by Michelle Thai, GlobalMojo Intern

We’re jealous. Last week, our CEO Dan Todd attended a truly fantastic event: the Social Good Summit in NYC, hosted by Mashable.

Just to give you an idea of the crowd there…

  • Lance Armstrong, Founder and Chairman of LIVESTRONG
  • Ted Turner, Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc. and the United Nations Foundation
  • Desmond Tutu, Chair of The Elders
  • Elie Wiesel, President of Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
  • Geena Davis, Founder of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
  • and many more…

We asked Dan to share with us his enlightening experience and what it means for GlobalMojo.

[Geena Davis, Founder of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Brian Gott, publisher of Variety discuss gender equality and empowering women and girls.]

Of all the key influencers that attended, Dan said he was most intrigued to hear from Elie Wiesel and Ted Turner. “They’re both older and have been around the world. I was interested in hearing their perspective on how they see the world change.”

Dan mentioned to me it wasn’t about tech or social media that was going to make a difference, to end suffering around the world– Wiesel doesn’t even use social media – it was about simply getting involved and helping others.

The new tools we have today, like Facebook and Twitter, aren’t inherently going to do good. They are merely tools that can facilitate the way we care for and share with others.

What does that mean for GlobalMojo, though?

Dan says it’s shocking how much suffering is going on all over the world. “If we really think about it,” says Dan, “a child is dying every six minutes in Somalia.”

[Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore hosts a Q&A with Elie Wiesel, President of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Photo credits to Mashable.]

It’s hard for Americans to think of these horrific facts. We’re in a system of consumption, Dan explains, and we participate in it blindly as we consume goods at their lowest costs and don’t know the implications of where it came from or where the money goes. However, it’s not all bad news….

GlobalMojo is gladly taking part of the system by letting users consume like normal, says Dan, but redirecting a percentage of their purchases to causes they care about.

The only thing that is powerful and big enough to make a difference – to save the lives of babies worldwide, to put up enough mosquito nets to stop the spread of malaria – is global commerce.

Imagine if 5% of corporations gave 1% of their revenue to help fight global issues… In Coca Cola’s second quarter, it grossed $4.3 billion. 1% of that is $43,000,000. It only costs 24 cents to give an African child a vaccine for measles. If we can harness this power to do good, then we could really change the world.

“Human beings all change. Not what they are but who they are. We have the power to change what we do with our life and turn it into our destiny.” –Elie Wiesel