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Best Birthday Gifts for Grandma (2021 Guide)

Does it seem like it’s harder for grandkids to find birthday gifts for grandma that aren’t a family tree or cutting board?

Do a quick Google search for “birthday gifts for grandma”. Seriously do it. You’ll find stereotypical gifts and tacky presents that your grandmother would lovingly smile about and then never use.

As someone in her 60s or older, nana may feel like she has everything she needs. Maybe, the customized coffee mug, knitting sets and jewelry simply don’t mesh well with this generation of grandmas, who happen to be a bit more modern.

If you suspect your grandma may prefer unique gifts for her birthday, you’re in luck. Here are some great gift ideas grandkids and other loved ones can buy her that celebrate her awesomeness.

Top 7 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandmas in 2021

1. 10-Piece Gardening Tool Set with Tote and Stool

Gardening tool set with tote and stool

A great gift idea for nana and a fantastic way for grandkids to show they’ve been paying attention; this is a birthday gift for grandma that will delight her if she has a garden.

It comes with a trowel, transplanter, weeding fork, gloves and a few more essentials all stores in a zippered tote. It also comes with a folding stool seat which includes a backrest for when she needs a break.

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2. Granite and Stone Charging Station

Hand-collected beach stones charging station

Made from 100% natural stone, it was produced using upcycled granite and hand-collected beach stones. The dock keeps her smartphone upright so she never has to miss a call or notification and can easily pick it up.

This gorgeous charging station puts an end to cables strewn across the floor and simplifies your grandma’s life, while serving as an eye-catching piece of home décor. Of course, this comes with promises to call and Facetime more.

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3. Microwavable Aromatherapy Lavender Neck Wrap

Silky neck wrap

Birthday gifts for grandma that help her relieve stress and pain are thoughtful gifts from loved ones. This silky neck wrap will conform to every contour of her neck, providing personalized comfort and is long enough to stay put while she moves around the house.

When she heats it up, she will get the healing combination of hot therapy on her sore muscles and soothing lavender that will drip the stress from the day right out of her body.

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4. Hooded Cape with Fringed Hem

Oversized poncho in hodded cape

It’s not hard to figure out why this is a bestseller and why it is the perfect birthday gift for grandma.

Constructed from acrylic yard, this oversized poncho comes in 8 different colors, is supremely comfortable and is practical to wear in fall and winter and light enough to cool spring days and summer nights. She can wear it in the garden or out to lunch and look elegant doing it.

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5. Leather Coin Purse Pouch

Multicolored wallet purse in 6 colors

A truly unique gift, she will love this multicolored wallet purse. It features a chic triangle design made of high-quality Italian leather. Choose from over 6 colors and you can even include her initials for a personalized gift she will treasure and use.

The coin purse is one of the best gifts for grandmas who like to carry cash and give exact change and can easily be carried around in her tote bag, as the snap enclosure ensures its contents stay secure.

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6. Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel

Brown crossbody bag with tassel zipper

A birthday gift for grandma who needs to downsize from her tote, this crossbody bag is top-notch and will help her find things more easily. It has a front pouch with two tassel zippers for easy access to keys, phone, wallet and anything else. The large compartment can fit any other essentials, while remaining compact and practical.

With over 20 color options, nana is going to look chic and be organized! Now that’s what we call a win-win.

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7. Why You Make Me Smile Fill in the Love Book

Love book in 50 pages

If you tend to be very sentimental or your nana is, say happy birthday by filling this book out with all the ways and reasons grandma fills you with joy. It has over 50 pages that give you room to tell her why she is the best.

The perfect gift to get the entire family involved, it becomes a true personalized gift and keepsake that she will always want to read – especially if your relationship is mostly long distance at this point.

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Birthday Gifts for Grandma: Mistakes to Avoid

Grandkids enjoy giving presents to their grandmas because grandma has given so much of herself over the years. You probably thought about her as your second mother on Mother’s Day and still love making her Christmas gifts.

As you get older, however, you may realize that you’d like to get her unique gifts that show your love for one of your favorite people while also taking her into consideration, especially when it comes to her birthday. Often, people tend to still give their grandmas gifts on their birthdays that more resemble a Mother’s Day gift versus a surprising, unique birthday gift.

These tips will help your next birthday gift be a big hit with her.

Don’t be generic

What this is really saying is take some time to write down her likes and dislikes, her lifestyle, personality and humor before deciding that what she really wants is a family cookbook. Does she enjoy astrology? A birthstone necklace or zodiac wall art may be appropriate. If she is into cooking and baking, a fancy cutting board would definitely make a great gift.

Generic isn’t about how exclusive or creative an item it, it’s about how much the item is connected to her daily life. Indulge her on her birthday.

Don’t think of her as an old woman

If you are passionate about reading, do you think that you are going to suddenly hate reading when you turn 60 years old? Probably not.

Most people think that their grandmas change from regular human beings to knitting champions that sit in rocking chairs all day. There’s nothing wrong with knitting or chilling the entire day, but is that what your grandmother actually does?

Just like you, most older women are still actively pursuing their passions, expanding their world views and going through periods of self-discovery.

Don’t listen to her when she says she doesn’t want anything

This is a tough one because some nanas mean business, but don’t listen to her. She is a human being and that means she loves feeling special, even if she cannot admit it.

She may not know what she wants, but flowers and a nice heart-felt card are guaranteed to make her smile and feel good on her birthday. Nothing has to be over the top, but warm wishes that you are thankful to celebrate another year with her in your life are going to be perfect.

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