Pottery Barn. Just hearing the name will bring on an urge to go on a shopping spree at this highly rated retail store. The beautifully staged photos in their world famous catalogs will cause the most disciplined shopper to toss frugality out the window if they are not careful.

Pottery Barn items are not only stylish, but also known to be of great quality. In exchange for superb craftsmanship you will be reaching deeper into your wallet. Here we will list some ways to feed your Pottery Barn addiction without making your bank account suffer:

NEW YORK CITY - OCT. 20, 2014: Pedestrians walk past a Pottery Barn store in New York City on Monday, October 20, 2014. Pottery Barn is a U.S.-based home furnishing store chain

1. Sign up. The first thing you should do is sign up for e-mails from Pottery Barn and subscribe to receive their catalog in the mail. Yes, the same catalog that will be responsible for that huge list of must-haves that you can now afford using these awesome tips! You will get an e-mail for 15% off just for signing up. From then on, you will receive e-mails alerting you to:

  • Sales
  • Promotional events
  • Coupon codes
  • And even special invite only sales that can save you 20% or more!

2. Coupon codes and cash back. Check out Giving Assistant for great Pottery Barn shopping tips, coupon codes, savings, and information. Sign up with Giving Assistant and they will donate 4% of your eligible purchase from Pottery Barn to the charity of your choice. What a wonderful way to shop, save, and help out your favorite charity all in one shot!



3. Floor models. Take advantage of floor model sales. A great time for good deals on floor models will usually be at the beginning of the year as stores get rid of last year’s merchandise to make room for new items. If a particular item is out of stock, but there is a floor model sitting there, ask if they will sell you the floor model at a discounted price. Make sure you check for damage and request a deeper discount if the item is damaged at all. 

4. End of season sales. Many of the products sold at Pottery Barn are season specific or designed for a certain holiday. This means a high turnover of merchandise, which equals savings for you! Hit up the end of season sales for some great discounts. Semi-annual clearance could save you as much as 75% off!

Autumn beautiful background for advertisement, discounts, sales


5. Social media. Make good use of your time on social media. Pottery Barn will often post spur of the moment sales and deals that you will see if you have liked their page or followed them. Sometimes they post really nifty organizational tips and ideas on their pages that may come in handy. Make sure you also check out the Pottery Barn Outlets page for some great deals!

6. Outlet stores. Shop outlet and overstock stores for Pottery Barn items that are new, but without the new merchandise price tag. You can find a list of 10 Pottery Barn outlet stores listed on their website under store locator. Outlet stores typically sell overstock, store return, floor model, and scratch and dent products. Be sure to inspect your purchase thoroughly before hand. 

7. Registry. Getting married or having a baby? Use Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids for your gift registry. Any items remaining are eligible to receive a discount of 10%. You can register for any event and use the 10% savings yourself!

Gifts wrapped in colored paper. Gifts like fruit. Fruit boxes. Juicy gifts.


8. Partner stores. Check out Pottery Barn partner stores such as Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen. They may have comparable items at a fraction of the cost.

9. Save on shipping. If possible, purchase large items directly from the store. This will save on shipping costs. The cost for shipping large, heavy, or bulky items can really take a bite out of your budget. You may find some items on the website that offer free shipping.

free shipping brown cardboard box delivery of online internet shopping orders in a brown package on a hand truck

10. Credit cards. Pottery Barn credit card offers a 5% rebate on your first purchase, and all future purchases earn points that go toward a $25.00 gift card. Card holders also receive exclusive discounts and sale invites. This card does carry a high APR, so use the card only for purchases you can immediately pay off. Additionally, if you carry an AMEX card, enroll in membership rewards to earn double points when you shop Pottery Barn online through December 31, 2016.



11. Gift cards. Look for discounted gift cards. There are a few websites that offer gift cards that are up to 30% off the face value of the card. Increase your savings with Giving Assistant. They have many wonderful deals on gift cards including free shipping and cash back. Find a discounted gift card with cash back and combine it with a great sale price or coupon for big savings!

12. Employee discounts. Need a part time job? Pottery Barn offers a regular employee discount of 40%, and 20% off sale items.

13. Do-It-Yourself. If you are crafty and really want the Pottery Barn look without the cost, try a DYI project. This can save you big bucks and give you a satisfying creative outlet.

Do it yourself home renovation and construction concept with DIY tools hardware and swatches on wooden table top view

14. Buy used. Search your local ads and yard sale sites for Pottery Barn products. You could also find some great deals at auctions or flea markets.

15. Discontinued items. Keep an eye out for warehouse clearance events where you can find discontinued merchandise at a fraction of the original cost.

Having the style you want shouldn’t be only a dream. Bring that dream to life and start crossing off those items on your Pottery Barn wish list using these money saving tips. Pottery Barn carries merchandise perfect for gift giving, so don’t forget to use your Pottery Barn money saving strategies to purchase the perfect gift for the special people in your life.