Last week, we bid our interns Bobby and Anthony farewell as they return to Miami. The two were here under Miami University’s first AIMS San Francisco Digital Innovation program, where participating students embarked on a semester-long journey into San Francisco start-up life. After interviewing at a few other start-ups, the GlobalMojo team welcomed Anthony and Bobby on board this semester.

Bobby and Anthony share their stories below.


My internship with GlobalMojo. Well, where should I begin? Compared to everyone else in the AIMS San Francisco Digital Innovation program, I feel like Anthony and I gained the most experience out of everyone. From the marketing, sales, advertising, and customer service projects, to the business development assignments, to the everyday company details, to learning how a company runs from all aspects, to working directly with the development team… the experience we achieved while interning at GlobalMojo is unlike anything I could’ve imagined and will stick with me for a long time.

Being the first group of Miami University students to take part in the program, I did not know what to expect when I came out here. I have never been to San Francisco before moving out here in January and the GlobalMojo team made sure I had a memorable experience.

Between pointing us in the right direction for outdoor adventures, places to eat, bars to check out, sights to see and places to visit, the team at GlobalMojo made it one of their priorities that Anthony and I had an awesome experience in San Francisco (both in and out of the office)!

I will be forever grateful to this awesome team (as well as the company) and I look forward to watching them explode with success in the future!

Favorite Memory: The day the internet went out in the office so we spent the day rearranging the office.

Future Plans: I’ll hopefully end up at a large company after I graduate, then start my own company around 30!



Interning at Globalmojo this spring has been an extremely rewarding experience in many different ways. I learned job related skills such as email marketing, CRM systems, marketing techniques, the sales cycle, and customer service best practices.

But aside from this, I was able to interact on a daily basis with a team of people who truly are the best in their respective fields. The things I learned just from watching how the other employees handled day to day operations and responded to challenges is invaluable.

As I reflect, I think one of the most awesome things was the fact that not only was I able to find an amazing place to work and learn with a great team, but also a company that is truly going to change the world. How often do you find a combo like that?

I am thrilled to see how Globalmojo will continue to grow and evolve over the next year while I finish up at school. I have no doubt that their mission of truly making a difference in the world will continue to guide the everyday business practices and ultimate success of the company.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a company like Globalmojo?

Thanks Anthony and Bobby. We’ll miss you both!