and there is no gift that can replicate such bonding time.

Give an experience

Gramps is not some boring old man that has no thoughts. He loved music once and probably still does. He has a range of hobbies and may even still enjoy amusement parks or hiking. Try getting him a lasting memory and then give him the picture frame with a request that he fill it with a picture from the experience you’ve given him.

If you live in a different city or state, buying him tickets to visit you or vice versa is the ultimate grandkid move.

Knowledge is a gift

He may have everything, but if he is a lifelong learner, he can never have enough knowledge. Present him with a brain-teasing puzzle, STEM games that allow him to put his engineering skills to work or a coding class if he’s shown interest in wanting to start his own website.

The point is that his life isn’t over because he is older than you. Sometimes the best gifts encourage him to follow his dreams, like he does for you.

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