Sure, when you download GlobalMojo you can generate a good amount of money on your own for your cause. But with a team of three of four of your friends, fellow church members, supportive peers, or family, imagine how much faster you can generate $10, or $50, or $100 for your cause.

Whether you’re just an awesome do-gooder who wants to support a cause, or the fundraising chair of a nonprofit, or maybe you haven’t even downloaded our app yet, here are some reasons to build a team on GlobalMojo:

Photo Credit to Jiheffe of Flickr

1. It’s easy. First of all it’s easy to build a team. Just click “Invite a friend to join your team” on your dashboard. Secondly it’s easy for everyone to generate money. It doesn’t matter if you and your friends are all busy-bodies. Whenever you shop online on the weekends or evenings, the money you generate just goes straight to the team’s pool of revenue for your cause.

2. It keeps your supporters engaged. If you’re part of a nonprofit (first of all, keep up the great work!), creating a team on GlobalMojo could be a new way of engaging your supporters. Sometimes supporters don’t have money to donate out of their pocket, or sometimes they’re too busy to attend fundraisers. However if they were invited to join your nonprofit’s team, they would not only feel that great sense of camaraderie, but they’d also be supporting your cause and generating money without any effort.

3. It brings your group together. Are you and friends huge animal lovers? Is your sorority or fraternity passionate about education? Creating a team would turn all your passions into action by generating money for a cause.

4. It’s a good way to meet like-minded individuals. Tell your animal-loving teammates to invite their animal-loving friends, and tell their friends to invite THEIR animal-loving friends. Now you’ve just expanded your network of those who share the same interests and passions as you. Next when you go volunteer at an animal shelter, you might have some extra new pals who’d like to join you!

Photo Credit to gtw69 of Flickr

5. It increases your giving impact. Like I had mentioned earlier, individuals can generate as much as they can on their own. But with only 5 or 10 cents donated from every purchase, it might take a while to generate $20 (don’t ask me to do the math…) Imagine inviting your friend who also cares about abused animals or your neighbor who also cares about safer cities. That $20 doesn’t seem like a million purchases away anymore, huh?

6. It makes donating fun. With trophies, badges, and captain status, donating just got a bit more interesting if I do say so myself! If your nonprofit has multiple chapters, let’s see which chapter can raise $100 the fastest. Or let’s see which teammate generates the most and gets to be captain of the team. I know I’m kicking butt in my team—I’ve been captain for three months now!

7. It brings more supporters to your favorite cause. We at GlobalMojo really believe that to make a big difference for any cause, a whole lot of great people are needed. Great people are needed to build houses, to take care of abused animals, to feed the homeless. The more supporters, the more houses, more saved animals, more homeless seeing another day. People are more likely to support a cause when they’re invited to do so by someone they know, so there you have it—bring more support to the causes that mean the most to you.