Tired of wasting summer days running errands? With these top 10 summer styles for your family, you can online shop while lounging beachside. 

Freshening up your wardrobe for the new season requires a keen sense of style, an element of organization, and a frugal mindset. This selective process can be, to say the least, time consuming. Just for fun, let’s add on the rest of your family’s wardrobes, because we know who the shopping duties often fall to.

Overwhelmed yet? We think summer should be about soaking up the salty breeze at the beach and lounging while you read a book at the park. Scrambling to get through to-do lists is, frankly, not on our agenda. We have compiled this list of must-have clothing for the whole family, all available at affordable prices in online stores. A few clicks and the whole family is dressed and ready to go, so you can make it to that pool party on time.     

Summer Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Own


Summer Fashion Express Portifino Shirt

1 ) Solid Portofino Shirt

 Simple and chic, this piece pairs with jeans, skirts, or shorts. To switch up the look and cool off from the warm breeze, you can adjust its buttons. If you need some extra support, consider a Bra Cami for a comfortable, slimming effect. They come in colors for every occasion. Bright colors create a cheery, flirty look for a daytime garden party, while black and neutral colors are sophisticated and sweet. The best part? The top and cami will only cost you $40. Find them at Express.

Summer Fashion Little Black Dress


2) The Famous Little Black Dress

 Slimming and sexy, the little black dress is a favorite among women of all ages and styles. Lucky for you, they don’t have to hide at the back of your closet during the warmer months. You can repurpose them for any season and outing. They look equally chic and pulled-together at the beach or at the local club. If you choose one with a bit more coverage, such as the midi or maxi version, they are appropriate enough for family gatherings. Macy’s has loads of LBD looks to suit any woman’s individual taste.

Summer Fashion Essential Trim Tank Juicy Couture


3) The Trim Tank

 The Juicy Couture chiffon tank is always a popular, highly sought-after item for summer. In white, red, or black, these tanks create a classic, sweet look. To stay cool during those heat waves, we recommend the cotton and rayon materials. They pair perfectly with shorts or a skirt, but you can add a creative twist by using an oversized one as a swimsuit cover. To find Juicy Couture clothing at a discount (and with free shipping), check out Zappos.


Summer Styles for Your Man: The Well-Dressed Man Guide


mens 7forallmankind jeans are a summer fashion essential

4) 7 for all Mankind Jeans

 An unflattering, baggy pair of low-quality jeans can leave your man on the shabbier side. A tailored, well-made pair can leave him looking sharp, sleek, and oh so handsome. Sometimes, they just need a little guidance. 7 for all Mankind Jeans have fits for any man’s shape, such as Austyn, Slimmy, Standard Relaxed, Slim, Boot-Cut or Straight Leg. He’ll look fashionable in the most manly of ways. You can find these at Nordstrom.

Swim to street shorts for summer fashion on the go


5) Swim-to-Street Shorts

How many times have you seen your guy leave the beach or pool and decide to keep his board shorts on for the rest of the day? Simplify his wardrobe a bit by selecting pairs that are both swim and street friendly. Kohl’s has a wonderful collection of these hybrid shorts.

summer fashion essential James Perse Cotton Tee


6) James Perse Cotton Crewneck Tee

 These shirts are a classic staple item every man should have in his closet. They look crisp, clean, and polished with everything from jeans to knee-length shorts. A popular choice is a cotton style, available at Neiman Marcus.

Summer Statements for Children and Teens


summer fashion statement smocked print dress

7) Smocked Mix Print Dress

Available in cheerful shades of every color, girls love wearing these pretty, comfortable dresses all through summer. They make the perfect picnic outfit or swimsuit cover-up to lounge in beachside. To add a pop of personality, they may like patterned options in floral, tropical, or geometric prints. Places to look: Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Target, and Kohl’s.

summer fashion essential Old Navy Jeans


8) Old Navy Jeans

 Sometimes a cool summer breeze passes through, or even an unexpected bout of rain. On such days, Old Navy Jeans keep girls warm, without sacrificing that summer style. Birthday parties, sporting matches, you name it: these jeans look universally good wherever your girl leads them.

summer fashion Matchables Dazzle Shorts


9) Matchables Dazzle Shorts

These comfy shorts from The Children’s Place are light enough for boys to wear while playing outside for long hours in the heat. Their elastic waistband provides boys with the mobility they need to stay active.

 Pull on Pants are a summer fashion statement
10) Pull-On Pants

 These easy, slip-on slacks have a drawstring and elastic waist. They are breathable enough to wear on sizzling hot days, while still providing enough warmth to keep them playing after the sun goes down.

Now that’s one good looking family!

Now that the family is dressed to impress, you will all be looking your best at that luau in Hawaii. We see a future Christmas card in the making!