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Best Appreciation Gifts For Teachers (2021 Guide)

We all know the blood, sweat and tears teachers dedicate to their students and the huge impact they have on children, not to mention society as a whole.

Everyone has had a special teacher that has guided them when times were tough, and it makes sense that Teacher’s Appreciation Week is a big deal, though there’s no shortage of reasons why they should be celebrated throughout the year as well.

Whether you are looking for teacher appreciation gifts for the national holiday or because a teacher has gone out of their way to help you or your child, these teacher appreciation gift ideas are going to bring a smile to a special teacher’s face and warmth in their heart.

Top Appreciation Gift Ideas for Teachers in 2021

1. Crayola Face Mask

Crayola Face Masks by Vistaprint

Crayola masks from Vistaprint are so fun and colorful and come in 3 convenient sizes for adults and kids. Designed with a Replaceable Filter System, these reusable masks help people stay relaxed out in the world with durable, breathable and stretchy material comfortable enough to wear all day long. Show your teacher how much you appreciate them with fun, colorful Crayola themed masks – perfect for all teachers.

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2. Customized Teacher Gift Plaque

Teacher gift plaque

If you want your gratitude to make an impression, this personalized plaque is definitely one of the best Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas. Crafted from solid beech wood, it displays a beautiful word cloud of reasons why a favorite teacher is appreciated – a great way to say thank you for all they’ve done throughout the school year.

It is also an easy idea for those searching for preschool teacher appreciation gifts all parents can contribute too, making it a cheap teacher appreciation gift, as well.

3. An Awesome Teacher Isn’t Easy to Find Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug

Marble ceramic coffee mug

Coffee mugs may be standard for teacher gift ideas, but they can still have the desired effect. This mug gift box includes a marbled mug, cup lid and gold spoon. The mug reads “an awesome teacher is not easy to find. Thank you for helping me grow”, and the inside has an apple design.

Entirely handmade and a beautiful design overall, it is one of the best teacher appreciation gifts to remind a favorite teacher they are appreciated every day.

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4. Pop Quiz Clock

Pop quiz clock

Teacher appreciation gifts ideas don’t have to be serious to get your point across.

This math wall clock is the best teacher appreciation idea for that special math teacher that suddenly made everything click. Pay them back for all their hard work by making them work to tell time, as the numbers of this clock have been replaced with simple math equations.

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5. Memo Pad & Mug Gift Set

Mug fun design

Teacher appreciation week gifts that are functional are greatly appreciated. Fitted with a brightly colored ribbon, this gift bundle consists of a note pad and a 12 oz. mug. The mug contains a fun design and vibrant colors with words of thanks on it, and is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

It makes a wonderful teacher appreciation gift for those extra special teachers who work with younger students.

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6. Nutritional Facts Coffee/Tea Mug

Nutritional facts mug

Ideas for teacher appreciation gifts that can make a teacher laugh are going to be greatly appreciated, and this 13 oz. (serving size: 1 motivator) transparent glass mug listing what it takes to be a teacher – 150% caffeine, 10% time being highlights – will delight them.

When you find conversation starter teacher appreciation gifts that are cheap and sturdy and can function as end of the year teacher appreciation gifts as well as teacher thank yous in general, it’s a big win.

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7. Keep Calm and Teach On Print

Fine art paper

Being a teacher is a tough job and teacher appreciation gift ideas that motivate them to continue being the best teacher they can is one they will be happy to get around. Printed on premium fine art paper, the words “Keep Calm And Teach On” is written in outstanding quality for a wonderful decorative ‘thank you!’ a teacher will never get tired of looking at.

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8. Appreciation Stainless Steel Keychain

Best Appreciation Gifts For Teachers (2021 Guide) Image 1

“May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make” is written on the keychain’s tag. Great for men and women teachers, this stainless steel keychain won’t rust and won’t go unnoticed either.

Arriving in a nice gift bag to elevate its presentation, it is the perfect gift to express your thankfulness to your child’s teacher.

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

Teacher appreciation gift ideas can be given to teachers year-round, not just during the observed holiday of Teacher’s Appreciation Week, which annually occurs in the beginning of May.

Most teachers don’t care about the gift itself; just getting recognized for their hard work and big heart is more than enough. For all they do behind the scenes and in front of the public, the least a great teacher can get is a good thank you gift that lets them know how much they are appreciated.

Whether you’ve been out of school for years, work directly with teachers, or have children with favorite teachers, these ideas for great teacher appreciation gifts will help you give something that really makes an impact on them.

1. Thank you notes

Never undervalue the power of a thank you card. Many teachers keep old notes and letters nearby for inspiration on the hardest days. These letters remind them of why they have chosen their profession when the doubt creeps in.

Thank you notes work well as DIY teacher appreciation gifts as you can get really creative with the presentation and they’re easy and great teacher appreciation bulk gifts to give out if you have multiple children or are on a budget.

2. Caffeine

Available in many forms, all will be greatly appreciated. Don’t assume they love coffee – take the time to find out if they enjoy tea, coffee, soda or another drink. Teacher appreciation gifts involving caffeine could be a case of soda, a gift basket with different coffees or a gift card to their favorite place.

3. Classroom supplies

Look around the room and note the school supplies teachers may need. Are all the crayons broken? Do they need more tissue and hand sanitizer after flu and cold season wiped them out? These are easy teacher gifts that are thoughtful and make a lasting impression.

4. Cleaning products

Though not the teacher appreciation gifts that first come to mind, they make wonderful gifts. Classrooms are no strangers to messes and germs and teachers rely on cleaning products regularly.

If you see a teacher with a wax melter or diffuser, they’d probably love a refill or new scents. They’re also always in need of disinfectant wipes.

Teachers reliably put their hearts, souls and money into the work they do, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to find the best teacher gifts that let them know you really appreciate everything they do.

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