By Michelle Thai

Last month, our Business Development Manager, Mike Duchen, shared his incredible journey with cancer. Today we’re honored to share another inspiring story from a member of our team.

Micheal Shallop, the latest rockstar to join our dev team, hasn’t cut his hair since April 15, 2002. That’s when his mother passed away from breast cancer.

There is no doubt that the number of obstacles for someone with cancer is endless. Acceptance, rounds of chemo, and living a normal life is just a fraction of them. One obstacle often overlooked is the impact of no longer having hair.

That’s one major issue Micheal’s mother faced during her illness. “One of the issues we faced with her illness was her need and subsequent search for an affordable wig that, of course, didn’t look like a wig,” said Micheal. “This, in itself, was an experience.”

Coming from a more frugal generation, Micheal’s mom was quickly put-off by the high cost of a quality wig. Fortunately his family helped her to get what she needed and wanted, so she could concentrate on her treatments.

She never allowed the issue to detract her from her treatments, but “I remember the hair-loss and wig-procurement being a huge priority and concern to Mom,” said Micheal.

And it wasn’t a priority simply out of cosmetics. “I think the wig helped her to help others deal with her disease,” said Micheal. “Her priority in obtaining the wig wasn’t so much vanity as much as it was making others feel more comfortable around her, especially her grandchildren,  most-notably while in the later-stages of her chemo treatments.”

Over the past decade, Micheal has been supporting several charities for breast cancer. However, the ones he pays most attention to are charities that help cancer patients directly, like providing them wigs.

Now that he has grown his hair down to his belt, Micheal has chosen the group Wigs for Kids to donate his hair to. Since 2002, he has made sure to never chemically alter his hair so it can be successfully donated.

Between now and April 15, Micheal would like to use this time to challenge everyone to pledge some donation that he can include when he sends his hair donation off to Wigs for Kids. To support Micheal and donate, click here for his Crowdrise page.

To learn more about Wigs for Kids, head over to its website,