By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

Each quarter, we mail checks to nonprofits. Last quarter, we sent a $1,177.35 check to Me To We, another check of $1,478.06 to Free the Children, and 48 more checks to other amazing non-profits nationwide. GlobalMojo can not only help your nonprofit generate donations, but it can also increase supporter engagement, identify potential donors, and turn followers and fans into donors. Here’s how:

1. Opens up a new stream of revenue
This benefit is the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. Grant writing, events, and retention donation programs take a lot of time to develope, and the money you receive from these sources isn’t typically guaranteed to hit your bank account quickly. Here’s where GlobalMojo comes in.

Me to We has over 800 supporters using GlobalMojo who helped generate $1,177.35 in a single quarter. As long as this number of supporters/users stays about the same, we can assure that Me to We will get another check for over $1,000 this next quarter. That’s a $4,000 they can depend on every half year – for their events, youth trips, and programs. The best part… the more supporters who use GlobalMojo, the more money that can be generated for Me to We.

2. Keep supporters engaged
Don’t let supporters forget about you once your fundraiser is over. When your supporters install GlobalMojo, they are involved in your cause year-round. Every time they shop online with one of our affiliated retailers (Gap, Barnes & Noble, Cabelas, and thousands more), they’re reminded that their purchases go towards a cause.

(Spoiler alert!) We’re working on a feature that will actually display your organization’s logo to your supporters using GlobalMojo. It’s a little reminder that their purchase will generate money for your nonprofit. Talk about brand awareness!

3. Turn followers and fans into future donors
When non-donors install GlobalMojo and select your nonprofit to support, they’ve just taken a big step towards becoming a potential donor for your organization. This allows your organization to identify supporters who might be looking for ways to get more involved in your organization, but who just haven’t whipped out their checkbooks (yet). Just think of how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers your nonprofit has… it’s one thing to “like” an organization on Facebook, and quite another to write an annual check. GlobalMojo is that step in between.

We often tell supporters that if they cannot donate money, they could nonetheless donate their time, their tweets, their Facebook status to share your nonprofit with their friends. GlobalMojo is another one of those alternative ways for supporters to get involved without donating money… only our way actually generates money for your nonprofit!

If these aren’t compelling reasons enough to share with your supporters, you can reach us on Facebook and Twitter (please do, we get kind of lonely on Twitter sometimes). But really, we developed this awesome — and FREE — app because we understand the struggles of nonprofits, and GlobalMojo will hopefully help generate money for your cause, engage your supporters, and identify future donors.