Let us simplify this for you: there are 3 types of 4th of July Nails.

  1. Glamorous
  2. Classy
  3. Effortless

We have 6 designs perfect for any occasion. Add some drama to your look with bright colors and eye-catching stars and stripes.

Or, keep it sophisticated with shimmering shades of red and gold glitter.

Whatever your pick, you’ll stand out with these polished pops of color.

Glamorous 4th of July Nails

1. Red, White, and Blue Stripes

striped 4th of July Nails
  • This is delicate, time consuming work, but the end result is beautiful.
  • Divide each nail into sections with a pencil to make the stripes even.
  • Brush a clear coat of polish over each painted nail to protect the design.

Nail Polish Pick: We like OPI Big Apple Red at Drugstore.com.

2. Navy Blue Nails + White Stars

4th of July Nails

Tasteful & Classy 4th of July Nails

3. Glittery Silver or Gold – Firework Style

glitter 4th of July nails

4. Shimmery Red or Blue

red glitter 4th of July Nails

5. American Flag Nail Decals

4th of July nails with decal
  • Brush a coating of clear polish on your nails.
  • Apply the decals according to instructions.
  • Popular choices: red, white, and blue decals can be found in many shapes, such as hearts, stars, and top hats!
  • Nail Decal Pick: Check out Etsy.com Nail Decals for fun and festive nails!

Not so into primping? Effortless 4th of July Nails

6. Artificial Patriotic Nails

artificial 4th of July Nails
  • By far your easiest option, this is also a great choice for people with short nails.

Less Mess

This can get a bit messy! To ensure your nails are perfectly polished, allow yourself enough time for practice coats. Always keep nail polish remover and Q-tips on hand! Brace yourself for major compliments.

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